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Can Puppies Eat Fish? (Read This First!)

Fish is healthy food for every carnivore animal, but raw fish is not suitable for all. You need to cook the fish with or without adding seasonings. You must avoid adding salt or oil when preparing the fish for your pet; you need to debone the fish before cooking.

However, cooking fish for pets is a different issue since you cannot mix any toppings and other ingredients to enhance the taste. Today, we will show you the safest option to feed fish to your pets in different ways.

Puppies eating fish

The puppy can eat cooked & debone fish. If you have some fresh or deboned fish, you can cook it properly to remove the germs and other bacteria from raw fish. Besides, the puppies will love to eat that quickly, although you cannot add any sugar, salt, or oil to cook it properly.

Since different types of fresh fish are available to feed your puppies, you may not offer everything. Therefore, we will explain different types of fish in different formats to show you the best available option. Let’s see what you can provide to your puppies.

Fish food:

Since you have different fish food items, you should know what you can offer your puppies.

Fish sticks:

The fish sticks will come with different seasonings and added toppings. If you don’t add these toppings, your puppies can eat fish sticks. Otherwise, you should avoid feeding processed fish sticks to your little puppies.

Fish skin:

Although your puppies can eat fish skin, it must be appropriately cooked for a reasonable time. The fish skin must be cleaned and cooked with water and other pet-friendly foods. Only then you can allow your puppies to eat fresh fish skins.

Fish oil:

Your puppies can eat fish oil safely with other pet foods. Mainly, you can offer salmon fish oil with other dry goods, which will be enriched with vitamins and other nutrients. In brief, you can safely feed fish oil to your puppy.

Fish bones:

Your puppy won’t eat fish bones since they are dangerous for its throat and inside. You must avoid feeding small, sharp fish bones with the fish itself. If you offer any cooked fish, you should debone it.

Fish cakes:

Your puppy can eat fish bones since they are deboned and have different nutrients value. You can offer fish cake as a special treat once a week. Since they come in other seasonings, you should avoid them regularly.

Fish heads:

If your puppies are too young to chew all the bones and hard parts of the fish heads, you should never offer that. However, your puppy or 3-month-puppy can eat different types of fish heads once they develop their permanent teeth.

Types of fish:

Hundreds of different kinds of fish are available there that you can feed to your puppy. Let’s see what they cannot eat from the below list.

Tuna fish:

Your puppies should not eat tuna since saltwater fish come in canned or processed food. It will damage their health in different ways. So, skip tuna or any canned fish for your puppies.


The puppies can only eat white fish if it comes in fresh condition. You cannot offer canned or processed white fish to your puppy because the processed or white fish will damage your puppy’s health.

Basa fish:

Your puppy can eat basa fish until they are in good and fresh condition. You should avoid canned basa fish that might damage your puppies’ health.


Although your puppy can eat Cod fish, it should be fresh & unprocessed. If you have canned or processed cod fish, you should avoid it for your puppies.

Type of fish processing:

Since you cannot offer different processed fish, you should know the best fish processing way.

Boiled fish:

Your puppy can eat boiled fish since you can debone it soon. You cannot offer raw fish to your puppies, which can damage their health. So, boiled fish would be the best type of fish processing for your little puppies.

Smoked fish:

Your puppy won’t eat smoked fish since it contains salt and high sugar. It will be better to avoid such fish for any dogs. So, the smoked type of fish processing is not ideal for dogs or puppies.

Raw fish:

Your puppies cannot eat raw fish since it comes with the bone and raw skin. If you feed your puppies raw fish, they will be sick soon. So, avoid raw processed fish for puppies and other pets.

Cooked fish:

Your puppies can safely eat cooked fish. You can cook the fish without adding toppings or add-ons to enhance the taste. It will ruin the food quality.

Fried fish:

You should never offer fried fish to your puppies, although they can eat fried fish and love it. Fired fish come with different toppings and seasonings, and therefore, they are not safe for any pet.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Fish?

Fish is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients for puppies and mature dogs. Let’s see from what age your puppy can eat fish, although puppies of any age are supposed to eat fish safely.

4-Week-Old Puppy:

The 4-week-old puppy can eat fish if you debone them properly. They will find it a tasty food if you can cook them properly.

6-Week-Old Puppy:

Your 6-week-old puppy can also eat fish without any issues. However, you should avoid feeding them processed foods with added sugar and other seasonings. So, you cannot offer any processed food to your old puppy.

8 Week or 2-Month-Old Puppy:

The 8-week or 2-month-old puppy can quickly eat & digest any fish. You can offer some deboned cooked fish to your puppies. They will happily eat the entire fish without looking for a second option.

