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Can Puppies Eat Grapes? (Read This First!)

You may offer some fruits and nuts to your pets, but you cannot offer everything you enjoy daily. When you have a small pet, you must be careful about it and follow a routine or diet for your puppy. If you make the mistake of offering human food or fruit, it may go through a lot.

Some fruits may damage your pet’s stomach; others may cause diarrhea and other diseases. Today, we will go through some fruits and show you if grapes and other fruits are suitable for your pets.

Puppies eating grapes

Puppies cannot eat grapes because of high-quality toxic nutrients. Mainly, grapes contain beneficial nutrients and minerals for human beings that are not appropriate for your puppy’s health. They cannot process or digest this type of fruit like a human being. So, you must avoid it.

It might seem unbelievable that you cannot offer grapes or similar fruits to your pet or puppies and need to offer some other pet foods. You cannot provide any juicy fruits as weekly treats, which are highly toxic for your puppies’ stomachs since they will fail to digest correctly.

Here is a list of grapes we regularly take in our snacks or meal. Some of them might be your favorite, and you want to offer your pet the same thing.

In most cases, you won’t offer your puppies the same thing you eat. Let’s see if you can offer any of these grapes to your puppies or if they are toxic.

Green grapes:

Although green grapes are juicy and contain some minerals and vitamins, your puppy should not eat them because green grapes also contain toxic elements for puppies.

If they eat or have a little portion of green grapes, they might get sick quickly, or their stomach will be wrong.

Seedless grapes:

Your puppy cannot even eat the seedless grape since they also come with juicy elements and will ruin the entire stomach of your puppy.

If your puppy mistakenly eats some seedless grapes, you should keep your eyes on its stomach and potty. Sometimes, it may lead to diarrhea or other stomach diseases.

Purple grapes:

Puppies can not eat purple grapes since they also come with similar toxic elements that harm your puppy’s health.

If you offer such fruits to your mature dogs or puppies, it will feel bad and the stomach will be damaged for a short time. So, don’t offer any purple grapes to your pets or puppies.

Dry grapes:

Even though dry grapes have no juicy elements, they also come with some other elements that your dog or puppy doesn’t have a strong digestive system, just like you to chew dry & hard grapes.

If you still offer some dry fruits or grapes to your puppies, they might swallow them, but they will face stomach issues.

Grapes without skin:

Your puppies cannot even eat grapes without skin since it also damages their health and will become a severe health issue.

Grapes without skin are also non-digestible foods for both dogs and puppies. So, you should never offer them this type of fruit.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Grapes? Can they ever have them?

Puppies cannot eat grapes or raisins at any age since they are toxic to their health. If you even offer single grapes or raisins to your mature or 1-year-old pet, it will fall into difficulties and face different stomach issues.

So they can never have them as their regular or one-time snacks.

4 Week Old Puppy:

A 4-week-old puppy cannot eat grapes since they contain some unfavorable nutrients or toxic elements.

Although the grapes are sweet and have some nutrients, you cannot offer such food to your 4-week-old puppy because they can never have them safely.

6 Week Old Puppy:

your 6-week-old puppy can not eat grapes because of health concerns or digestive issues. If they eat or have such fruits, they will run into difficulties that you cannot control. So, they can never have any grapes or raisins.

8 Week or 2 Month Old Puppy:

A 8 week or 2-month-old puppy cannot even have any grapes since they cannot eat or digest them properly. You should avoid such health-concerning foods and offer some healthy pet food.

3 Month Old Puppy:

Your 3-month-old puppy can not eat grapes because of their stomach and digestive system. They can never have any grapes in their life since it will ruin their good health for a long time.

Do Any Breed Puppy Can Eat Grapes?

None breed puppies can eat grapes because of the toxic elements and other health issues. Here we make a list of some most popular puppies, and you will see if any of them can eat grapes or not.

Lab puppies:

the lab puppies cannot eat any grapes at a single time. If they eat a single grape, they will face different stomach issues. Sometimes, you may need to consult with the veteran to help your puppy recover from damaged health.

Husky puppies:

You should never offer any grapes to your husky puppies because husky puppies cannot eat any grapes. If they mistakenly have a part of it, they will get sick for a long time.

Pomeranian puppies:

Your pomeranian puppies cannot eat grapes because of their weak digestive system. They can never have any of the grapes in any format. So, stop offering grapes to them.

Yorkie puppies:

The Yorkie puppies cannot even eat or digest grapes because of the toxic elements. You should never offer them such fruits.

Pitbull puppies:

Pitbull puppies cannot eat grapes because of the juicy and toxic elements. They have a different digestion system than a human being.

French bulldog puppies:

The French bulldog puppies can not eat grapes because of the same toxic elements. They cannot digest these juicy fruits.

Pug puppies:

The pug puppies cannot eat grapes since they cannot digest this fruit. If they eat a single grape, they will get sick.

Bulldog puppies:

The bulldog puppies cannot eat grapes since they also fail to process this fruit. You should never offer such fruits.

Are Grapes Good For Puppies?

Grapes are not good for puppies since they cannot digest them properly. If they eat grapes mistakenly, they will get sick, and their entire digestive system will be disrupted if they overeat grapes.

You cannot even think of recovering their health within a short time. So, never offer such juicy fruits to your puppies that may damage their health.

Can Eating Grapes Make a Puppy Sick?

Eating grapes can make a puppy sick. Grapes should never be given to a dog to eat. However, it is common knowledge that grapes and raisins are highly poisonous to canines.

It makes no difference whether a dog is male or female, how old it is, or what breed it is; the risk of being affected is the same regardless of these factors. Because no known amount is safe, you shouldn’t give your dog any grapes or raisins.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Dogs cannot eat grapes. Grapes should not be given to dogs for any reason. Some fruits and vegetables can provide your dog with essential nutrients, while others might jeopardize their health if consumed.

It is still largely unknown why grapes have such a poisonous effect on dogs; all that is known is that they have a negative impact, such as vomiting, kidney failure, etc., on the dogs’ health.

What happens if my puppy eats a grape?

If your puppy eats a grape, it will face the following things. They are:


Vomiting is the most typical early indication of poisoning from eating too many grapes or raisins. You might also notice that your puppy has lost its appetite, is pretty lethargic, and may have diarrhea.

Kidney Failure:

Acute kidney failure can be diagnosed with nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, breath that smells uremic (like ammonia), diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, excessive thirst, and excessive urine.

As the poisoning gets worse, the kidneys will cease working correctly, and the dog might not be able to generate any urine at all.

Changed Blood Pressure:

After this, the dog’s blood pressure will typically go through a significant change for the worse. The dog can fall into a coma due to the accumulation of elements that the kidneys would usually remove from the body through urine.

The outlook is not good once the kidneys have stopped working and the amount of urine produced has decreased.

What do I do if my puppy ate one grape?

If your puppy ate one grape, you should do the following things.


The most effective treatment method is to induce vomiting in the dog and then give the animal-activated charcoal to decontaminate it as soon as possible.

Intravenous Fluid:

After the patient has been decontaminated, additional treatment, such as intensive intravenous fluids, may be required to help support and preserve the kidneys to reduce the damage they sustain.

It is also possible to give medications that are used to prevent or treat vomiting or nausea and help keep blood flowing to the kidneys and regulate blood pressure. Following ingestion, dogs should ideally be hospitalized.

Final Thoughts

Since grapes contain toxic elements and juicy ingredients for pets, puppies cannot eat grapes. If they ever eat a single grape, they will get sick, and their stomach will be damaged for a long time. So, never offer your puppies or dogs grapes or other juicy fruits that can damage their health.