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Can Puppies Eat Chicken? (Answered)

Being a dog owner is never easy. You have to get vast knowledge about their likings and needs. 

Moreover, if you own a puppy then you have to be extra conscious since puppies are more sensitive. So they need more care as well as proper nutrition to grow healthy. 

When it comes to nutrition, we all know puppies need a portion of protein in their diet to get an energetic life.

Chicken is the first thing that pops up in most puppy owners’ minds as a good source of protein. But since they are not mature and have a sensitive digestive system you may ask if they can be fed chicken in various forms. 

We understand your concern for your little furry friend so we’ve gone through several sources to get the best answer to your query. Let’s know now whether chicken is an appropriate addition to your puppies’ diet. 

Can puppies eat chicken? 

Puppies can eat chicken. Chicken is a good source of protein which is needed for their growth. You can feed boiled or cooked chicken to your puppy in a certain amount that veterinary nutritionists recommend. But puppies cannot eat raw chicken as it will upset their stomach.

We all know chicken is one of the best sources of protein. Besides, it contains many other healthy properties such as amino acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, glucosamine, B3, and B6 vitamins, etc.

All these are very important nutrients and do essential jobs for a healthy life. Knowing the good sides chicken can provide to health, you may wonder if you can add this vitamin ingredient to your puppy’s diet. 

The answer is yes. Puppies can eat chicken. Chicken is one of the important foods puppies should consume to fill up their nutrition requirements.

Even you may have noticed that all puppy food contains chicken or chicken extract in a percentage, so obviously, it’s healthy for them.

Puppies can eat boiled or cooked chicken. They should not be given raw chicken meat as it has a risk to affect those little animals with a bacterial infection. 

However, you have to avoid putting any spice or seasoning in the meat. Just cook the boneless meat well so that the puppy can digest it without any discomfort. 

Let’s see if a puppy can eat these portions of a chicken: 

Chicken bones:

Puppies cannot and should not eat chicken bones. Chicken bones are not digestive for these young animals because their digestive system will not be able to take them.

Bones can harm puppies as they are strong and hard for them. 

Chicken nuggets:

Chicken nuggets are not appropriate food for puppies. It contains oil and fat in high amounts and is very unhealthy for your little dog. 

Chicken breast:

Chicer breast is a good option to feed puppies. They are boneless, soft, and easily absorbable. So puppies can eat this part of a chicken. 

Chicken feet:

Chicken feet include skin, tiny bones, and tendons so puppies cannot eat them unless they are mature enough to chew. After their 7-week-old age puppies can eat chicken feet.

Chicken broth:

Puppies can have chicken broth occasionally as it’s hydrating and full of important health ingredients. 

Chicken liver:

Chicken liver contains fatty acid, iron, zinc, and other essential nutrients. It’s a healthy portion for the puppies so they can have them as their meal. 

Raw chicken:

Raw chicken is prohibited for puppies. Because raw and uncooked meat usually carries bacteria which can upset the stomach of the puppies when consumed. Puppies can face bacterial infection if eat raw meat. 

Chicken skin:

Puppies should not eat chicken skin as it has a high amount of fat. It is difficult for them to digest and can make them sick.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Chicken? 

Chicken is a good ingredient that you can add to your puppies’ diet. A specific amount of chicken suggested by your vet can help your puppy to grow stronger and healthy. 

So let’s see at what age puppies can eat chicken:

4 Week-Old Puppy:

4 weeks old puppies aren’t fit to consume chicken as at that age they live on milk and light food only. They cannot absorb or chew the chicken in any form. They should not be fed chicken at this age.  

6-Week-Old Puppy:

A 6-week-old puppy can eat chicken when served in chicken broth. At this age, a puppy cannot properly chew sold chicken pieces so broth is a good option to get them familiar with chicken. 

8 Week or 2 Month Old Puppy:

chicken can be fed to your puppy when they reach their 8th week. Teething starts around this age and they love to chew things at this age. So chicken can be given with their regular meal or dog food. 

3 Month Old Puppy:

3-month old puppy can eat chicken. Boiled or cooked boneless chicken can be served in their meals regularly to fulfill their nutrient needs.

Are Chicken Good For Puppies?

