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Teacup Miniature Samoyed: Everything You Need to Know

The Teacup or Miniature Samoyeds are one of the most adorable dogs with an absolute snow-white double-coat, constantly smiling lovable face, and friendly nature.

Those among you all love Samoyeds but can’t have regular big-sized Samoyeds, these Teacup Samoyeds would be a great option for you to enjoy the company of Samoyeds. 

However, before getting a Teacup Samoyed you surely would want to learn all the common traits and factors, therefore, read ahead to learn answers to every frequently asked query. 

What Is A Teacup Samoyed? What Is The Name Of A Miniature Samoyed?

Teacup Samoyeds are the miniature version of the standard-sized Samoyed dogs and they impersonate almost the exact same temperaments, behaviors, physical traits, and appearance as any regular-sized Samoyeds. 

Teacup Samoyeds are indisputably one of the cutest yet gorgeous smaller breeds of dogs among all the most lovely dogs in the world.

These smaller Samoyeds stand out for their always smiling face for what they are also nicknamed as Sammie, for their fluffy white double coat, fun-loving attitude, fluffy and pumped gently wagging tail over their back. 

Teacup Samoyeds are incredibly friendly-natured dogs that bond quickly and deeply with the members of their human families, they also are gentle-natured toward kids. Even Teacup Samoyeds tend to be friendly toward outsiders and typically will get along with other pets.

Moreover, Teacup Samoyeds are very energetic, inquisitive, and sensible dogs that highly require a certain playtime every day to lose their unused energy. 

However, there’s a term “miniature Samoyed” is used for calling smaller versions of Samoyed, bear in mind that a miniature Samoyed is named as Teacup Samoyed. Both names indicate smaller-sized Samoyeds. 

Are There Miniature Samoyed Dogs?

There are miniature Samoyed dogs that are akin to the standard Samoyed breed but their presence is outnumbered by their larger peers. They belong to the Spitz breeds, have thicker double coats, look more adorable than regular Samoyeds. Also, their physique is naturally built for long working hours.

Miniature Samoyed dogs do exist and they are also Samoyed dogs but are much smaller in size than the regular Samoyed dogs. 

Naturally born with similar appearance and features as any standard-sized Samoyed, miniature Samoyeds are also pure-bred dogs, the only difference is miniature Samoyeds don’t grow up beyond their small, lovely size.

And in recent times, due to mass popularity among people because of their adorable small size, miniature Samoyeds have been outnumbered by their larger peers. 

And the fun fact is, miniature Samoyeds have been existing for a very long time and have been acknowledged as one of the fourteen breeds of dogs that are chronological by DNA evaluation of the dog genome.

So they have been existing in life a long time ago and achieved popularity during the period of Norwegian adventurer Fridtjof Nansen. 

How Long Do Miniature Samoyed Live?

The average lifespan of miniature Samoyeds is 12-14 years. Unless a miniature Samoyed faces any health difficulties or life-threatening diseases, regardless of its gender, it will live at least 12 to 14 years on average. 

How Big Do Miniature Samoyed Dogs Get?

How big will a miniature Samoyed dog get depends on its gender, weight, and height as the standard size of female and male miniature Samoyed varies. 

An adult and male miniature Samoyed will reach an average height ranging between 21 inches to 23.5 inches and will weigh between 45 pounds to 65 pounds. 

And the height of an adult female miniature Samoyed will range between 19 inches to 21 inches on average while the average weight it will gain is between 35 pounds to 50 pounds. 

Nonetheless, remember that this given size above is just a female/male miniature Samoyed’s average height and weight that states how big it can grow on average. The actual size of your miniature Samoyed can vary depending on its health and age as well. 

How Much Are Miniature Samoyed Puppies?

The price of a miniature Samoyed generally ranges between $600 to $1500 on average if you want to get a healthful miniature Samoyed but from a non-exotic bloodline.

So be prepared to expend at least $1,000 on a miniature Samoyed pup as these Samoyed dogs are pretty expensive all over the world. 

