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How Much to Feed 9 Month Old Puppy? (Explained)

Considered as one of the most commonly chosen pit animals in every home. There is a fun-loving, entertaining, and curious type of animal that can be easily trained.

They are also very well-mannered and disciplined. In today’s article, we will discuss the food of nine-month-old puppy. 

How much to feed: 

Dogs below the age of nine months are considered as a puppy. During this age, they need a good amount of food which is important for their physical development. You should give your puppy foods based on their weight. However, it is recommended to feed your 9 month Old Puppy as an adult.

Dogs are considered one of the most chosen animals that people tend to have. The dogs are very loyal, fun-loving, and great companions.

In addition to that, training the dogs is pretty easy, so they become well-mannered and disciplined from a very early age. It helps them to socialize with other people and dogs in the environment.

That is why people choose to pet a dog instead of other animals. When you consider petting a dog, you need to know the food habit and feeding times of your puppies.

Talking about a 9 month old puppy, you need to be very careful and attentive to its feeding time.

Generally, the age of nine months for a puppy indicates nearing adulthood. As a result, they need more food to charge themselves up and survive throughout the day.

You need to provide your puppy with the right amount of food to maintain its weight and keep it healthy.

Providing the right amount of food will also support improving their growth. Generally, a 9 month old puppy requires food as much as an adult dog can eat. You can try to feed your dog three times a day when it’s nine months old.

There are a variety of foods available to feed her dog, but you need to make sure that your dog gets in protein, calcium, and vitamins. You can provide your dog with canned foods, which are pretty much suitable for the dog to eat.

The breeds and sizes and the food amount also may vary. There are small breeds, medium breeds in large braids, that need a different number of foods. So, make sure to provide them with the proper amount of food.

How to determine and calculate how much to feed: 

Very important to determine and calculate how much food you can feed to your 9 month old puppy.

Seems your puppy is nearing parenthood at this age. You need to be very careful and provide them with the right amount of food so that they can grow properly.

In addition to that, it is important to provide them with food with high nutritional value to support their growth and health.

You can also follow a puppy feeding chart and guide to figure out how much your puppy needs to eat. Below is a brief discussion on how to determine and calculate the amount of food for your puppy: 


The first thing you need to determine is the weight of your dog. When you try to feed him. Dogs with high weight will require a high amount of food. 


It is important to consider the breed of your dog to determine how much it will eat. Large breed dogs will eat more food, whereas the small breed dogs may eat a little amount of food. 


You can easily tell how much a dog can eat by looking at its age.

Nutrition requirement:

It is very important to consider the nutritional requirement of your dog as it helps to support the growth of the dog. In addition to that, dogs need foods that contain high nutritional value.

Dog food must include high-value protein, calcium, and vitamins which will strengthen their muscle and bones and provide them with energy. In addition to that, you should avoid feeding your dog much food at a time.

You can simply divide the food into three different meals and provide them three times a day.

A 9 month Old Puppy is nearing adulthood, so its daily meal should be as same as an adult dog. You need to make sure that you provide your dog with a high amount of protein so that it can gain muscles.

How much to feed a 9 month old puppy by weight:

9 month old dog weight (KG)9 month old dog weight (lbs)Recommended amount of food
1.5 to 5.5 kgs3-12lbs1 cup
5.5 to 9 kgs12-20lbs1 to 1½ cups
9.5 to 13.5 kgs21-30lbs2-3 cups
14-18kgs31-40lbs2-3 cups
14 to 22.5 kgs40-50lbs2-3 cups
23 to 27 kgs51-60lbs2½ to 4¾ cups
27 to 34 kgs60-75lbs2½ to 4¾ cups
34.5 to 38.5 kgs76-85lbs4 to 7 cups
39 to 45 kgs86-100lbs4 to 7 cups
46 kgs101lbsMore than 7 cups

How often to feed a 9 month old puppy: 

9 month old puppies are usually nearing adulthood, so they will need foods that are enriched with high nutritional value.

When providing your 9 month old puppies with foods, you need to make sure that it has an adequate amount of protein, calcium, and vitamins. Also need to take care of its age and breed.

Depending on the weight and breed the food number of puppies may vary. But it should have enough amount of carbohydrates and proteins so that it can survive throughout the day.

Some puppies cannot eat much food at a time. You should not provide your puppies with a huge amount of food at a time. This may cause the puppy to face difficulties while digesting the food.

You should provide your puppy its food three times a day. This will help the puppy to gain energy every hour and balance the metabolism rate.

In addition to that, during the development age, the puppies need to eat their food very frequently.

You need to make sure that. you provide your puppies with high-quality food that will maintain their diet.

As your puppy grow up, you need to reduce the number of meals you are providing your puppy every day. Following this technique will help the puppy to grow up properly.

What food is best for a 9 month old puppy:

There are a variety of foods available in the market that is suitable for your 9-month-old puppy.

Since your puppy is going through the development age, you need to provide your puppy with food that contains high-value nutrition. A brief discussion on what food is best for a 9-month-Old Puppy: 

High-quality dog food: 

High-quality dog food contains all the nutritional value mixed that is helpful for the puppy to grow up. 

Canned food: 

It is completely fine to feed your puppy with canned food at the age of nine months. During this age, they are completely fine to eat canned food and it contains high-value nutrition which is essential for them.


You can provide your puppies with boneless meats that will provide them with protein and help them to grow muscle. Make sure to provide your puppy with water so that it does not get dehydrated.

Feeding schedule and best times to feed a 9 month old puppy:

You need to maintain the schedule for your puppy to provide it food because it will help them to maintain their metabolism rate as well as help them gain muscle.

The feeding schedule of the puppy depends on his age and weight. In most cases, the puppies are required to feed three to four times a day.

For a 9 month old puppy, you need to provide food three times a day. Below is a brief discussion on the feeding schedule of nine-month Old Puppy: 

Three times a day: 

Medium breed dogs. It is completely fine to provide them with food three times a day. This will help them gain energy and maintain their metabolism rate. 

Two times a day: 

As your puppy grows up, you can simply reduce their feeding schedule to two times. 

Adjust the schedule: 

You can adjust the schedule to feed your puppies after every three to four hours a day, in some cases, you can also take six hours.

What foods to avoid: 

Although your dog may seem to be near adulthood at the age of nine months, some foods are recommended to avoid for your dog.

These foods can cause trouble for your dog’s metabolism as well as normal growth. That is why you should avoid feeding your dogs with avocado, chocolates, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, and raw bread dough.

Final thoughts

As your puppy grows, you need to change and bring variation in its food habit and amounts. Eventually, maintaining the proper food habit will help the puppy to become an adult dog. When you feed your puppy, you need to provide it food based on its age and weight.