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Are Orbeez Water Beads Toxic to Dogs? (Important Facts!)

Orbeez water beads are the most common beads that you will find in every household as they are mostly used to hydrate plants. Also, they are used for indoor decorations such as party decorations, for decorating candle holders or flower holders, etc.

However, there is confusion among people that do these beads pose any threat to pets, especially to dogs. Therefore, in this article, we will clear all your possible confusions regarding whether Orbeez water beads are toxic to dogs.

Are Orbeez water beads toxic to dogs?

Honestly, Orbeez water beads are actually non-toxic and they pose no threat to dogs. However, there are issues with the sizes of the beads because if your dog swallows it and if the Orbeez water beads are bigger than 7mm then they might get stuck to your dog’s stomach which might cause blockage. 

Orbeez water beads are non-toxic as well as they are biodegradable. There is a misconception among people that there is a certain amount of chemical present in those water beads which causes swelling up which is completely false. 

Actually, they are super absorbent polymers and they just simply swell up by absorbing the water. Therefore, as we can see there is no presence of any sort of chemicals so they are completely not poisonous to dogs. 

Although at the same time they are very dangerous for dogs. Because if your dog swallows the water beads and if the water beads swell up in their stomach then it might cause blockage in their stomach which will create a barrier in their whole digestive system. 

But if your Orbeez water beads are meant to swell up to not more than 7 mm then they should safely pass through the intestines. If the case is the opposite, which is if the water beads acquire the size of more than 14 mm then it can cause a serious threat to your dogs. 

In addition, it will be the best idea if you take your dog to the vet if they swallow the beads which have the size of 7 mm because ensuring the safety of your dog is the topmost priority.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy Orbeez water beads make sure you take a look at the size chart as well as look for any caution message like “they are dangerous for dogs” or “they are poisonous to dogs”. 

Because a simple mistake from you can cause a life-threatening situation for your pets.

What happens if a dog eats water beads? 

Well, there can be two cases if a dog eats water beads; one is the water beads will simply pass through the intestines without hurting the dog or the water beads will swell up inside their stomach which creates a blockage that will hurt the dog. 

In the first situation, if the dog eats a small number of water beads and also if the water beads have a size of 7 mm then it can be safe for dogs. 

Because a small number of water beads will not hurt dogs as well as after swelling inside the stomach they will simply pass through the intestines and eventually leave the digestive system.

In addition, as it is proven that there is no presence of any sort of chemicals in the water beads, therefore, they are completely safe for dogs. 

But in the second case, if the dog swallows a huge amount of water beads then it will pose a serious threat to the dog. 

Because if the number of water beads is much more than the stomach can hold then the water beads being swelled up will cause huge blockage down the intestines. 

Moreover, if the water beads acquire the size of 14 mm then it will be a life-threatening situation for the dogs as it completely blocks the digestive that will severely hurt the dog.

Therefore you will need to take the dog to the vet as early as possible in order to take out the water beads from their stomach. 

Hence, it can be said that a small amount of water beads is completely safe for dogs however, a large number of water beads will be harmful to the dog.

What should I do if my dog eats Orbeez?

If your dog eats Orbeez then you might need to follow some advice that is recommended by the vets. Therefore, we have noted some of the steps which you can follow if your dog eats Orbeez.

But first of all, you will need to calm down yourself as well as make sure you don’t panic because you will need to be very careful while following the steps as a slight mistake can increase the pain of your dog. 

Contact with your vet as early as possible:

The first step you can take is to contact your vet as early as possible. Because only the vet can advise you what you need to do or don’t in order to take out those water beads.

Do not give your dog any sort of food:

It is highly recommended that you must not offer your dog any sort of food if your dog has swallowed a large number of water beads. 

Because the food might cause food poisoning as it may not be able to properly digest due to the presence of water beads.

Take some of the beads with you in order to show them to the vet:

It is recommended that you carry some Orbeez with you while obtaining medical attention so that the medical personnel can demonstrate what is obstructing your dog’s stomach.

Given the wide variety of water beads available, this info might be crucial in determining how the physicians will provide treatment.

What are water beads made out of? 

Water beads are composed of water plus liquid-absorbing polymers. Polymers are composed of small components that adhere to one another and create lengthy strings. 

The water beads are extremely water-absorbing polymer crystals composed of Vinyl Formic acid, salt ions, and water, toward whom colorful tinting, is applied to provide a wider range of subtleties.

Are water beads toxic to cats, fish, birds, and other animals? 

No, water beads aren’t toxic to cats, fish, birds, or any other animals. As the water beads are completely nonpoisonous as well as they are biodegradable, therefore, they don’t pose a threat if any of the animals swallow them.

Are water beads dangerous if swallowed?

The beads aren’t harmful, so they won’t hurt you if you ingest them. 

However, it is not the same case when it comes to children because if they swallow a single ball can induce digestive blockage, vomiting, extreme pain, and exhaustion, as they have small intestines which might necessitate surgical removal.

Can water beads be used in potted plants?

Water beads can be used to hydrate potted plants, causing them to expand. The beads can be added to a pot alongside fertilizer to provide a nutritional push for the plant. 

Water beads can be an important thing for the plants as they can absorb water from those water beads whenever they need to hydrate themselves. That is why a lot of household families keep the water beads on top of the soil of the potted plants in order to hydrate them.

Are water beads reusable or biodegradable? 

Orbeez is recyclable, meaning they may be shrunk and afterward regrown underwater enabling them for further entertaining pursuits. The simplest method to downsize Orbeez would be to put them under the light. They’ll let go of the liquid and return to its previous dimensions.

Are water beads bad for the environment?

Orbeez is fully biodegradable and non-toxic. They are not poisonous, therefore they do not possess any dangerous compounds which can affect the ecology. 

Also, they don’t harm the environment causing any sort of ecological waste as the beads are completely reusable or recyclable. Therefore, water beads are also known as eco-friendly products.

Final thoughts: 

Orbeez water beads are completely nonpoisonous and they pose no threat to dogs or any other pets. However, if the dog eats a large number then it might create stomach blockage which may lead to a life-threatening situation for the dog if the dog doesn’t receive any medical treatment properly.