But an exceptional miniature Samoyed can cost as high as $3,000 or more, particularly when the puppy is bred by AKC certified well-known breeders and born of a championship bloodline. This means such an exceptional puppy belongs to a long line of award-winning pedigree. And know that this high price comprises the appropriate paperwork at the AKC. 

A rescued miniature Samoyed puppy from any rescue shelter will cost only $150 which is its adoption fees that include a full health inspection and neutering/spaying cost. 

Moreover, keep in mind that there are many other factors such as age, coat color, gender, breeder practices that can also influence the cost of a miniature Samoyed puppy. 

Even your living location can increase the price of a miniature Samoyed puppy,. For example, if the demand for miniature Samoyeds is high in your living area, the price automatically will increase.

Or if you want to get a miniature Samoyed pup from another country or a far area, the travel cost will add and the cost of pup’s will increase. 

Miniature Samoyed Temperament

While getting a dog, its temperament matters the most as by knowing its personality, you can perceive whether or not this baby can adapt to your family or how will it act after growing up.

Therefore, below detailed explanations concerning the temperament of a miniature Samoyed have been listed for your understanding. 

Affectionate And Warm:

Miniature Samoyeds are absolute fluffy, furry babies with a heart full of affection and warmth.

So, if you are willing to give love and affection to a miniature Samoyed after getting it, rest assured that you, your family members, and your kids will receive more warm love and affection in return from a miniature Samoyed.

Thereby, it can be the perfect family pet and your furry best friend. 

Devoted Companion: 

Although miniature Samoyeds don’t make the best guard dogs (that’s presumably shouldn’t be the reason you would get a miniature Samoyed), they are fiercely loyal and devoted to their owners and family when it comes to loyalty and devotion.

They will show their devotion by trying their best to guard and protect you and your family. 

Playful And Active: 

Miniature Samoyeds are very active and playful dogs. They prefer doing different kinds of activities all day long and require a certain amount of time to play games or play with different and exciting toys. 

Also, since they are relatively much robust, they require a regular walk outside in open places. As it offers them new experiences and keeps them mentally stimulated. 

Miniature Samoyeds easily get bored, so you can’t make a miniature Samoyed do the same activities or give the same toys to play with, it can direct to a destructive attitude. 

Intelligent And Inquisitive:

Miniature Samoyeds are a very inquisitive type of dog that will find interest in every trick and command they are being taught. And their clever mind allows them to learn it faster. 

Loneliness Intolerant: 

Miniature Samoyeds hate living alone for a long time as they are extrovert dogs that prefer to be the core of the attention all time. Therefore, sometimes they can suffer from separation anxiety and it can be a problematic issue if they are not kept mentally occupied while going out. 


As miniature Samoyeds have quite freedom-loving imagination, they sometimes cane act stubborn if you don’t fulfill their wishes or don’t give enough attention. 

Do Miniature Samoyed Sheds?

Miniature Samoyeds do shed a lot but their level of shedding is less than the regular-sized Samoyeds. 

Miniature Samoyeds also tend to shed quite much most of the time throughout the year and their shedding will reach its worst during the “coat blow” period in spring and fall.

Because that time miniature Samoyeds shed their inner coat heavily as they will be preparing themselves for the next changed season.

Is Miniature Samoyed Hypoallergenic?

Miniature Samoyeds are considered hypoallergenic dog breed as they leave no dander or odor even though they shed heavily.

So any person who is potential for an allergic reaction can adopt a miniature Samoyed as they are very less like to get affected by any allergic reaction due to miniature Samoyeds. 

Can Teacup Samoyeds Hike?

Teacup Samoyeds can hike. Teacup Samoyeds are very strong, have a robust athletic body, and are tolerant to most types of weather quite well.

Besides they carry terrific chasing instincts. And all of these characteristics have made Teacup Samoyeds capable of being a perfect hiker and hiking companion. 

Final Thoughts 

Very identical to the standard-sized Samoyeds, miniature Samoyeds exist in real life and have earned mass popularity due to their small size, friendly nature, and adorable look. However, despite having small bodies, miniature Samoyeds are strong, trainable, a good family dog, and a great companion.