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How Fast Can a Catahoula Run? How Many Miles Can They Run?

The Catahoula dog’s recognized traits include stamina, agility, and herding ability. They are said to have originated in the state of Louisiana in the United States roughly a couple of hundred years ago.

The Catahoula Leopard Dog’s physical appearance and coat coloration are impressive as well.

A Catahoula dog owner will need to be firm yet provide enough time for their dog to be engaged. The American Catahoula Leopard dog is well known for its running abilities, but how fast can it run? Let’s find out.

How fast can a Catahoula run?

Catahoulas can reach a speed of 45 miles per hour with their quick burst of energy, but they are better for lengthy and slow runs. This swamp and forest-bred Catahoula hounds were developed for hunting in Louisiana. The Catahoula has excellent stamina for long, steady jogs as they are fit.

Are Catahoula dogs fast runners?

Catahoulas dogs can run fast, reaching speeds of 40-45 miles per hour. But they are better suited for long jogs instead of fast sprints. With the Catahoula, you get a dog that can be your running partner for early morning or afternoon outings.

A self-motivated breed for joggers, the Catahoula offers an excellent incentive to leave the couch and put on shoes. You may ask, why?

Well, an active, energetic breed like the Catahoula from Louisiana needs to release pent-up energy by exercising, and daily exercise is best for them.

For some breeds, you’ll have to push them to go out for runs, but in contrast, the Catahoula would be the one getting up early and nagging you to take him out. If you can be a firm owner, the dog will do as you say and respect you.

How fast can a Catahoula leopard dog run?

American Catahoula Leopard dogs are strong, and their firm muscles and bone structure allow them to run fast. Experts suggest they can run as fast as forty-five miles per hour, but that’s during rare instances. In general, they are better equipped for long jogs.

One of the vital factors about the Catahoulas is that they can be trained to do almost any task as they are pretty intelligent and fast learners. If you start training your dog at an early age to run fast, it will grow up to reach the mentioned speeds.

With solid hind legs and striking coat patterns, the Catahoula leopard dog is a sight to see when it’s running fast. But you will also need to learn how to control their behavior so that they don’t act out while running.

Are Catahoulas good running dogs? 

Catahoulas are excellent running dogs as they will rarely get tired even after long periods of running or walking. They have great stamina compared to the other breeds. Combining that with a good diet and routine, you’ll have yourself a fantastic running companion.

Apart from their fast running speeds, Catahoulas are also agile around the corners and intuitive. They can pick up small details about your running style and match their rhythm with yours. But when you go out to run in public, it’s better to use a leash as a safety precaution.

In some rare instances, your Catahoulas might refuse to run if you’re not firm with them. Using toys or a weight vest might inspire them to keep running.

How many miles can a Catahoula run?

Depending on the dog breed, whether you have a Catahoula or any other breed, you may be able to run 25 or 35 kilometers each week. Sometimes you may be able to run even more.

However, don’t assume your dog to instantly begin doing all that the Catahoula breed is capable of. Dogs need to build up their stamina in the same way as humans.

If you wish to go on longer runs, give your dog time to build up its distance and stamina. Catahoulas should be able to go on long runs after the development period. It usually lasts for 18 months up to 2 years.

Can Catahoula go off-leash?

In order to avoid potentially aggressive behavior from unfamiliar canines, a Catahoula should always be kept on a leash. Going without a leash may be risky if your dog isn’t trained correctly.

Do not leave the Catahoula outdoors alone. This breed tends to perform poorly when left alone as they have separation anxiety.

Apart from that, in running trails, you are likely to meet other dogs and unknown people of different ages, and historically they are known for being aggressive towards unfamiliar people.

That’s why you need to train your Catahoula properly. Once he realizes you are the alpha, he won’t do anything that may potentially upset you.

How do you leash train a Catahoula? 

Catahoulas do well with firm and strict owners. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive towards him. Giving him treats, showing love and compassion is equally important.

Introducing the leash:

Try allowing your Catahoula to become used to wearing a collar or harness. Let him wear them when you’re playing with him and giving him goodies for brief periods around the home.

Collar-and-leash time is enjoyable for the puppy since it gives him both a meal and play.

Teach a behavior sign:  

Give your dog a signal that shows you’re about to give him food by playing a sound and then putting out food. To click and treat or to use some particular word may all mean the same things.

Regardless of whatever technique you choose, the results are the same.

Have the puppy on a leash and collar in a calm, distraction-free location, and then make the sound. Reward your puppy as soon as he turns toward you or stares at you.

Once you’ve done the steps many times, you’ll see your puppy gazing at you and then approaching you to get a reward.

Coming towards you:

Keep backing up until you’re far enough away that he can no longer see you with the leash and collar on, and then praise him when he arrives. Continue this process until your puppy approaches you and takes several steps with you.

Your training sessions should conclude when the puppy is ready to learn more, not when he is psychologically tired.

Exercise inside:

It is now safe to try walking about your house because your puppy knows how to follow you. To get the job done, all he has to do is take up the challenge of wearing a leash around him.

Start giving goodies and praise as your puppy grows accustomed to approaching you while on a leash, as stated above.

Go on a walk:

And now, you’re ready to take your puppy out into the Great Outdoors to test her abilities. All the sights, noises, and scents your puppy experiences will be new and exciting in this next stage. It is better to be patient and keep your first strolls brief.

Though your puppy appears as if he will lunge or become sidetracked, make your signal sound and move several paces. When he does what you’ve asked, reward him with a special treat.

How much exercise does my Catahoula need?

An hour of vigorous exercise daily and solid supervision throughout training are expected for the intelligent Catahoula dog. Catahoula dogs are affectionate, calm, and very committed friends when they have requirements fulfilled in practice and guidance.

Even the Catahoula puppies need exercise, and they can’t be left to their ends in the backyard. You will need to build up your pup’s endurance by exercising for 10-30 minutes during the first year after birth.

Using toys, sticks, and treats will help the Catahoula pup to enjoy the exercising activities.

How do you exercise a Catahoula?

Exercising a Catahoula isn’t difficult because they are playful and energetic by nature. Here are a few steps for you to follow:


The age-old game of fetch is every dog’s favorite. You can use balls, toys, or sticks and play with your Catahoula.

Hide & treat:

For this, you will have to hide treats in various places of the yard and let your Catahoula find them. This game increases their senses and teaches them to follow guidelines while getting the much-needed exercise done.

Using training kits:

You will find various training kits in your local pet shop that comes with toys, exercising tools, and much more. These kits are suitable for making exercise enjoyable as they can get monotonous.

Jogging & running:

As Catahoulas are great running companions, you can take them with you for morning strolls when there aren’t many people outdoors. Once the training is completed, you’ll be able to take him to crowded places as well.

Can Catahoulas climb trees?

Catahoulas are capable of climbing trees in search of food. These acrobatic canines are considered well-known hunters.

Native Americans valued the Catahoula for their skill as hunters and their intelligence as heard leaders.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up, a Catahoula may achieve a speed of 45 miles per hour, although they are more suited for extended and steady running. The Catahoula’s long, steady jogs may last for quite a while since they are in excellent shape. But you will have to train them properly from an early age.

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