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Woman Stunned as She Discovers Strange Visitor in Her Dog’s Bed

Dogs, renowned for their sociability, often extend their circle of friends beyond their own kind.

It’s common to see them bonding with other dogs, felines, and even wildlife.

Tales of dogs befriending deer, opossums, squirrels, and crows aren’t rare.

These relationships are usually mutual, but what if the initiative comes solely from the other party?

A Surprising Discovery During a Stormy Evening


Imagine stumbling upon uninvited yet intriguing guests in your dog’s bed.

This isn’t about the usual neighborhood cats or wandering puppies.

This story revolves around Merlin, a dog whose choice of bedfellows left his owner, Emma Jane Kidd, utterly astonished.

Unusual Guests on a Rainy Night


On a particularly stormy night, as all creatures sought shelter, Emma and her dog Merlin were nestled safely inside their home.

The storm’s intensity had everyone on edge, including Emma, who was soon to encounter a most unusual scenario.

The Mystery Under the Blankets


As they prepared for bed, Emma heard some strange noises emanating from Merlin’s sleeping area.

Intrigued and slightly alarmed, she decided to investigate.

Lifting the covers, she found herself face to face with guests she never expected.

A Quenda Family in a Cozy Hideout

Hidden beneath the covers were quendas – a mother and her three little ones.

Quendas, or brown bandicoots, are small marsupials native to southern and southwestern Australia.

Their presence in Merlin’s bed was as unexpected as it was extraordinary.

This remarkable incident opens a window into the intriguing world of animal interactions, where the lines between domestic and wild blur, creating heartwarming and sometimes humorous encounters.

Stay tuned for more on this delightful tale, where nature’s surprises meet the warmth of a dog’s bed.

An Unexpected Turn of Events


The sight of Emma and Merlin understandably frightened the mother quenda, prompting her to flee and leave her young ones behind.

Emma, momentarily at a loss, soon sprang into action, her protective instincts guiding her to seek help from the experts.

A Call to Wildlife Rescuers


She reached out to the Darling Range Wildlife Shelter, a sanctuary known for aiding wildlife in need, especially quenda babies.

It was the perfect place to ensure the safety and well-being of these unexpected visitors.

A Unique Encounter with Nature

The wildlife shelter’s representative shared insights about quendas, noting their common presence in local yards and bushlands.

However, they emphasized the rarity of finding a quenda family nestled in a dog’s bed, especially within a house’s veranda. This unusual situation had taken everyone by surprise.

A Temporary Home for the Quenda Babies

The shelter reassured Emma that they would provide a temporary home for the quenda babies, caring for them until they were strong enough to thrive independently in the wild.

This commitment to wildlife care reflects a deep understanding of and respect for nature.

A Night to Remember

For Emma and Merlin, this incident was an unforgettable experience.

It instilled in them a newfound vigilance, prompting them to regularly inspect their bed for any unanticipated yet endearing animal visitors.

Embracing Nature’s Surprises

Living in Australia, where the natural world often intersects unexpectedly with human habitats, Emma and Merlin were fortunate to encounter the charming quendas rather than more daunting wildlife like rattlesnake babies.

This encounter highlights the beauty and unpredictability of nature, reminding us of the delicate balance between our world and that of the wild creatures around us.

It serves as a heartwarming tale of coexistence, compassion, and the unexpected joys that can arise from such unique interactions.