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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Butternut Squash? (Answered)

Bearded dragons are one of the most common reptiles that are kept as pets. However, some members of this family are considered rare, such as the Paradox Bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are calm and peaceful, this makes them ideal pets. 

These reptiles enjoy interaction with humans, which in the case of all reptiles doesn’t apply. However,  if you are wondering whether bearded dragons can or cannot eat butternut squash, then you have knocked at the right door. 

Today we are going to discuss whether bearded dragons eat butternut squash or not. So, without any further due Let’s get into it.     

Can bearded dragons eat butternut squash?

Bearded dragons can eat butternut squash. Apart from butternut squash, bearded dragons can eat  acorn squash, summer squash, yellow squash and spaghetti squash. Squash contains a good amount of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium. It is one of the best vegetables you can feed your bearded dragon.    

Bearded dragons need a variety of food to be healthy. Their diet includes different types of insects and varieties of vegetables. These reptiles also enjoy summer and yellow squash. 


The best part about these squash is that it is not mandatory to cook the butternut squash before feeding. You can simply grate the squash or cut the squash into bite size pieces.

Also, make sure the pieces aren’t too big. If the pieces are too big, your bearded dragons might choke.    

Squash is a great addition to your bearded dragon’s diet as it is full of nutrients. Squash is highly fibrous, and it also carries Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and calcium.      


Bearded dragons can also eat cooked butternut squash. However, raw squash is more preferable. Additionally, if you want to feed your bearded dragon, cooked butternut squash you can boil it and then feed. Before you boil the squash, remember to peel it.  

Also, remember to clean all the strings and seeds before boiling the butternut squash. You can microwave it for 7-10 minutes. Once it’s done, take a meat part and mash it. You can store it in the refrigerator and mix a small amount everyday. 

Half a butternut squash should last for a week or so. 

Can bearded dragons eat butternut squash every day? How often can bearded dragons eat butternut squash? 

Bearded dragons can eat butternut squash everyday. Butternut squash can be considered as a staple. So, you can feed your bearded dragons almost seven days a week.

As reptiles, bearded dragons are usually known as curious eaters. They like eating varieties of vegetables. Different types of squash are good for bearded dragons. 

Bearded dragons should be fed meals with a high percentage of collard greens, greens like broccoli, beet greens, bell peppers, cilantro etc.    

You can peel your butternut squash and grate it finely. Or you could cut the butternut squash into very small pieces. Cut a slice and then cut it into pieces. Some dragons may not eat grated squash. If they do not eat grated squash, you can use a peeler to make thin strips.      

Can baby bearded dragons eat butternut squash? Can bearded dragons eat butternut squash skin?

Baby bearded dragons can eat butternut squash. However, bearded dragons cannot eat butternut squash skin. 

Before you feed your bearded dragon butternut squash, the skin and seeds need to be removed. So, be sure to cut the squash into fine pieces. Otherwise, it could get lodged into your beardies throat. 

Baby bearded dragons can eat butternut squash. They can also eat other varieties of squashes. Butternut has a nutty taste to them and has a sweet hint to them. They taste a lot like pumpkins, therefore your bearded dragons can be very fond of them. 

You can store your butternut squash for up to 30-60 days at a temperature of 10-50° Celsius and a relative humidity of 50%. Be sure to peel off the skin of the squash before feeding it to your baby bearded dragon.   

What is the nutritional value of butternut squash for a bearded dragon? 

Butternut squash is highly nutritious for bearded dragons. Here is the nutritional value of  butternut squash for bearded dragons: 

High in vitamins: 

Butternut is an excellent choice for your beardie’s diet as it is a great source of vitamin A, C and B. 

These vitamins are vital for the growth of your bearded dragons. However, this is why butternut squash is recommended to feed it without cooking. Heat application reduces the amount of vitamin present in the vegetable. 

Additionally, you must also be sure how you are offering the vegetable raw. A beardie would not consume and digest the food if it is not prepared accordingly.       

On average per 100 gm Butternut has 48 gm of calcium, Vitamin K 1.1mg, Vitamin C 21 mg and Vitamin A 532 mg. 

High in magnesium and potassium:     

Butternut squash also consumes a higher level of minerals like magnesium and potassium. Obviously butternut squash is a must have in your beadie’s meals. However, you should also be careful about not feeding butternut squash excessively. 

Butternut squash provides almost 85 grams of water and 2 gms of fiber. Fiber is necessary as it helps to keep the bowel habits smooth. Butternut squash is also high in carbohydrates which gives your beardie energy.     

It also has 33 mg of Phosphorus, 34 mg Magnesium and 352 mg Potassium.

How do you cut a butternut squash for a bearded dragon? 

You need to cut the butternut squash into tiny bite size pieces.   

Butternut squash can be fed and should be fed raw. The first thing to do is to remove the skin and seeds of the squash. You can either grate the squash, make thin strips or cut it in to bite size pieces. 

You can use a smaller knife to remove the ridges and then cut the butternut squash into 1-inch size cubes. If you think, 1-inch cubes are too large then split that 1-inch cube into half. 

This way the pieces will remain small enough for your beardie to munch on easily. The smaller the pieces, the better it is. If the pieces are bite sized or smaller, there will be no scope of your beardie to choke on it.  

How much butternut squash should I feed a bearded dragon?

¼ of your bearded dragon’s diet should have butternut squash or other vegetables. 

Butternut squash can fill a small area in your bearded dragon’s diet. However, it entirely depends on how often you feed your bearded dragon butternut squash. Additionally, keep in mind that varieties shouldn’t be neglected.        

Although you can feed your beardie butternut squash on a regular basis, it is better not to add an excessive amount of it.         

One thing you should remember is that beardies enjoy a diet that has varieties. They enjoy squash, bell peppers, collard greens, and even seedless watermelon. However, it’s always better if you mix-match your beardie’s meals once in a while. 

A good mix of protein, fiber, and vitamins will help your bearded dragon maintain good health.  

How should I feed butternut squash to a bearded dragon? 

Butternut squash is suggested to be fed raw. The reason behind this is that cooking can reduce the nutritional value. 

Here is how you should feed your bearded dragon butternut squash: 

Choosing fresh butternut squash: 

The first condition for getting your bearded dragon to eat their butternut squash is to choose a fresh and preservative-free squash. These reptiles are used to eating raw and fresh squashes in the wild. Your bearded dragon might not enjoy its meal if your butternut squash is not fresh. 

Peeling the squash: 

Remember that you cannot provide your beardie with butternut squash that is not peeled. They will not consume it under any condition. So, wash the butternut squash before peeling. 

Then peel the skin of the squash properly. Peels can get stuck in your beardie’s throat and they might end up choking. After peeling the squash, you would also want to get rid of the seeds. 

Grate the squash or cut it into pieces: 

Once you have peeled your butternut squash well, use a knife to cut off the ridges. You can use a peeler, a knife, or a vegetable grater to cut it into small pieces or grate it finely.

Although bearded dragons are used to eating one whole plant at once, it’s better to give them the food in small pieces. This prevents the risk of choking. It also encourages your bearded dragon to be more active while eating.

Final Thoughts 

Bearded dragons can eat butternut squash. Additionally, you can also add it to your beardie’s staple. A good mix of protein and ideal vegetables help your bearded dragon gain and fulfill its daily requirements. Feeding butternut squash is simple. Just cut them into small pieces or grate them.