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Adorable Goldendoodle Steals the Spotlight in a Newborn Photoshoot

In the world of Bentley, a charming and unique dog, concepts like jealousy are non-existent.

His life took a delightful turn with the arrival of a new family member, his baby brother.

This event marked the beginning of an unbreakable bond.

Bentley’s human, Kelly Madsen, vividly recalls the initial moments at the hospital.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

“We wrapped our baby in a blanket, then passed [the blanket] on to my parents, who had Bentley, to let him sniff and get familiar with his scent,” she shared with The Dodo.

Bringing the baby home was a momentous occasion.

Bentley, with his tail wagging in excitement, ran to the car seat to greet his new sibling.

His actions reflected not just curiosity but a deep sense of responsibility and love.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

“Bentley has been very, very gentle with him, and seems to understand already that he is part of our pack,” Madsen observed.

A Protective Companion

Photo from: The Dodo

Bentley’s protective instincts were evident from the start.

His reaction to his brother’s cries was swift and caring.

“Whenever he hears a cry, he runs over and begins whining to alert us that the baby needs us,” Madsen explained.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

Even the baby’s naps in the bassinet became a concern for Bentley, as he couldn’t keep a watchful eye on his little brother.

Affectionately deemed the ‘head supervisor’ around the baby, Bentley’s presence was a constant.

His vigilance and care were akin to a furry nanny, always ensuring his brother’s comfort and safety.

The Unplanned Photoshoot Star

Photo from: The Dodo

A significant event was the newborn photoshoot, a celebration of the new addition to the family.

Initially, Bentley wasn’t meant to be part of the photos.

However, his insistence on staying close to his brother changed the plans.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

“Bentley insisted on being right by the baby, so there was no option to take them without him — and they turned out better because of it,” Madsen joyfully stated.

The photos captured more than just adorable moments; they highlighted the profound bond between the two siblings, one of them notably furrier than the other.

“I love the pictures; it’s incredible to see the bond between our two kids,” Madsen expressed with warmth.

A Growing Family

Photo from: The Dodo

Fast forward a few years, and the Madsen household was buzzing with more good news.

In January 2023, Kelly Madsen and her family welcomed a baby girl named Rachel Alexandra.

This addition brought joy not only to the family but also to Bentley and his now-younger brother Tyler.

Bentley, already a seasoned big brother, was more than ready to embrace this new role again.

Bentley: The Experienced Big Brother

Photo from: The Dodo

With the arrival of baby Rachel Alexandra, Bentley’s family was brimming with joy.

This new chapter brought Bentley, already a devoted brother to Tyler, into a new role as a big brother to two siblings.

Bentley and Tyler, now partners in guardianship, eagerly embraced Rachel into their loving home.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

Kelly Madsen, the matriarch of this diverse family, observed the dynamics with delight.

“Watching Bentley and Tyler together with Rachel, it’s a beautiful sight. Bentley’s experience as a big brother shines through,” she commented.

Bentley’s transition from being an only pet to a protective sibling of two children was seamless and filled with love.

The Doodle-Loving Family

Photo from: The Dodo

The Madsen family’s story, particularly the adventures of Bentley and his siblings, has captured hearts far and wide.

Kelly Madsen often shares snippets of their life, portraying the bond that ties the furry and non-furry siblings together.

From Bentley’s gentle playtime with Tyler to his curious sniffs around Rachel’s crib, each moment is a testament to the unique relationship within this family.

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

Their story is a blend of everyday moments and extraordinary love, showcasing how pets like Bentley can become integral and loving members of a family.

Kelly’s social media updates are a window into this heartwarming narrative, inviting the world to witness the joy and harmony in their household.

Bentley’s Unwavering Love

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

As Rachel grows, Bentley’s role in her life continues to evolve.

From a vigilant guardian of her crib to a playful companion, his presence is a constant source of comfort and joy.

Madsen recounts, “Bentley has this amazing ability to adapt to our children’s needs. He’s gentle with Rachel, just like he was with Tyler.”

The bond between Bentley and his siblings is not just about play and protection; it’s about mutual understanding and respect.

Bentley’s intuitive nature allows him to sense their moods and needs, often acting as a calming influence in the house.

Looking to the Future

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

The future holds many adventures for Bentley and his growing family.

Madsen expresses her excitement for the days ahead. “We can’t wait for the days when Rachel and Tyler, along with Bentley, will explore and make mischief together. Bentley was our first child, and now he’s the best big brother anyone could wish for.”

Photo from: @dwntwnkellybrwn

The story of Bentley, Tyler, and Rachel is more than just a tale of a pet and his human siblings.

It’s a story of unconditional love, understanding, and the beautiful chaos of a family growing together.

Bentley, with his unwavering loyalty and love, remains at the heart of this family, a furry guardian angel watching over his beloved pack.