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Can Dogs Eat Apple Seeds? (All You Need to Know)

Being a pet owner sometimes gives you a sense of peace followed by a tinge of a mini heart-attack. If your dogs eat something they should not, all those vet appointments and their sick tummy makes you lose your sleep. 

As much as you want to provide them with a healthy diet full of fruits and nutrition, sometimes the seeds act as a barrier. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, you must possess knowledge of which food they should abstain from. 

We know apples are popular amongst dogs. So here rises a question. Can dogs eat apple seeds? If you are looking for the answer, you are at the right place. 

Can dogs eat apple seeds?

Dogs cannot eat apple seeds. This is because when apple seeds are eaten or cracked, a little quantity of cyanide is produced. This cyanide is harmful to your dog. However, if they do consume a small number of apple seeds there is nothing to worry about. A small quantity is fine but not regularly.

Apples make a healthy and delicious snack for your dog. They are full of nutrition and easy to serve. They help to make your dog’s teeth clean and give them a fresh breath. 

Apples are very popular amongst dogs especially, if you are having them in front of them. You will not be able to stop yourself from giving them one when they start whimpering softly while staring at your plate. 

Apples are beneficial for dogs so it is fine to give them a few slices every day. However, apple seeds are harmful to your dog. 

If apple seeds are consumed in way too high amounts then your dogs possess the risk of losing their lives. 

Apple seeds are quite bitter, and they do contain a matter called Amygdalin that, when eaten or digested, can turn into hydrogen cyanide.

However, there is no need to panic if your dog engulfs an apple core full of seeds. This is because the amount of cyanide needed to produce a poisonous effect on your dog can not be absorbed by eating 1 or even a dozen apples.

To be poisoned, a dog weighing 10 Kg needs to consume 1000 apple seeds for which the dog needs to eat 100 apples roughly. 

Therefore, even though apple seeds have the potential to be hazardous according to science, the danger is quite low.

Still, the best way to give apples to your dog is by getting rid of the core and slicing them into cubes, and peeling off the skin if possible as they can get stuck between the teeth. 

This way, your dog is safe from the harmful effects of cyanide. Even though the risk is low for your dog to be poisoned, still apple seeds should not be consumed. This is because the side effects of cyanide are horrendous. 

Cyanide reduces the ability of oxygen to be carried throughout the body. It can cause difficulty breathing and produce trauma for your beloved dog. 

It is better to be safe than sorry. So, it’s best to not give dogs apple seeds. 

Can apple seeds harm dogs?

Yes, apple seeds can harm dogs. Apple seeds contain a matter called Amygdalin which turns into hydrogen cyanide when digested. 

Hydrogen cyanide is too toxic and poisonous. However, to obtain the poisonous effects of cyanide through apple seeds, your dogs need to consume a massive amount of apple seeds. 

Therefore, risks are low for dogs to get cyanide poisoning due to the consumption of apple seeds. 

Still, it’s not advised to feed your dog apple core. The effects of cyanide poisoning are horrifying. They include symptoms such as shock, trouble breathing, panting, dilated pupils, etc. 

Even though dogs are unlikely to chew the seeds still it cannot be determined easily so the best way to serve your dog an apple is to chop it off in slices and get rid of the core. 

Peeling the skin off is also advised because they get stuck between teeth. 

How many apple seeds can hurt a dog?

A dog weighing approximately 10 kg can be harmed by the consumption of 1000 apple seeds. This means an average dog needs to consume 100 apples with apple core to get cyanide poisoning. 

It is highly unlikely for a dog to get cyanide poisoning due to the consumption of apple seeds. Still, apple seeds are highly forbidden especially for dogs. 

Since a dog weighing 10 kg can be harmed by 1000 seeds, before experiencing any hazardous consequences from the cyanide in apple seeds, a larger dog would need to consume even more apple cores. 

The danger of poisoning is therefore minimal, notwithstanding the possibility. Even so, it would still make sense to stay on the side of caution and give your dog an apple core without the seeds.If the apple seeds are not digested they can cause an upset stomach in dogs. 

Why can dogs not eat apple seeds?

Apples are a very delicious treat and they are loved by dogs. Apples contain many benefits. They are a good source of vitamin C, they are filled with carbohydrates and they are also a great source of energy. 

An apple a day can keep the vet away! However, the apple seeds contradict this statement and do the exact opposite. They become a source of frequent visits to the vet. 

There are a few side effects of apple seeds that you might be aware of. Here’s a list of harmful effects to help you with your dog’s diet which includes apples. 

Cyanide Poisoning: 

The seeds contain a matter called Amygdalin which turns into hydrogen cyanide when it is engulfed and chewed by the dog. 

Hydrogen cyanide is very toxic and poisonous. It has many harmful effects as it reduces the ability of oxygen to be transported throughout the body. 

Cyanide causes shortness of breathing, shock, panting, etc. However, the chances of cyanide poisoning are really low due to the consumption of seeds. 

It requires a massive amount of seeds to be consumed for cyanide poisoning to take this which is highly unlikely. 

Upset stomach: 

Due to indigestion, seeds can cause an upset stomach and even diarrhea in some severe cases. Since apple seeds have a tough exterior layer, they are resistant to digestive juice making indigestion a common occurrence. 

Since they are unable to talk, you will stay oblivious to the fact that your dog is facing abdominal pain, burning, bloating, etc. 


Since your dog unknowingly can consume a large portion of the apple core and engulf it, choking can occur due to the presence of seeds in the apple core. Choking is a common occurrence in dogs and seeds can play a vital role in that. 

What should I do if my dog eats apple seeds?

Being the most curious pets, dogs don’t think much before exploring things with their mouth. They often end up swallowing things they are not supposed to, welcoming a series of problems. 

Apple seeds are harmful to your dog for various reasons including cyanide poisoning, upset stomach, etc.

 Due to being unaware of this fact, your dog might deliberately munch on apple seeds. However to get affected by cyanide your dog needs to consume 100 apples on average, 

So, there’s no need to worry much as the chances of risk are minimal. However just to be safe, you can follow these steps to make sure your dog is okay despite swallowing apple seeds. 


You need to monitor your dog closely for any signs of indigestion or choking followed by an upset stomach. If your dog does not show any of these symptoms, it is safe to say your dog has not been exposed to enough cyanide. 

You can spend a few hours closely monitoring them and make sure they are free of any sort of risks. 

Contact your vet: 

Just to be safe you can call your vet or visit there. After monitoring the best option would be to call your vet and make sure your dog is free of any danger. 

Consulting a vet is always recommended to avoid any major issues in the future due to this small negligence. 

Feed them bone broth: 

If your dog is facing slight indigestion due to the consumption of apple seeds, you can control their diet and feed them bone broth. Bone broth will hydrate your dog and cure indigestion slowly. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, dogs cannot eat apple seeds because apple seeds can cause cyanide poisoning in them. However, for that dogs need to consume a huge portion of 100 apples which is highly unlikely. Still, it is best to contact your vet in case your dog swallows a few apple seeds.