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7 Month Old Puppy Biting – How to Stop? (Complete Guide)

Biting is a natural behavior of any dog breed, especially the puppies. Biting is really important for puppies as biting helps them with teething. Although many people think that when their puppies start to bite, they are displaying aggressive behavior. But it is not; instead, they get curious about everything they come into contact with and eventually start to bite.

However, in this article, we are going to discuss How you can stop your 7-month-old puppy from biting. Stick to the last word of this article in order to get your answer.

7-month-old puppy biting:

A 7-month-old puppy can bite everything they come in contact with due to its natural instinct. Since it goes through an uncomfortable teething period, it bites everything it finds in front of it. However, it can be stopped by training the puppy or providing a chew toy.

A 7-month-old puppy goes through such a period where it learns something new at every step. It does every single thing using its mouth. Thus, while playing with humans, it suddenly starts biting. Many people think that biting is bad and should be stopped early.

But it should not be done so. We should let the puppy do whatever it likes at this early age. It is a completely natural behavior, but it is hurtful to humans. There are several useful tips to stop a 7-month-old puppy from biting.

All the tips may not be useful for all puppies, but we should try to implement those to the puppy and find out the best one. Proper training sessions andstopping the playtime can be useful tips to help a 7-month-old puppy stop biting.

Reasons for 7-month-old puppy biting:

A 7-month-old puppy is cute and very exciting to play with. Puppy loves to interact with humans and play games that give them joy and happiness. However, sometimes it bites and gives a painful experience to humans. Though puppy biting is considered completely normal it is very troublesome. There are several reasons for which a 7-month-old puppy bites:


A 7-month-old puppy can bite when it is really tired. It is one of the most troublesome puppy behaviors out there. A puppy can get really tired when it does not get a good sleep. A 7-month-old puppy needs 15 to 17 hours of sleep daily. Thus, their mind and body will be refreshed and they won’t show bitey behavior. Providing a puppy with chew when it is tired, is a good idea.


Over-excitement is one of the reasons for a 7-month-old puppy biting. At this age, a puppy does not know what to do when anything good happens. A puppy is often rewarded while playing games  It gets excited and loses self-control. Thus, it starts barking unnecessarily which may lead to biting.


A puppy can get frustrated for any reason. During frustration, it may desire to hit anything without any necessity. So, it bites using its teeth to show anger and displease. A puppy likes it when we fulfill its desire. Frustration can occur when a puppy does not get anything it wanted.


Scaredness is one of the common reasons for a 7-month-old puppy biting. A puppy can get scared when it falls into any kind of unwanted situation. Thus, to protect itself, it can bite really hard. So, a puppy should not be kept anywhere it doesn’t like. It should be kept in a specific place.


Poop can be a good reason for which a 7-year-old puppy bites. When a puppy comes close to someone and starts biting on legs, hands, and clothes, it indicates the puppy needs to go to the potty.

Can a 7-month-old puppy be aggressive?

Yes, a 7-month-old puppy can be seriously aggressive. In fact,it can turn out to be a devil.Basically, being very strict and giving punishment to the puppy makes it more aggressive day by day. It starts barking and snapping ferociously when touched and shows really annoying behavior.

It starts to do whatever it wants. It starts to play and bites all of a sudden. Besides, it may try to hit other puppies without any proper reason. Whenever it does not get something it wants, it becomes aggressive. This behavior starts to increase if a puppy is not controlled appropriately.

Is it normal for 7-month-old puppies to bite?

Yes, obviously it is normal for 7-month-old puppies to bite. Since the puppies do everything with their mouth, it is completely normal for the puppies to bite unintentionally. However, if we see some aggressive behavior, in that case, we should guide the puppies toward the right path.

A 7-month-old puppy can bite in a different manner. Although they may bite hard it is completely unintentional.

Biting Hard:

Biting hard is a normal behavior shown by the puppies. Puppies like to enjoy and come close to us while they are in a good mood. While playing, they can bite really hard. It hurts us but we should not be worried about the behavior.

Biting and Growling:

Puppies when grown up in a strict environment cannot do whatever it wants. Thus, a 7-year-old puppy can bite and growl when it is touched or moved from one place to another.

Biting hands:

Biting hands is completely natural for 7-month-old puppies. When puppies play with us for a long time, they like to come close to our bodies. Thus, they may bite our hands which is totally instinctive.

Biting child:

Children love to play with puppies in their free time. They love to touch and take puppies in their arms. But puppies can bite a child if something wrong happens such as; if a child touches the tail or scares the puppy.

Biting when excited:

Excitement occurs when something good happens. Thus, by losing self-control puppies can bite us unintentionally.

“5” tips to stop 7-month-old puppy biting:

Although puppy biting is very natural, but something it becomes really annoying for us.Basically, puppies like to play at this age. While playing, it can bite one’s hands, legs, or clothes. We should not be worried about that. However, there are several tips that can be really useful to stop &-month-old puppy biting. Here we are going to have a discussion on various useful tips but remember that all the tips may not work for all the puppies.

Train the puppy:

Puppy likes to play around always. So, a training session can be a good idea to keep the puppy active and fresh. We should not give the puppy any chance for biting rather we should treat the puppy with good food and keep the puppy engaged in a training session. In this way, the puppy will forget to play with its mouth and stop biting.

Teach “Right” and “Wrong”:

We should train the puppy in such a way that it understands what is right and what is wrong. For example: While teaching about sit behavior, if a 7-month-old puppy sits at the right place by following the training, we should reward with “right” and treat the puppy with its favorite food. Again, if the puppy runs or jumps around unnecessarily, we should reward him with “wrong” and indicate to him properly to sit in the right place. If the puppy does so, we should reward it with “right: and treat it with good food.

Stop play time when the puppy bites:

It is positive to give what the puppy desires but sometimes it should be stopped. Puppy likes to play and interact with humans. So, if the puppy starts biting, we should do something so that the puppy understands it is “wrong”. Thus, stopping the playtime is a good idea.

Socialize the puppy:

Socialization helps a puppy to grow actively. When a 7-year-old puppy will meet another puppy, it will learn more good behaviors and manners. It can also be a matter of developing skills.

Provide a chew toy:

Providing a chew toy to the puppy can be a very good idea. When the puppy will come near our hand or leg, we should replace our hands or legs with the chew toy. Doing the same thing several times may help the puppy to realize what is “right” to chew and what is “wrong”.

Final Thoughts:

A 7-month-old puppy will bite while playing and it is totally normal. It is our responsibility to stay patient and not scold or give punishment unnecessarily. In fact, we should follow some best tips to control our puppy and make it understand about right and wrong.