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Can Puppies Eat Avocado? (Read This First!)

While dealing with puppies it is very important to know about their food and diet conditions. We should have proper knowledge about what food should be given and what to avoid.

Puppies eating avocado

The entire avocado fruit is not healthy for your puppy to eat. If you must you should feed only the flesh of the fruit in moderation. The pit of the avocado fruit is not safe for the puppy. The skin should be avoided as well. You should get professional advice if you feel necessary.

The diet chart of a puppy should be made with very careful consideration. You should very carefully select the food and items you want to include in the daily meal of your pup. Some fruits and food should be avoided as they can cause some health issues for a small puppy, or even a big dog.

Even though avocado seems like a harmless fruit that many other animals enjoy, it is always advised to not give to dogs, and especially puppies. While a little bit of the flesh of the fruit is okay, the entire fruit should be avoided.

Avocado flesh:

A small amount of the avocado flesh is considered okay for a puppy. It is still not okay to give them the avocado flesh every day. Give the flesh in moderation so that there is no chance of any harm.

Avocado skin:

The skin of the avocado fruit is not healthy for most animals, including puppies. The skin can be harmful for the digestion system of a puppy. It is always advised by professionals to avoid the avocado skin for puppies and dogs. Though dogs tend to eat the skin of some fruits, but the skin of the avocado is no okay for them.

Avocado seeds:

The pit or the seed of the avocado is very harmful for any animal consuming it. They should not be given to the puppies. The pit of the avocado contains poison in them which will cause severe harm for the puppies.

Avocado ice cream:

Avocado ice cream is safe for dogs. However when it comes to puppies, it is best to avoid giving avocado ice cream to puppies. It is always advised to avoid giving ice cream to puppies. If you must, you can give the ice cream in a very small amount.

Avocado oil:

Avocado oil does not contain any toxin or poison that might be harmful for puppies. So it is safe. But it is best to not give the oil directly to the puppies. You can mix the oil with any food, after consulting with a professional first to be extra safe. 

Raw avocado:

A raw avocado is a big no to give to your puppy. The entire fruit is very poisonous for the puppy. Even the flesh should not be given. The Persin in the raw avocado is very harmful for the puppy So it is best to avoid the raw fruit for your puppy.

While most fruits are fine to give to your puppy, the avocado should be given with much consideration and moderation. The fruit contains poison which can be very harmful for the puppy. Make sure to get professional consultation before giving the avocado fruit to your puppy.

At What Age Puppies Can Eat Avocado? Can they ever have them?

Avocado may seem like a harmless fruit to give to your puppy. But you should definitely think twice before giving your pup a slice of avocado. The fruit is not always advised to give to even big dogs. So you should be extra cautious about the fruit with the pups.

4 Week Old Puppy:

A 4 week old puppy should not be given any part of the avocado fruit. The fruit can be very harmful for the puppy. A month old puppy will be affected by the persin poison present in the avocado fruit.

6 Week Old Puppy:

A 6 week old puppy will not be able to digest the poison in the avocado fruit. It is best to avoid giving the puppy the flesh of an avocado. And any other part of the fruit should be avoided entirely.

8 Week or 2 Month Old Puppy:

At two months of age, you can give a bit of the flesh of the avocado fruit to your pup. But you should definitely consult with a professional first.

3 Month Old Puppy:

Within the moderate amount, you can give the avocado flesh to your 3 month old puppy. But try to avoid it.

Do Any Breed Puppy Can Eat Avocado?

Avocado in general is considered harmful for a puppy or dog. While it is true that some breeds are more tolerant towards any particular toxin compared to other breeds. But it is still best to get professional consultation before feeding the avocado to your dog of any breed-

Husky puppies:

A husky puppy has some severe issues with the persin in the avocado fruit. Which is why it is best to avoid to give the fruit to your husky puppy. The husky puppy will not be able to tolerate the toxin in the fruit and will react in a negative way. 

Labrador puppies:

Some older Labrador dogs are tolerant towards the avocado fruit. However, when the dog breed is at their puppy stage it is best to avoid giving them avocado. It might be very harmful to the health of the puppy.

Bulldog puppies:

Little bit of the flesh of the avocado fruit might be okay for the bulldog puppy. But try to avoid the fruit in general. It is not considered safe or healthy.

Maltese puppies:

A Maltese puppy has a very complex diet needs and an avocado is not in it. Do not give any avocado to your Maltese puppy.

Are Avocados Good For Puppies?

Though some people might think avocado, being a healthy fruit, should be okay for a puppy. But the toxins present in the avocado fruit is very harmful for a puppy. It is best to avoid feeding your puppy this fruit. Even if it is in moderation or just the flesh.

Some vets say that a little bit of avocado is fine. It depends on the health condition of the puppy. Which is why if you want to give the flesh of an avocado to your puppy it is best to consult with a professional first and get expert advice regarding this.

Can Eating Avocado Make a Puppy Sick?

It is very common for a puppy to fall sick after having avocado. If the amount is little than the pup might not react to the fruit. But if they have a large amount of avocado then there is a good chance of the puppy to get sick as it is not healthy for the pups.

A very common side effect of feeding avocado to your pup is vomiting, diarrhea and other myocardial damage. This is very common as the persin in avocado tends to be poisonous for dogs and puppies. Try to keep the fruit away from your puppy.

Can Dogs Eat Avocados?

While some fruits are okay for a dog, an avocado should not be considered as one of the fruits. There is persin in an avocado which is very much toxic for a dog. It is a good idea to keep the fruit away from feeding it to the dog.

Some vets and professionals might suggest you to feed avocado to your dog in moderation. It depends on the tolerance and health condition of the dog. So if you wish to feed avocado to your dog make sure you talk to a professional and get approval first to avoid any problem.

What happens if a puppy eats avocado?

An avocado is a very harmful fruit for dogs and puppies. There are many heath issues that come along with the avocado flesh. Dogs are not okay with the persin poison in the avocado. It cause some health inconveniences for the dog. Some of the common things that happen when a puppy has had a lot of avocado are given below-


Vomiting is a very common side effect of having avocado. If your puppy has had too much of the avocado flesh then there is a chance that they will let it all out and vomit. This will make the pups very sick and weak.


Avocado can also cause diarrhea, and myocardial damage for a pup. This is more serious. You might even need to take your dog to a vet or the emergency. The gastrointestinal get upset very easily from the toxins in the avocado which causes them to fall sick.

What should I do if my puppy ate avocado?

Sometimes a little bit of avocado should be fine for a puppy. But one too many will definitely cause some serious concerns for the pup. When you give some avocado to your puppy make sure to watch over them the first 24 hours. If there is a reaction it should show by that time.

If your pup starts to vomit and get the avocado out of its’ system. Watch over them the entire time. They will get very weak and tired this time round. Make sure you give them enough water so they are not dehydrated and fall more sick.

If their condition does not improve in the first few hours it is best to take them to a vet. Consult a doctor or a professional so they can prescribe the right medicine. Usually one dose of the right medicine will be enough to make your dog feel all good.

Final thoughts

Avocados are good fruit, but not for everyone. A puppy should not be given an avocado as there is persin, a kind of toxin that is poisonous for dogs and puppies. Which is why the fruit should be avoided. If needed, the fruit can be in moderate amount and with the consultation of a professional.