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How Do Dachshunds Breathe Under Blankets? (Explained)

If you have a dachshund, you might know that he loves to burrow under blankets. Some dachshunds even sleep under covers or blankets.

But you might be thinking about how dachshunds breathe under blankets. Well, sleeping or burrowing under blankets is their instinct.

Dachshunds are German breed dogs. They were bred for hunting the burrow-dwelling animals. That’s why they love to dig. You may have already noticed that your dachshund loves to explore and burrow into the blankets.

Generally, they have no breathing problems under blankets. So, don’t worry about your dachshund.

How do dachshunds breathe under blankets?

Dachshunds’ lungs have a larger capacity than other dogs. They can hold their breath for a longer time. Dachshunds are bred to hunt underground animals. It’s their nature to burrow. So, if they enter under blankets, they can breathe without difficulties. If they need air, they quickly come out.

Dachshunds love to go under the blankets. Sometimes, they sleep under blankets, covers, duvets, etc. These characteristics come from their natural behavior. They feel safe and comfortable under blankets.

You might worry about your dachshund’s breathing under blankets. But they are not in trouble there at all. Even it is hot weather out there, and they can still easily sleep under blankets and breathe properly.

Can a dachshund suffocate under blankets?

A dachshund can’t suffocate under blankets generally. Burrowing under blankets is their normal intuition. Even they feel safe, at home, and comfortable under blankets. That’s why you might often see them making a den to sleep.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt burrow-dwelling animals. So, they have a larger lung capacity. This capacity allows them to breathe without any difficulty under blankets. Moreover, if they feel hot or suffocated, they will poke their head out of the blankets.

You don’t have to worry that your dachshund might suffocate under the blanket. If you are over-protective, you can put a light-weight blanket on the bed or a make a den for your dachshund.  

Is it OK for dachshunds to sleep under the covers?

It is completely OK for dachshunds to sleep under the cover. Sleeping under the covers is their normal behavior. This behavior doesn’t cause any harm to them.

Dachshunds’ natural behavior is to burrow the ground and go underground. That’s why they often burrow under blankets, covers, duvets, etc. This behavior makes them feel safe. Moreover, the warm and cozy covers make them comfortable to sleep.

If you are confused about whether sleeping under the covers is OK for dachshunds or not, don’t be! They are lovely and safe there. You can let them sleep under the covers without any hesitation.

Why do dachshunds like to burrow under blankets?

Dachshunds are a unique type dogs. You might have seen them burrowing under blankets. Even they love to sleep under blankets. In fact, they have some common reasons behind their burrowing nature.

Natural Instinct:

Dachshunds are breed dogs. They were bred in Germany for hunting. They have the instinct to burrow and chase underground animals like badgers. So, they burrow under blankets and covers.


Some dogs like to hide under blankets and covers for safety. Dachshunds are one of them. Whenever they are afraid of something, they make a den. Moreover, while sleeping, they feel protected by covering themselves.


Dachshunds love warm, cozy, and comfortable places. In fact, they don’t like cold weather. So they burrow under the blankets for warmth and comfort. Breathing under the covers makes the place warmer with time. Dachshunds are intelligent to get the comfort they gain under the blankets.

Sound Sleep:

Dachshunds love to sleep in a dark, small, and cozy place. Under the blankets, they get the feeling of sleeping in dark and comfortable place. So, for their sound sleep, they love to go under blankets.


Dachshunds are prone to get attention and do their job. They need to dig something for their satisfaction. If they are not doing anything like working dogs, they might lack stimulation. Then they start burrowing. So, dachshunds burrow for their satisfaction sometimes.

Do all Dachshunds sleep under the covers?

Generally, most dachshunds love to sleep under covers. More specifically, they love to burrow under the covers. If your dachshund doesn’t have any health issues, he will love to burrow and sleep under the covers.

If you see your dachshund sleeping under the covers, it’s completely normal. Most of the dachshunds like to make a den for sleeping. Even in hot weather, they can sleep soundly under the covers.

If your dachshund has any medical issue or he got older, he might not have the energy to burrow under the covers. But most of the time, dachshunds have the intuition to sleep under the covers.

Should I let my dachshund burrow under the blankets?

Yes, it would be best if you should let your dachshund burrow under the blankets. It might be uncomfortable for your dachshund if you don’t let him burrow under the blankets. But make sure the blanket is not too heavy to get trapped under it.

Dachshunds like to burrow under the blankets for their instinct, safety, and comfort. After burrowing, they often sleep under the blankets. This behavior makes them feel protected. Even they don’t face any breathing problems under the blankets.

So, if you are confused about letting your dachshund burrow under the blankets, don’t be! Their burrowing nature is completely harmless. Instead, burrowing will make them feel satisfied and safe.

Can dachshund burrowing ever be a bad thing?

No, dachshund’s burrowing isn’t a bad thing. In fact, burrowing behavior is normal for dachshunds. Burrowing doesn’t cause any harm to them.

Dachshunds get stimulation by burrowing. They also can practice their natural behavior by burrowing. Moreover, they feel protected and comfortable. By burrowing, they can get sound sleep.

If you have a dachshund in your house, you should be careful about sitting on the sofa, bed, duvet, blankets, and covers. Your dachshund might have slept under the covers. So you can sit over him by mistake. Despite this, burrowing can’t be a bad thing for dachshunds.

When should I be worried about burrowing?

Generally, you should not worry about your dachshund’s burrowing behavior. Burrowing is necessary for dachshund’s stimulation and being active. Dachshunds love to burrow under blankets and cover. So, it’s better to let them do what they love.

If you own a dachshund, you must know about his burrowing nature. If you see any unusual activity while burrowing, or the situation gets out of hand, you might be concerned. Let’s have a look at some behaviors that can be worrying.

  • Excessive burrowing than average.
  • New and negative behavior while burrowing.
  • Getting aggressive and biting dens.
  • Sleep disorder despite burrowing and sleeping under blankets.
  • Stopping burrowing suddenly.
  • Getting trapped under the blanket while burrowing.

Dachshunds are intelligent and unique dogs. Their tendency to burrow is normal. If you have a dachshund or planning to own a dachshund, you should take their burrowing nature normally.

Dachshunds feel comfortable and safe under blankets and covers. For making sure your dachshund’s safe, you can put a light-weight blanket over him or make a den where he can burrow and sleep. 

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