3-Month-Old Puppy:

The 3-month-old puppy can quickly eat fish in any format. At this age, puppies have already developed permanent teeth which will be strong. So, they can even have some fresh & raw fish.

Which Breed Puppy can Eat Fish?

Any breed puppy can eat fish if you offer them the cooked fish. Let’s see if the below breed can eat fish and digest them properly.

Labrador puppies:

The labrador puppies can eat fresh & cooked fish. You should offer different types of fish in various formats to change the taste, but you cannot add salt, sugar, or other toppings to make it tasty.

Yorkie puppies:

The Yorkie puppies can also eat cooked fish. You should avoid raw fish, like processed ones, since it will also be unfavorable.

Pug puppies:

The pug puppies will also eat cooked fish other than any other food. You should cook it for a while to remove the bone and other bacteria from it.

Pitbull puppies:

Although pitbull puppies can eat any fish in any processing method, you should avoid processed canned fish for them. The canned fish damages your puppy’s growth and health.

Shih Tzu puppies:

The Shih Tzu puppies can eat cooked fish. You should cook the deboned fish to allow it to swallow safely.

German shepherd puppies:

The German Shepherd puppies can also eat cooked fish. They will love to eat fish as much as you offer them. However, you should also avoid processed or canned fish for these puppies.

Are Fish Good For Puppies?

Fish are good for puppies from different angles. Fish are an excellent source of natural protein, minerals, and other nutrients that help your puppies to build their health and grow naturally. You should add some debone-cooked fish when making a diet chart for your puppies.

However, you should never add raw fish that will come with added sugar, like canned fish. This fish is no longer a good source of protein; instead, it will significantly hamper your puppies’ health. Therefore, only fresh-cooked fish are suitable for any puppies or pets.

Can Eating Fish Make a Puppy Sick?

Eating fish will not make a puppy sick unless you provide canned or processed fish. Mainly, the freshly cooked fish is perfect for the puppies’ health. You should never add any add-ons to it to ensure the best growth of your puppies.

If you maintain freshly cooked fish for every meal, you can offer it daily. If you have any issues keeping fresh fish, you should stop feeding your puppies processed or canned fish. Then, you can expect that eating fish cannot make a puppy sick.

Can Dogs Eat Fish?

Dogs can eat fish regularly in any format. If you offer your dogs some freshly cooked fish, they will devour them within a second. So, you must maintain the standard of making a meal with the optimum amount of fish. Also, you must take care of the fish’s condition.

You cannot offer extra add-ons or added toppings with the fish, and these elements will ruin the fish’s healthy ingredients. You may only provide some fish sticks once a week or once as a treat.

Benefits of Fish for puppies

The benefits of fish for puppies are many, including protein for muscle building, Omega-3 fatty acids, and avoiding food allergies. Let’s go through them.

Muscle Building with Protein:

If you feed your puppies fresh fish regularly, you will get good muscle in your puppies.

Since your puppies will have growing powers, the fish will help to boost that growth and to get perfect growth soon. However, you should avoid offering processed fish.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid:

According to Veterinarians, fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help decrease your puppy’s inflammation.

You will rarely find this ingredient in other food. So, this nutrient ingredient will be another benefit of providing fish to your puppies.

Avoid Allergic Ingredients:

Dogs and puppies might have allergic reactions or issues with some other protein-based food.

Therefore, they will prefer to take fish without any problems. So, that’s another benefit of fish for your puppies. You should always provide freshly cooked fish to avoid any allergic reaction.

How to Feed Fish to Puppies

these three are the best feeding method for any puppy. They are:

Plain fish with the main meal:

You should offer plain fish with your puppies’ main meal to help build good muscle. You will love to cook some different dishes with fish for your puppies.

Especially once your puppy becomes mature, you should try to provide some enriching protein-based food, including fish and meat.

Cooked Fish Separately:

You can also feed cooked fish to your puppy if it loves to take fish separately. Some puppies will love to have their protein-based food apiece other than taking it with the main meal.

Debone Cooked Fish with Fresh Skin:

Another way to feed your puppies fish is to debone cooked fish with fresh skin.

You can offer both the fish and fish skin after cleaning them deeply. Both of these ingredients will give you the best result to get a healthy puppy.

Final Thoughts

Although your fish can eat different types of fish regularly, you should never offer any processed or canned fish, and they will ruin your puppy’s health. Also, you need to debone the fish and clean it deeply to ensure its safety. After that, you should cook that fresh fish for a while.