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Dog Overcome with Emotion Goes Quiet When Reunited With Beloved Human

Nestled in the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina, is a haven for animals waiting for a second chance at a loving home.

Here, at Adopt-An-ANGEL Animal Shelter, a Blue Tick Hound named Goose has become somewhat of a local legend, not just for his striking looks and the soulful sound of his bark but also for his incredible journey through life’s ups and downs.

The Emotional Echoes of Goose

Jill Jones, who helms the shelter, can’t help but speak of Goose with a mixture of fondness and awe.

His bark, she explains, isn’t like any other; it’s a deep, resonant sound that communicates his innermost feelings.

“He screams when he feels anxious and abandoned. If he’s quiet, it’s because he’s happy.” It’s as if Goose uses his unique voice to convey what words cannot.

Goose’s First Brush with Adversity

Goose’s story begins with an incident that marked him in more ways than one.

As a puppy, he sustained an injury that would distinguish him for the rest of his life – his mother, in an odd and unfortunate accident, bit off his ear during feeding.

This incident left Goose with a look as unique as his personality, something the shelter lovingly noted in their call for his adoption.

The Family Years and a Painful Goodbye

It wasn’t long before Goose found a home with a family who adored him as a playful pup.

However, as is sometimes the case with the twists of fate, the family’s circumstances changed with the arrival of a new baby who had special medical needs.

Goose, who had grown into a sturdy dog, inadvertently became a risk to the child due to a rare skin condition the baby had.

The decision to let Goose go was fraught with heartache.

The family’s attachment to Goose was deep, yet the risk to their child’s health was something they could not overlook.

“I was loved, and my family was devastated to give me up,” the shelter conveyed the sentiment that the family and Goose undoubtedly felt.

The Shelter’s Echoing Howls

Upon returning to the shelter, now as a young adult dog, Goose’s emotive barking became a more common sound within the walls of the facility.

His howls of longing didn’t go unnoticed. Jill Jones even mused that his hound’s bark was worthy of accolades, yet it was a bittersweet recognition as each howl was a reminder of his longing for a forever home.

Goose’s Second Chance and Another Twist

Fate seemed to smile on Goose once more when he was adopted by a young couple.

Unfortunately, as their relationship unraveled, so did Goose’s new living arrangement.

The dissolution of the couple’s marriage led to Goose being brought back to the shelter, a place that was becoming all too familiar to him.

An Unforeseen Reunion

In a twist that seemed to be guided by the stars, a friend of Goose’s last owner happened upon him at an adoption fair hosted by the shelter.

The recognition was instantaneous.

A quick photo sent to Goose’s former owner, who had moved to Florida, led to a revelation that Goose had been surrendered without his knowledge.

Journey Back to a Beloved Companion

Goose’s story took a poignant turn when his previous owner, upon learning of his plight, drove from Florida to North Carolina.

The reunion was a touching scene of love and recognition.

The shelter captured the moment Goose met his owner again, a moment so emotionally charged that “Goose, speechless without his anxious howl,” as the shelter put it, made even the staff reach for tissues.

A New Chapter of Joy

Now settled in with his grandpa, Goose has found the stability and love he had been searching for all his life.

His days are filled with the joyous freedom of running in the yard and playing with canine companions.

Goose’s story has become a beacon of hope, illustrating the boundless joy that comes from perseverance and unconditional love.

Goose’s Legacy

Through each phase of his life, Goose has exemplified the resilience and loyalty inherent in dogs.

His story isn’t just one of challenges but also a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their furry companions.

The story of Goose is a reminder that no matter how many times life may knock you down, there is always a chance for a new, happy beginning.

Jill Jones and the team at Adopt-An-ANGEL Animal Shelter remain inspired by Goose’s journey.

His life speaks to the mission of shelters everywhere: to give animals like Goose a chance to find love and happiness despite the odds.

As Goose now enjoys his days basking in the affection of his family, his howls have become sounds of joy, resonating with the happiness he has found in his forever home.