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Smiley The Pitbull Now Smiles With Pure Delight

Isn’t it astounding what we can learn from our canine companions?

One virtue they hold high above many is loyalty – they stick with their pack through thick and thin, which is more than what can be said about some humans.

It’s a common misconception among people that their dogs won’t adjust to significant life changes, which sometimes leads to hasty decisions that aren’t always necessary.

A Premature Goodbye

Source: The dodo

This brings us to the story of Smiley, a Pitbull with a story that tugs at the heartstrings.

When Smiley’s original family discovered a baby was on the way, they made the swift decision to rehome him, not stopping to consider how he might adapt to the new family member.

Source: The dodo

By all accounts, Smiley was in the prime of health and was far from aggressive.

But the label “nervous and uncomfortable with handling at times” tragically landed him on a list no dog wants to be on: the kill list.

The Power of Social Media

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Enter Julie Carner, a Pitbull aficionado and experienced foster mom.

Upon seeing Smiley’s predicament, she turned to Facebook to share his plight. Her heartfelt plea was simple but moving:

“I’M A GOOD BOY. I WOULD HAVE LOVED THAT NEW BABY! – PLEASE HELP ME, I DON’T WANT TO DIE … By all accounts, he is just about perfect – friendly and outgoing, loves to play with his ball toys along with squeaky toys, house-trained, he knows commands sit, stay, and come in SPANISH. If he pulls on the leash, he will slow down when told to, no guarding issues.”

The internet did its magic, and Julie’s post spread like wildfire.

Among those reached was Olena Kagui.

Source: The dodo

On a routine subway ride with her husband, she scrolled past Smiley’s story, initially intending to skip the heartache.

Yet, something pulled her back, and she found herself moved to tears by Smiley’s predicament, especially seeing the lack of hopeful comments beneath the post.

Though her husband initially expressed reservations, Olena’s persistence paid off.

The Kaguigs decided to step in and offer Smiley a lifeline.

A New Chapter for Smiley

The Kaguis connected with Pound Hounds Res-Q, an organization dedicated to saving dogs from shelters, and they promptly arranged for Smiley to be neutered and prepared for his new home.

Upon his arrival, it was apparent that Smiley was once a well-loved, well-trained household pet.

He showed no interest in chewing furniture or claiming the sofa as his jumping ground.

Source: Barbara Ann

At first, Smiley was reserved, sipping water and averting his gaze when Olena approached.

His trust in humans needed rebuilding.

But hope was not lost; within days, Smiley’s walls began to crumble.

Outings to the dog park and mingling with other dogs acted as a balm to his bruised spirit.

Source: Paul Hupp

Soon enough, he became a more tranquil, content version of himself in the warmth of his new family.

It didn’t take long for the Kagui family to adore Smiley.

Their home was filled with love for him, and it became clear that the affection was mutual.

The Moral of the Story

Smiley is the epitome of resilience and the perfect ambassador for shelter dogs everywhere.

He demonstrates why giving these dogs a chance at life outside the confines of a shelter is so crucial.

Many, like Smiley, may not show their best selves in the stressful environment of a pound, but almost all have the potential to be reacclimated to a loving home environment.

Source: The dodo

As for Smiley’s previous owners, it’s a poignant lesson in missed opportunities.

They missed out on a fiercely loyal guardian and a furry best friend for their child.

Thankfully, Smiley’s story didn’t end there, and now he’s enveloped in the love and care he so rightfully deserves.

The Takeaway

Smiley’s journey is more than just a feel-good tale; it’s a narrative that underscores the power of patience, the importance of second chances, and the undying loyalty of man’s best friend.

For every dog like Smiley that gets a new lease on life, there’s hope that more will follow. It reminds us that when it comes to adding a furry member to our families, understanding and compassion should be at the heart of our decisions.

Source: The dodo

Smiley’s new life is a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best things in life come with paws and a tail.