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Do Mother Birds Eat Their Babies Poop? (Explained)

When it comes to managing the diaper duty, birds are pretty unique. They have a unique pattern of managing the fecal sacs of baby birds. Like many other animals, baby birds also poop. But mother birds clean and recycle the poop so well that we can’t even notice.

So, you might have heard that mother birds eat fecal sacs. That’s why you might be confused about whether birds eat their babies poop or not.

Well, we have to know details about birds’ habits. Moreover, we have to know if they eat their babies poop, what can be the consequences.

Do mother birds eat their babies poop?

Mother birds eat their babies poop. It’s observed that mother birds often eat the poop of their babies. Generally, mother birds eat poop for recycling nutritious sacs. Moreover, they do it for keeping the nest clean. So, it might seem nasty to you but birds have reasons behind it.

Birds are one of the most beautiful and clean animals. You might see them clean always. But sometimes, their activities might make you feel disgusting. For example, birds often eat their babies poop.

Generally, we don’t see other animals eating the poop of their babies for fellow. But when we observe birds doing this, it might seem dirty. But one of the main reasons is keeping clean. Because, if mother birds don’t clean their babies’ poop, the nest will remain dirty.

Now you might think about why mother birds don’t remove and throw away the poop. You might be confused why mother birds eat the gross.

Because baby birds can’t digest the food well. So, nutrition is still present in the poop. That’s why mother birds try to recycle the nutrition from the poop.

So, you might think this behavior disturbing. But birds have reasons for eating their babies poop.

Do baby birds eat their own poop?

Yes, baby birds eat their own poop. Especially, it is common in parrots and baby parrots that they eat their own poop. Sometimes, other birds might eat their babies poop. But some baby birds eat their own poop.

One of the main reasons is reusing the poop that still has nutrition. Generally, baby parrots or baby birds can’t digest like adult ones. So, when they poop, nutrition is still present in the poop.

That’s why these baby birds are supposed to eat their own poop. This might seem pretty nasty to humans but birds and their babies are trying to reuse the food nutrition and keep the nest clean.

Do birds remove baby poop from their nests?

Yes, birds remove baby poop from their nests. Generally, birds have a habit of cleaning their nest on their own. So, they try to keep their nest clean by removing baby poop from their nests.

When a baby bird is born, it will have fecal sacs. So, birds remove this from the baby birds. Even some birds will eat this fecal sac. Moreover, baby birds are not capable of cleaning themselves.

So, mother birds help them clean. Either they remove or throw away poop from their babies or they eat their poop.

Why do birds eat their baby poop?

When it comes to managing baby bird’s poop, it might think to remove it. But it’s pretty unexpected for the bird to eat their baby poop. That’s why you might be thinking about the actual reasons. So, let’s see why birds eat their baby poop.


Birds eat their babies poop for cleaning their nests clean. Some birds might remove poop from the babies and throw it away. But some birds, especially parrots eat their poop. They have to keep their habitat clean somehow.

So, they eat their babies poop. Just like housekeeping, eating baby poop might be as simple as that for the birds. Moreover, they help their babies to keep themselves clean since baby birds are too young to get used to cleaning.

Reusing nutrition:

Reusing nutrition is one of the reasons for birds to eat poop. This reason is both disgusting and beneficial. Generally, adult birds can digest their food well but baby birds can’t.

That’s why baby birds’ poop serves as a nutritional treat. This nutritional treat is also known as coprophagia. So, birds do this for saving energy and time and utilizing their recycling thought.


Along with the logical reasons, birds also eat their babies poop from habit. This habit is going on from the very beginning. That’s why birds are supposed to eat poop.

How do birds remove waste from their nests?

Birds are one of the best examples of animals that keep themselves clean. Some of their cleaning processes might not be expected. But still, they try to clean their nests. So, let’s see some ways how birds remove waste from their nests.

Removing the waste:

When birds remove waste, it depends on the waste types. Sometimes, the waste is not poop or sac. So, birds simply remove the waste and throw the waste down. But sometimes they have to remove poop and sacs from the nest.

Then the birds remove poop and other waste from themselves by their mouth. Moreover, they also help their baby birds to remove waste from their bodies.

Throwing away the waste:

When a baby bird is born, it comes out with a white membrane called fecal sacs. Birds generally, throw the waste in different locations away from their nests.

This way, they keep their nest clean. In this process, they try to throw away the waste so far as possible.

Eating the waste:

This process might not seem right to you but sometimes birds eat the waste. Whether the waste is poop or something else that doesn’t matter.

Even they will eat their babies poop to manage their nests. Moreover, they can get extra nutrition from their babies’ poop. So, this way birds remove waste from their nests.

Do all mother birds eat their babies poop?

Bird Breed Eat Baby Poops
Pionus ParrotsYes
African GreysYes

Do baby birds poop in a sac?

Yes, baby birds often poop in a sac. Generally, some baby birds are enclosed in a tough membrane called a fecal sac. The droppings come out with the baby birds’ poop.

Among the birds, many of them clean their nest by removing each poop of their babies. This poop is neatly packaged in a mucous membrane called a fecal sac. So, baby birds are supposed to poop in a sac. 

Moreover, baby birds produce one sac after each feeding. So, it’s so common in baby birds to poop in a sac. Before the bay birds fledge, they reduce producing sac. Gradually, they stop producing poop in a sac.

After some days, the baby bird’s poop starts to develop velocity. So, they don’t have to poop in a sac anymore. After five to six days, the baby bird starts to poop like the adults. So, the first few days, baby birds poop in a sac for making the poop and cleaning process easier.

How often do baby birds poop?

Baby birds poop every time they eat something. Generally, how often any bird will poop depends on the size of the bird. So, baby birds will poop more often than adult birds.

For example, if an adult bird poop 20 times a day, the baby bird will eat 50 times a day. So, the smaller the bird is, the more the bird will poop.

Generally, baby birds poop more frequently since they eat more often. So, it’s pretty common that baby birds will poop each time they eat anything.

Baby birds poop so often because defecation in baby birds is stimulated. This especially happens when they are fed by their mother birds.

What does baby bird poop look like?

Generally, baby birds poop in a sac. These sacs are called fecal sacs. These sacs look solid and worm-like. When the baby bird drops, poop is the darkest part of the dropping.

Generally, sacs are packaged in a membrane. So, when the baby bird poops, it will looks like a rounded dark thing with a membrane.

Times, the color of the poop changes according to the food type. Otherwise, baby bird poop looks like a dark worm-like sac and solid.

Final Thoughts

Mother birds eat their babies poop to keep both nests and the babies clean. Moreover, baby birds don’t digest the food fully. So, the poop still has nutrition that can be recycled. That’s why mother birds eat their babies poop or sac. It’s not compulsory but birds eat their babies poop from habit.