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Police Officer Adopts the Smallest Stray Found From the Streets

In the heart of Los Angeles, a city bustling with activity and diverse stories, two diligent officers from the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, Officers Mercado and Tavera, embarked on their routine patrol on October 5, 2019.

Their day, often filled with the unpredictable, was about to become unforgettable due to a chance encounter with a tiny, wandering soul.


As they navigated the streets, their attention was captured by something small, yet incredibly endearing – a tiny chocolate puppy.

This little wanderer, alone on the vast streets of Los Angeles, had been seeking a savior, and fate had led him to Officers Mercado and Tavera.

Hobart: A Name and a New Beginning


Upon noticing the officers, the puppy did not hesitate.

He started following them, a silent plea in his eyes, hoping for a rescue.

Touched by his vulnerability, the officers named him Hobart, inspired by the very street, Hobart Blvd., where this poignant encounter took place.


Recognizing that such a young and defenseless creature couldn’t possibly survive the harshness of the streets on his own, the officers made a compassionate decision.

They chose to bring Hobart back with them to the safety of the police station, marking the start of an extraordinary bond.

A Puppy’s Love


Once at the station, Hobart’s affection for Officer Mercado became evident.

The puppy shadowed him relentlessly, a display of love and gratitude that melted hearts.

This endearing sight was captured and shared on the LAPD Hollywood Division’s social media, with a caption that perfectly encapsulated the moment: “Hobart won’t leave Officer Mercado’s side!! 🥺 #HollywoodHobart”.

The journey back to the station was a comfortable one for Hobart, who found a cozy spot in Officer Tavera’s lap, looking up at his rescuers with eyes full of love and admiration.

An Honorary Member of the Force


At the police station, Hobart was instantly beloved by all.

In a heartwarming gesture, he was bestowed with the honorary rank of K-9, a title that seemed to suit the little fighter perfectly.

However, the officers knew that the bustling environment of the police station was not the ideal forever home for a pup as sensitive as Hobart.

Seeking a Forever Home


Understanding Hobart’s need for a nurturing and stable environment, the officers reached out to a local rescue group, the Ghetto Rescue Foundation (GRFF).

This organization, known for its commitment to helping animals in need, was the perfect place for Hobart to receive the care he needed.

GRFF welcomed Hobart with open arms.


They provided him with essential veterinary care and vaccinations, preparing him for the next step in his journey: adoption.

The little puppy, who had started his life on uncertain paths, was now on the road to finding a loving forever home.

A Viral Sensation and a New Beginning


While Hobart was receiving care at the Ghetto Rescue Foundation (GRFF), his heartwarming story was capturing hearts far and wide.

A video showing the little puppy’s devoted following of Officer Mercado had become an internet sensation, sparking a wave of affection and a unanimous suggestion from the public: Officer Mercado should adopt Hobart.

Unknown to many, this idea had already resonated deeply within the Mercado family.


Upon seeing Hobart’s picture, Officer Alejandro Mercado’s wife, Quincy Hutchison, was instantly smitten.

She didn’t hesitate to express her desire to adopt the adorable pup, adding another layer of destiny to this unfolding story.

The LAPD Hollywood Division soon shared the news everyone had been hoping for.

They announced, “A lot of you have been asking what Hobart is up to these days… you will be happy to know Officer Mercado has adopted him, and he is now living the good life with Mercado and his family!”

This announcement was met with widespread joy and approval, with one commenter aptly noting, “These two are definitely meant to be together! Congrats on your new home, Hobart!”

Hobart’s New Life in a Loving Home


Months after Hobart’s adoption, GRFF provided an update on the pup’s new life.

They shared, “He has settled in beautifully and is a total joy to our entire family.”

In the Mercado household, Hobart found himself surrounded by love and companionship, not just from his human family but also from other rescue dogs and a police K-9.

In this nurturing environment, Hobart was thriving.


The once tiny puppy had grown, fitting perfectly into his ears, and his cuteness only seemed to amplify with time.

GRFF, in an update, described Hobart (formerly known as Fidzgit at GRFF) as “the most loving and lively puppy. He loves all of his puppy cousins, and will chew on his toys for hours. He’s still learning potty training, and loves the outdoors/play time in the grass!”

This description painted a vivid picture of Hobart’s happy and active life in his forever home.

The bond between Hobart and the Mercado family was unmistakable.

It was clear that this match was more than just fate – it was a perfect alignment of hearts and homes.

A Fairy-Tale Ending for Hobart

source: @lapd_hobart

Reflecting on Hobart’s journey, GRFF aptly remarked, “Looks like he hit the jackpot that day when he was ‘arrested’ for loitering and being too cute,” a sentiment echoed by many who had followed his story.

From a lost puppy on the streets to a beloved member of a caring family, Hobart’s life had transformed remarkably.

source: @lapd_hobart

For those eager to continue following Hobart’s adventures and see his joyful exploits, the Mercado family created an official Instagram profile, @lapd_hobart.

This platform allows Hobart’s admirers to stay connected and witness the ongoing joy and love in his life.

The Power of Compassion and Connection

source: @lapd_hobart

Hobart’s story is a beautiful testament to the impact of kindness and the profound connections that can form between humans and animals.

It highlights the power of compassion in changing lives, not just for the animals in need but also for those who open their hearts to them.

Officer Mercado and his family didn’t just give Hobart a home; they gave him a family, love, and a sense of belonging.

In a world where small acts can lead to significant changes, Hobart’s journey from a vulnerable stray to a cherished family member stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the good that exists.

His story, a blend of fate, kindness, and love, continues to inspire and spread joy to all who hear it.