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Meet the Dog Who Looks Just Like Salvador Dali in Every Way

In the warm embrace of July 2019, Heart & Bones Animal Rescue welcomed a new arrival, a three-year-old Shepherd mix.

This gentle stray dog had just become a mother to eleven charming puppies.

While each of her puppies was special, one of them was about to become a worldwide sensation.

A Puppy with an Artistic Twist

Among the litter was a puppy with a unique and heartwarming feature.

She bore a striking black marking on her face, perfectly shaped like a handlebar mustache, reminiscent of the one famously sported by Salvador Dalí, the celebrated Spanish painter.

This delightful trait quickly made her the center of attention.

Salvador Dolly: The Puppy with a Painterly Mustache

Her unusual facial marking brought her fame far beyond the shelter’s walls.

Initially nicknamed ‘the mustache puppy’, the shelter soon found a more fitting name for this adorable canine – Salvador Dolly.

A New Home for Salvador Dolly

The shelter provided care for this furry family, but aware of the health risks for young puppies in such an environment, they sought a foster home.

Thanks to Jessica, a dedicated animal rescuer from Texas, Salvador Dolly and her siblings found a temporary home filled with love and care.

Allison Seelig from Heart & Bones Rescue shared people’s reactions: “The first thing people ask is generally, ‘Is that real?’, and [there’s] a lot of ‘Omg, stop it!’ and squealing over her.”

Salvador Dolly’s cuteness was simply irresistible.

Life in the Foster Home

At the foster home, the puppies’ days were filled with the simple joys of life – sleeping, eating, and playfully interacting with each other.

Their mother also received the best care possible, with ample food and rest to recuperate from her maternal duties.

Journey to a New Beginning

Once the puppies were weaned, they embarked on a journey to New York, ready to find their forever homes.

Salvador Dolly’s newfound fame assured everyone that she would quickly be adopted by a loving family.

Her unique appearance and the attention it garnered made her an instant favorite, sparking widespread interest in her adoption.

The next part of the story reveals how Salvador Dolly’s life unfolds as she steps into a world filled with love and adoration.

Salvador Dolly’s Journey to Her Forever Home

The story of Salvador Dolly, the mustachioed puppy, took a heartwarming turn as the search for her forever home began.

Her unique charm led to an outpouring of love and interest, with over 100 adoption applications flooding in.

The team at the shelter was overwhelmed by the response, as they shared on their Instagram: “We have been completely wowed by the amazing response Dolly has received, and hope she encourages more people to adopt, foster, and support rescue groups.”

This overwhelming interest meant a careful and thorough review of each application by the dedicated volunteer team.

Their mission was to find the perfect match for Dolly – a home where she would be loved and cherished.

A Perfect Match for Dolly

Finally, the search came to an end. The shelter found Dolly’s ideal family in Scott and Ryan, a couple residing in the picturesque town of Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Their commitment was clear from the start, as they donned Salvador Dalí t-shirts during their home visit.

The shelter’s Facebook post captured the heartwarming moment, noting how neighbors and friends vouched for the couple’s kindness.

Dolly’s New Life in Provincetown

Today, Dolly is thriving in her new environment.

She has grown into a beautiful dog, her famous mustache marking still as prominent as ever, capturing the hearts of all who see her.

In an interview with, Ryan Landry shared insights into her personality: “She has spurts of energy where goes for like 10 minutes and then she just wants to sit in your lap.”

Scott Martino added to this, noting how Dolly has become a local celebrity: “She’s been recognized on the street when I’ve walked with her a few times. The mustache, I have a feeling it’s going to get more pronounced as she gets older.”

Dolly’s life is filled with joy and adventure in Provincetown, close to the beach where she enjoys delightful walks.

Her gentle, kind, and patient nature is evident, especially in her interactions with her new friend, Perry.

Salvador Dolly: A Symbol of Hope and Joy

Dolly’s story is not just about a puppy with an unusual marking. It’s a tale of hope, love, and the positive impact of animal rescue.

Her journey from a shelter to a loving home inspires many and highlights the importance of adoption and fostering.

You can follow the continuing adventures of Salvador Dolly on her Instagram page @dolly_themustachepup, where her journey continues to inspire and bring joy to people around the world.

Salvador Dolly’s story, from a stray mother in a shelter to a beloved pet in a warm home, underscores the profound effect of compassion and kindness.

Source: facebook

Her unique marking brought her fame, but it’s her heartwarming story that reminds us of the countless animals in shelters waiting for a chance at a happy life.

Through her story, we are reminded of the importance of animal rescue and the beautiful bonds that can form between humans and their four-legged friends.