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Abandoned Bully Mix Mom and Her Puppy Find Hope and Love After Left Alone on New Year’s Eve

For many dogs, life begins with a tough battle for survival.

Born into the harsh conditions of the streets or the wild, they face numerous challenges.

Without a shelter, these dogs often endure trauma and suffer from malnutrition, fighting every day to stay alive.

Mina’s Harsh Reality


Among these dogs was Mina, a Bully mix, who despite once having a home, found herself in a dire situation.

She was callously abandoned in a remote area with her two puppies, equipped with nothing more than a crate and a blanket for comfort.

Desperate Times for Mina

In this bleak situation, Mina was found lying on the unforgiving cold ground, holding her puppy close in an attempt to provide warmth.

Her life, however, was about to change dramatically.

A Heart-Wrenching Discovery

Jen and Roman McConn from Project Freedom Ride in Evans, Georgia, came across Mina’s story on Facebook and felt compelled to intervene.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by a scene more distressing than they had anticipated.

Mina was found cradling her surviving puppy, while her other pup had sadly not made it, lying in a nearby crate.

Mina, stressed and sorrowful, clung to her remaining puppy, later named Milo, in a desperate attempt to protect him.

Milo’s Dire Condition

Milo was in a critical state, infested with worms and suffering from mange.

This dire situation required immediate assistance.

A Ray of Hope

Fortunately, after a veterinary examination, Jen was relieved to find that the conditions of Mina and Milo were not as severe as feared and certainly not life-threatening.

“We are unbelievably lucky as neither have anything significant going on medically and both are happy as can be to be safe and loved,” Jen shared with gratitude.

Milo’s road to recovery involved treatment for mange and multiple medicated baths, but the most challenging times seemed to be behind them.

Jen optimistically noted, “Although we are so sorry for all you have experienced in life so far… it led you to us! You now have names and we promise you that your life just did a 180.”

A New Chapter in a Foster Home

This endearing pair was then placed in a foster home, where they quickly settled in.

Their foster mother, Heather, went above and beyond to ensure Mina and Milo felt comfortable and loved.

Mina’s innate gentleness was evident from the beginning, and Milo’s confident, playful nature made him an instant favorite.

Despite Heather having other dogs, Mina and Milo adapted exceptionally well, enjoying the warmth and affection of their new environment.

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Blossoming in Foster Care


In the nurturing environment of their foster home, Mina and Milo underwent a remarkable transformation.

Over three months, they evolved from their initial state of uncertainty to confident, well-adjusted dogs.

Their sweet dispositions and willingness to learn quickly endeared them to everyone.

Jen, reflecting on Mina’s progress, shared, “Mina is so gentle and affectionate. She loves a good cuddle. Mina is dog friendly, and house & crate trained. She did an amazing job at protecting Milo when they were dumped and now it is her time to shine.”

Both Mina and Milo mastered basic obedience and displayed exceptional social skills.

Jen and Roman, their rescuers from Evans, Georgia, were delighted with each visit to the foster home, witnessing firsthand the incredible transformation of the dogs they had rescued.

Milo’s Remarkable Change


Milo, in particular, showed a dramatic change.

He grew a completely new coat of fur, symbolizing his physical and emotional renewal.

He had become an entirely new puppy, both inside and out, ready to embrace life’s adventures with vigor.

Jen affectionately described Milo’s newfound zest for life: “Ruff and tumble, classic pup who plays hard and cuddles hard. Such a great boy.”

Finding Forever Homes


The journey towards a permanent, loving home, a journey filled with learning and healing, reached its culmination.

Milo was the first to find his forever home, adopted by a wonderful family in the Midwest.

He quickly settled into his new life, filled with happiness and love.

For Mina, the wait was a bit longer but equally rewarding.

She was adopted into a home where she could fully express her loving and gentle nature.

This new chapter in her life was well-deserved, a fitting reward for her resilience and strength.

Conclusion: A Journey of Hope and Love


Mina and Milo’s story, from their challenging beginnings to their heartwarming adoption, is a tale of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of love and care.

Their journey illustrates not just the plight of many dogs who find themselves in dire situations but also the incredible impact that kindness and compassion can have.

Starting from their days on the cold, hard streets to their time in a loving foster home, and finally to their forever homes, Mina and Milo experienced a complete turnaround in their lives.


Their story is a testament to the fact that with patience, love, and dedicated care, even the most downtrodden dogs can flourish and find joy.

As they settle into their new lives, filled with affection and security, Mina and Milo leave behind a legacy of inspiration.

Their tale reminds us of the countless other dogs still waiting for their chance at a better life and the importance of rescue and adoption efforts in making a significant difference in the lives of these animals.

In the end, Mina and Milo’s story is not just about two dogs finding homes; it’s a narrative that speaks to the heart, highlighting the enduring bond between humans and animals, and the incredible journey of transformation that becomes possible when hearts and homes are opened to those in need.