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Stray Great Dane Survives by Eating Rocks Finds New Hope and a Loving Home

Embarking on a heartwarming narrative, we delve into the extraordinary transformation of Angelo, a Great Dane puppy, whose life took a drastic turn from despair to bliss.

The captivating journey of this remarkable canine highlights the resilience of animals and the immense impact that human compassion can have on their lives.

A Grim Beginning

Source: Wiltshire

Angelo’s story begins on a somber note, as he was found wandering the streets, utterly lost and in a state of severe malnourishment.

He was so weak that standing on his own was an insurmountable challenge.

It was evident that without immediate intervention, his chances of survival were slim.

An Angel Appears

In Angelo’s darkest hour, a compassionate woman emerged, dedicating her time and resources to rescue stray dogs.

She discovered Angelo in his dire state and immediately realized the gravity of the situation.

However, she also recognized that saving Angelo would not be a straightforward task; he required urgent and extensive medical care.

On the Brink of Death

As the woman delved deeper into understanding Angelo’s condition, it became clear that the cause of his suffering was the stones that filled his stomach.

Starvation had driven him to eat stones in a desperate bid to stay alive, leading to a life-threatening blockage in his digestive system.

Unable to eat or excrete waste, Angelo’s life hung by a thread, and he needed immediate surgical intervention.

Yet, even with surgery, the road to recovery was uncertain.

Furever Rescue Foster to the Rescue

At this critical juncture, Hanan from the Furever Rescue Foster organization stepped forward to champion Angelo’s cause.

Recognizing the enormity of the medical expenses required for his treatment, she turned to social media, seeking support and assistance.

It was at this moment that Justin Finning and his wife, Deborah, came across Angelo’s story.

Despite the considerable distance from their home, they felt a deep connection to Angelo and were determined to help him.

With a history of rescuing and fostering Great Danes, particularly those with disabilities, they had both the experience and the heart to make a significant impact on Angelo’s life.

A Transcontinental Effort

However, there was a major hurdle to overcome; Angelo was in a different country, and his critical condition meant that he was unable to travel.

Unfazed, Justin, Deborah, and Hanan joined forces, initiating a fundraiser with the goal of collecting enough money to cover Angelo’s medical expenses.

This included not only the urgent surgery but also the essential post-operative care, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and a specialized diet, all of which came at a substantial cost.

Through their relentless efforts and the generosity of countless supporters, they successfully raised the funds required for Angelo’s treatment.

The surgery was a success, paving the way for Angelo’s journey to recovery.

A Journey to Joy

With time, patience, and plenty of tender loving care, Angelo began to regain his strength.

Hanan, who had been with him through every step of his journey, expressed her joy and gratitude on social media, highlighting the incredible support from Justin and Deborah and welcoming Angelo to their “small paradise.”

In his new home, Angelo found himself enveloped in love and care.

Justin and Deborah were unwavering in their commitment to his recovery, ensuring he attended all his therapy sessions and received all the love he deserved.

Angelo, once a quiet and reserved pup, transformed into a vibrant and energetic Great Dane, full of life and zest.

He quickly became the center of attention, relishing his playtime in the spacious backyard and his adventurous trips to the beach with his new family.

But perhaps the most significant change in his life was the companionship of his three furry housemates, with whom he shared endless moments of joy and happiness.

A Bright Future Ahead

Angelo’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible transformation that love and kindness can bring about.

From a state of desperation, he was brought into a world filled with warmth, joy, and boundless love.

His journey is a testament to the resilience of animals and the profound impact that human compassion can have on their lives.

Today, Angelo lives each day to its fullest, surrounded by love and happiness.

We celebrate his remarkable journey and wish him a long and joyful life, filled with love, adventure, and countless happy moments.

Angelo’s tale is a beacon of hope, reminding us all that even in the bleakest of times, there is always a chance for recovery, and that the kindness of strangers can indeed create miracles.

His story, transcending boundaries and overcoming challenges, stands as a testament to the power of love and the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions.

Angelo’s journey from the streets to his forever home is a true inspiration, showcasing the beauty of second chances and the remarkable resilience of the canine spirit.