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How Much Should an American Bulldog Eat? (Feeding Chart)

For every breed of dog, timely feeding in a prescribed Portion for every breed is crucial. Since many owners don’t recognize the significance of the amount, they frequently overfeed their dogs, which raises the likelihood of adverse effects on the health of the animal. This consideration is even more crucial when it relates to feeding breeds like American Bulldogs.

The American bulldog is one of the typically large and muscular breeds that is being used as work or guard dogs. For being a muscular breed their eating Portion needs to be properly monetised which is why in this article, we are going to discuss how much an American bulldog should eat.

How much should an American Bulldog eat?

American Bulldog puppies need to eat at least three to four times a day. The feeding portion needs to start from three cups to four cups per meal. Also, when the bulldog falls into an adult food regimen you will need to feed it two times per day having a Portion of two to three cups per meal.

The American Bulldogs certainly are muscular breeds and they are also known as work dogs. This breed is used as stock dogs as well as guard dogs for any house or large farms. Therefore, their feeding schedule, Portion, as well as frequency, needs to be perfectly set up.

For being a muscular breed, the meal needs to be full of nutrients that will help the dog to maintain its shape. The American Bulldog can consume a significantly greater amount of food per day than other breeds. A Bulldog can consume between half to three portions of food per meal every day, to be exact.

The size and age of the Bulldog must be taken into consideration while choosing these parts. Although adults only consume a predetermined quantity of a healthy diet, tiny pups require more nutrient-dense food to help them develop physically. As a result, the amount of food given to American Bulldogs each day might vary depending on whether they are puppies or adults.

To choose the appropriate amount of food for an American Bulldog, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian. Since they have big appetites, American bulldogs can have a significant risk of developing health issues from undereating or overeating because of their large appetite.

Making a food plan for your Bulldog depending on its age and weight is the most important. Therefore, below we have discussed the age-wise meal frequency and Portion for American Bulldogs:

2 to 3 week old American Bulldogs:

2 to 3 week old American Bulldogs need to follow the puppy eating regimen. 2 to 3 week American Bulldog is basically an infant which is why it will need to eat 3 to 4 times per day. The meal portion can be three to four cups per meal.

4 to 5 week old American Bulldogs:

4 to 5 week old American Bulldogs need to follow the same regimen like the 2 to 3 weeks old does. For body growth, the American Bulldog will need to eat three to four times per day. The meal portion can range from three to four cups per meal.

6 to 7 week old American Bulldogs:

3 to 4 cups of food may be consumed by an American Bulldog each day. As their bodies will need more nutritious components for development, they can eat more frequently than three to four times each day.

8 to 9 week old American Bulldog:

American Bulldog puppies aged 8 to 9 weeks can eat three to four times daily. The daily meal portion might range from a ⅔ of a cup to three and a half cups. The quantity can be raised based on the Bulldog’s age, although if you do so, you can’t force them to eat three to four times every day.

10 to 11 week old American Bulldog:

The daily calorie requirement for each pound of body mass for American Bulldog puppies is 25 to 30 calories for 10 to 11-week-old puppies. Because of this, according to their age, they may be required to feed two to three times daily. Two to three cups of meal might be the portion size for each meal.

3 month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldog puppies under 3 months old require feedings two to three times each day. ⅔ to 3 cup can be consumed each meal. However, keep in mind that the dog is progressively beginning to mature into an adult, so be careful not to underfeed it.

4 month old American Bulldog:

An American Bulldog that is four months old needs the same quantity of the food as one that is three months old. Although you should use caution while choosing the meal quantity as it can affect the health of the puppy.

5 month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldogs who are 5 months old require more than 1000 calories per day. They may thus require two to three times meals each day.

6 month old American Bulldog:

There may be a need to alter the food for an American Bulldog that is 6 months old. American Bulldogs under 6 months old require one to three meals every day.

7 month old American Bulldog:

One to two meals each day are plenty for an American Bulldog who is seven months old because it is essentially an adult.

8 month old American Bulldog:

Two feedings each day are necessary for American Bulldogs. Meals can range in size from 2 cups to 3 cups. But you have to be careful with feeding portion, so that you don’t overfeed or underfeed your American Bulldog.

9 month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldog puppies younger than 9 months old can have breakfast, lunch, and supper every day. Treats can be provided in between meals.