Yes, chicken is good for puppies. Eating chicken in a certain amount (consult a veterinary nutritionist for detailed information) can help the puppy to grow stronger and healthier.

Since it’s a high source of protein, it will repair and develop muscle while taking care of the bones. 

The other ailments in chicken like fatty acids, vitamin B3, B6, phosphorus, selenium, and amino acids too play roles to fulfill the puppies’ requirements and take care of their health. 

Chicken is good for puppies but you have to follow suggestions provided by specialists to feed chicken to your puppy.

Can Eating Chicken Make a Puppy Sick?

Eating too much chicken can make a puppy sick. Also having raw chicken or heavily spiced or seasoned chicken can make a puppy uncomfortable. 

Chicken is a good option to add to your puppies’ regular meals. But too much of it is never good. Chicken when fed more than a certain amount can upset puppies’ stomachs. They can face diarrhea, and vomiting as well.  

Raw chicken can make a puppy sick too. Raw chicken is not healthy and contains germs. It can cause infection. The same can happen if a puppy eats spiced fill chicken.  

Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Dogs can eat chicken. It’s one of their favorite food and contains many vital health properties such as protein, vitamins, amino acids, fat, etc. 

Dogs can chicken as boiled or cooked. Dogs have strong teeth and they can easily chew chicken feet, chicken breasts they even can have chicken bones as an occasional treat. 

Chicken is a good source of protein and most importantly it can be digested easily. The nutrients in chicken meat keep dogs energetic and healthy. 

Dogs can have chicken added to their dog food or separately regularly in a specific amount. 

Benefits of Chicken for puppies

If you own a puppy, you might have noticed chicken in the ingredient list of your puppy food. Also if you research you’ll see how many vets suggest adding chicken to the puppies’ diet gradually. 

Now since you take care of your puppy very well providing the best for it, you may love to know what can chicken offer to your little friend. 

Here we’ve explained the befits of chicken for puppies so that you know its importance. It’s mostly the nutrients in it that make chicken a vital food item for your puppy. Let’s check:

Chicken is rich in protein:

Chicken is a complete source of protein. It provides a large number of calories to puppies as they grow. Protein boosts energy in puppies and makes them more active. It also helps to make a stronger and healthier body.

Chicken can develop muscles:

Puppies spend half of their days running and playing. So their muscles should be strong enough to support their activities.

Vitamin B3 in chickens improves brain activity as well as develops their muscles while keeping diseases like arthritis and bone decay away. 

Chicken makes bones and teeth stronger:

Chicken is full of nutrients that support the development of bones and teeth in puppies. Phosphorus in chicken makes the teeth stronger and the bones firmer. 

Chicken improves the skin:

Chicken meat contains Omega 6 fatty acids. This nutrient builds a shiny coat on the puppy’s skin and keeps it healthy.   

Chicken keeps disease away:

Chicken is full of proteins, fatty acids, phosphorus, Vitamins, and many nutrients, regular consumption of chicken meat keeps arthritis, joint pain, bone decay and tooth decay, and weakness away in puppies.

It also produces hemoglobin in puppies, reduce cholesterol level, and increases immune power.

How to Feed Chicken to Puppies

If you are wondering how you can introduce chicken to your puppy or what are the different ways to add this item to their meal.

Here are some suggestions that you can follow to feed chicken to your puppy. However, you can always look for professional support whenever in doubt. 

Boil the chicken:

Boiled chicken is comfort food for puppies. You can take boneless chicken such as breast pieces then boil it until the pink color fades.

While preparing chicken this way you should not add any spice or seasoning s puppies won’t be able to take that. 

Cook the chicken:

Cook the chicken by separating it from the bone. Make small pieces and use no oil or spices to cook the meat. Shred the pieces and then serve them to your puppy. 

Make the chicken broth:

If your puppy is not very old you can prepare chicken broth. To make broth boil the chicken using water. Let it simmer for an hour and strain the broth. 

Final Thoughts

You can keep chicken in your puppies’ meals but make sure it’s not raw. Puppies can eat chicken as boiled or cooked. It will fulfill their need for protein and make them stronger. However, you should always consult a veterinary nutritionist before feeding anything to the puppy.