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Can Puppies Have Calming Treats? (Answered)

The calming treats are a good supplement for dogs & breeds that come with different nutrients and vitamins. These foods are mainly for relieving the anxiety of your dogs immediately. However, you must consult a veteran to find the best calming treats.

You cannot offer them all the supplements when you have puppies and small breeds, and you must consider their stomach & digestion system before offering any food. Let’s see if you can provide some safe supplements to your puppy.

Can puppies have calming treats?

Puppies can have calming treats that will help them to get relief from anxiety. Since calming treats are supplements, you should choose the puppies calming foods to avoid any mature dog supplement. These foods contain some nutrients & particular food ingredients.

Most calming treats come with chewable ingredients that your pet will love to have in anger or any bad situation.

These foods come with different ingredients that ensure a perfect balance of other calming nutrients for the puppies and mature dogs. If you have a too-small puppy, you must go for the puppies calming treats.

Since there are different types of puppy calming treats available in the market, you must choose the best one accordingly.

Some come with supplement foods, and others may come as a pill version. If your puppies have grown their teeth, you may offer chewable pills to control your puppy’s anger and mood.

When your puppy shows you abnormal behavior or is in a bad mood, you should understand that it is facing from a lack of nutrients.

Therefore, you should go for calming treats enriched with nutrients and other food ingredients. When you find such issues, calming treats could be your best solution.

So, you don’t need to rely on the puppy’s regular food, which might be insufficient for them to provide enough support or nutrients.

If you offer some calming treats that may fulfill your puppy’s nutrient needs better. Before that, you must be careful about its usefulness, which might be a great source of joy for your puppies.

Most calming treats come with different herbs and other nutrients to ensure the best growth and release anxiety from your puppies.

Theanine is the main ingredient of most calming treats that increases the puppies or pets’ hormones to give relief from stress. So, you must go through the elements of your puppy’s calming treats.

It will give you everything you are offering your puppy and what it will get from that food.

If your puppy is too young to swallow any supplements, you must consult with a veteran to find the best way to feed calming treats. These are not the medicines that you can offer to your puppy regularly.

They mainly come with enriched nutrients to fulfill your puppy’s needs. You should consider them different or functional foods with some worthy nutrients, herbs, and other necessary neathine to increase your puppy’s good hormones.

Is it safe to give puppies calming treats?

Since calming treats are made with natural and organic foods, it is 100% safe to give puppies calming treats as per their needs.

If you go through the ingredients of any calming treats, you will find different nutrients and organic foods, including veteran roots, melatonin, and other safe ingredients.

These ingredients will ensure a safe food or pill for your pets that come with all safe nutrients, including different neathine to boost hormones.

They also provide enough vitamins and minerals to allow your puppy to digest the foods quickly and extract all the hidden nutrients perfectly without facing any stomach issues.

However, you cannot offer too many calming treats to your puppies since they can increase the sodium level of the puppy, which might create some health issues.

So, you should follow the basic roles of providing minimal functional or calming treats to your pets to ensure the best growth and control their anxiety.

When can I give my puppy calming treats? How often?

You can give your puppy coming treats just before a long car drive or anything that might scare your puppy.

Mainly, your puppy will need some basic requirements of having something pleasant that offers some extra benefits of having calming treats. If you face any sudden emergency where your puppy might get scared, you should provide a single dose of calming treats.

Let’s see you go for a long drive with your puppy for the first time; in that case, your puppy may be afraid o get into the car or enjoy the ride.

If you offer a single calming treat to your puppy, it will feel comfortable or sleep within a short time. You should do this until your puppy gets satisfied with car rides or any long travel.

That also raises a question of a safe dose for your puppy since you cannot overfeed your puppy with calming treats.

It’s better to offer one calming treat every day if your puppy doesn’t reach maturity. When your puppy matures, you may submit it 2 to 3 times a day, depending on your pet’s weight.

What happens when you give your puppy a calming treat?

If you give your puppy a calming treat, it will help to overcome any stress, anxiety, or destructive behavior.

Apart from that, your puppy will get some high-end nutrients that will be missing from the regular food you offer. Significantly, thiamine and other ingredients will be available in these foods.

So, you should provide one calming daily treat to your healthy puppy to ensure the best nutrients for its health. Remember that you cannot offer too many calming treats that might increase the sodium level.

Stress Reduction:

Certain canines experience a decrease in tension and anxiety after consuming calming treats.

However, because each dog is unique, there is no way to know whether or not a particular dog would respond favorably to the administration of calming treats.

To find a formulation of calming treats that is effective for your dog, you might need to experiment with a few different treats containing various components.

Prevent Unwanted Behaviors:

Both boredom and separation anxiety can cause your dog to engage in destructive activity and excessive barking, and both can make the situation worse for you.

Overcome Fear:

Dogs that face separation anxiety and environmental phobias, such as a fear of loud noises, thunderstorms, or fireworks, may benefit from using calming chews to help them cope.

Dogs that become anxious when there are a lot of bustles can also benefit from these treats. You might want to give your dog a nibble of something relaxing before a party you’re hosting or employees visit your house.

Typically, these treats are made with all-natural components that provide a relaxing effect without sedatives. If you choose your dog’s soft chews wisely, you won’t have to be concerned about accidentally tranquilizing your pet.

What can I give my puppy to calm her down?

You can give the following supplements to your puppy to calm her down. Apart from them, there might have some other ingredients that you can offer to your puppy to calm her down in 5 to 10 minutes.

Before going for any such option, you should try to understand your puppy’s mode, why it reacts, and what happens here.

After knowing the reason, you can treat your puppy better and offer the best solution or food accordingly. Let’s see what you can give your puppy to calm her down.


Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that both your body and your dog’s body generate to get ready for sleep. In addition, administering melatonin to dogs prior to surgery helps them maintain a more relaxed state throughout the procedure.


The leaves of green tea contain naturally occurring amounts of a phytochemical known as L-theanine.

Generally, dogs with behavioral problems indicate that they have lesser L-Theanine. Dogs whose diets contain a lot of L-theanine have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than the other dogs.


Thiamine is an essential nutrient for canines and felines; a balanced diet should include thiamine.

Thiamine contributes to the health of the central nervous system, and taking thiamine supplements may be of use in reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.

Final Thoughts

Although puppies can have calming treats, you should not offer more than one pill daily. Otherwise, an extra dose of calming treats might increase the sodium level of your puppy. You can increase the amount of calming treats once your puppy is mature and in good health.