10 month old American Bulldog:

American Bulldogs can be fed one to two times daily because they are considered adults at 10 months old. However, be cautious to weigh the dog and avoid giving it too much or too little food.

American Bulldog feeding chart:

AgeExpected dog Weight (pounds)Recommended amount of food per day (cups)Daily calorie intakeFeeding frequency
2 weeks  2 lbs to 4 lbs  3 cups to 4 cups  54 cal to 104 calories   3 to 4 times    
3 week  5 lbs to 7 lbs  3 cups to 4 cups  135 cal to 189 calories3 to 4 times
4 week  7 lbs to 10 lbs    3 cups to 4 cups  189 cal to 270 calories  3 to 4 times
5 week 9 lbs to 11 lbs3 cups to 4 cups  243 cal to 297 calories3 to 4 times
6 week  10.5 lbs to 13 lbs   3 cups to 4 cups 283.5 cal to 351 calories 3 to 4 times
7 weeks  12 lbs to 15 lbs3 cups to 4 cups 324 cal to 405 calories 3 to 4 times
8 week or 2 months  15.5 lbs to 16 lbs  3 cups to 4 cups 418.5 cal to 432 calories 3 to 4 times
9 week  17 lbs to 19 lbs     3 cups to 4 cups 460 cal to 513 calories3 to 4 times
10 week  19 lbs to 21 lbs   3 cups to 4 cups  513 cal to 567 calories 3 to 4 times
11 week  20 lbs to 25 lbs3 cups to 4 cups  540 cal to 675 calories 3 to 4 times
12 week or 3 months  25 lbs to 43 lbs 3 cups to 4 cups  675 cal to 1145 calories 3 to 4 times
4 month   31 lbs to 59.4 lbs⅔ cups to 3 cups  837 cal to 1603.8 calories 2 to 3 times
5 month 39.7 lbs to 67 lbs ⅔ cups to 3 cups   1071.9 cal to 1809 calories 2 to 3 times
6 month   47 lbs to 78 lbs  ⅔ cups to 3 cups1269 cal to 2106 calories 2 to 3 times
7 month   53.2 lbs to 89 lbs   ⅔ cups to 3 cups 1436.4 cal to 2403 calories 2 to 3 times
8 months   55 lbs to 95 lbs   1 cups to 2 cups 1485 cal to 2565 caloried 1 to 2 times
9 month   58.7 to 103 lbs    1 cups to 2 cups 1584 cal to 2781 calories1 to 2 times
10 month  63.5 lbs to 107.9 lbs  1 cups to 2 cups1714.6 cal to 2913 calories 1 to 2 times

Are you overfeeding your American Bulldog or not feeding enough?

The amount of food you give your American Bulldog fully determines whether you’re overfeeding or underfeeding it. Additionally, whether you overfeed or underfeed an American Bulldog depends on its weight and calorie consumption.

For example, if your American Bulldog is 8 months old and weighs more than 95 pounds, you are undoubtedly overfeeding your dog. Conversely, you are certainly underfeeding your American Bulldog if its weight is less than 55 pounds. However, you need to keep regular records of your American Bulldog’s calorie consumption as this information is crucial for the dog’s weight control.

How frequently to feed your American Bulldog?

Your American Bulldog’s eating regimen is age-dependent. Given that it affects whether an American Bulldog is overfed or underfed, meal periodicity is a crucial factor to take into account. American Bulldogs, for instance, can be fed three to four times to even two to three times each day depending on their age which is under six months.

Since the physique of an American Bulldog begins to expand at this period, you will be required to improve the frequency of feedings. Furthermore, American Bulldogs older than eight months old require feedings one to two times daily due to the possibility of overfeeding at this stage.

Recommended feeding time:

For the first eight months of their lives, American Bulldogs will require three to four feedings daily. Small or medium servings of the dish, ranging from two to three cups, are also options. For the American Bulldog’s health development, the foods should be packed with the right nutrients.

Conversely, American Bulldogs that are fully grown or older than six months old require two feedings every day. Breakfast, lunch, and sometimes supper options are available. You may provide American Bulldogs with tiny nibbles or treats in between supper to improve their attitude.

Final Thoughts:

The meal portion for American Bulldogs depends on age and weight. The puppies will require more food ranging from three to four times a meal per day for their growth. On the other hand, the adult ones can eat one to two times per day in order to avoid overfeeding.