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7 Month Old Puppy Training – Potty, Crate, Leash, Obedience

A 7-month-old puppy is a half-mature puppy, and it will take less time to understand the situation. If you can take proper care and give it some training, it will abide by your command and become your best friend. But the journey is not that easy.

You need to have different strategies to teach your 7-month-old puppy everything. You should spend enough time with your puppy so that you will become his partner. You can also follow some tips that I will share today. 

Can a 7 month old puppy be trained?

A 7-month-old puppy can be trained in different ways. If you get a new 7-month-old puppy, you can start a training program right after coming into your home. This pet will have a complete sense to abide by your command and learn the training purpose.

You will not face any challenges like you did with a 2-month-old little puppy. So, this adult-type puppy will take little time to adjust to your training program and learn everything quickly.

So, a 7-month-old puppy can be trained in the proper ways. If you take some strategies and spend quality time with your puppy, it will take a few weeks to understand everything and learn the training purpose.

Tips to train a 7 month old puppy:

Since you can train your 7-month-old puppy quickly, you should follow some tips. Your friendly behavior and patience are the best tips to train a 7-month-old puppy. You can train your puppy better if you play a friendly role in your pet’s life. Once you get his trust, you can give the command.

In this section, I’ll share my experience training a 7-month-old puppy. I will share some core tips on how you can train your pet puppy and raise it like the best partner of your life.

Be a Friend:

When you have a puppy for like 7-month-old, you cannot raise it like a little kid. You must behave well and be a friend to your pet. When you get that trust and become friends with your puppy, it will be easy to teach your puppy better.

You can easily train some difficult tasks and let your puppy understand everything. When you get your friendly behavior and understand your care, it will be easier for the pet to get trained in a short time. So, you must be a friend of your 7-month-old puppy.

Keep Patience:

When you start any training program, you must have patience. You cannot treat your puppy like a human being.

It will take enough time to understand everything and act accordingly. Without patience, you cannot expect to train your puppy better than your expected.

You may need to do the same thing several times only to help your puppy understand that matter.

If you stop trying and become rude to your puppy, it will become a burden for the puppy to get through the training program. So, have patience and try your best to give proper training.

Watch Videos:

Another best tip to train your 7-month-old puppy would be to watch your Puppy some videos regularly.

It’s difficult for your puppy to understand your voice command very quickly. But if you play a video in front of you and let him see different activities other puppies are doing, it will also understand the fact.

Then, you may ask him to do the same thing in those videos. Let’s say you want to potty train your puppy; in that case, your puppy should watch some potty training video, and you must arrange the same process to make the training program easier.

Follow a Routine:

When you have a 7-month-old puppy, you must have a proper routine that you can follow every day. Then, you can customize it accordingly and get the best of it. You may customize that routine according to your pet’s nature and time.

You must make it flexible and add all the training programs there so that it will be a visual presentation of your puppy’s training program.

You should also include a perfect diet plan in that routine. It will help your puppy be in routine life and understand everything quickly. So, following a routine is another tip to train your 2-month-old puppy.

How long does it take to train a 7 month old puppy?

It takes only a few weeks to train a 7-month-old puppy. To be exact, it will take only 2-3 weeks to train your 7-month-old puppy properly. Sometimes, this time may cross an entire month if you don’t have enough time to spend in the training program.

Therefore, the training time will depend on various factors, including your time, strategies, and patience. All these things will directly affect the training time of your puppy.

Potty training for 7 month old puppy:

The biggest challenge for every puppy is potty training. When you have a 7-month-old puppy, you will need to spend the most time in potty training. It will not understand the fact within a short time unless it already gets this training.

Select a Potty spot:

The potty training program must start with selecting a potty spot. You can use your existing room bathroom or select the outside home place for your puppy.

It depends on your house structure and outside space. If you have outside space, you must take your puppy outside the home for potty training.

Take your puppy There:

Once you select a place for potty training or create a new bathroom for your puppy, you should take your puppy there several times.

Let your puppy understand that this potty is for leaving. You anticipate your puppy’s leaving time and get to the potty spot.

Watch Videos:

Once you have a chosen potty spot and you start trying to teach your puppy, you should use some videos to give proper training.

When your puppy watches videos on other puppies’ potty training, it will understand why you take it to the bathroom. It will become easier to provide that training.

Join Potty Training Program:

If you don’t have enough time to do all those things, you can attend a potty training program. It will work very fast, and your puppy will understand everything quickly.

When you join the program, your 7-month-puppy will notice other puppy’s activities and learn fast.

Crate training for 7 month old puppy:

You can start the crate training after buying a spacious crate for your puppy. Let’s follow the right way to crate train your puppy.

Prepare Puppy: 

It is recommended to give your puppy a few workouts, sometime recently a preparing session.

To burn off overabundant vitality so he’ll be loose and permit him a chance to calm himself so the requirement for a lavatory break won’t occupy him.

Positive Association:

Start by setting treats and perhaps a favorite toy or two close to the crate’s opening. Commend your puppy when he goes close to the opening to recover a protest or treat.


Once he’s comfortable getting near the crate’s opening, start setting treats and toys inside. You might indeed attempt putting his nourishment and water bowls inside the crate.

Begin by putting them at the front of the case and continuously moving them toward the back until your puppy enters the crate on his own.

Obedience training for 7 month old puppy:

You can give obedience training to your 7-month-old puppy with the following tips.


You must have a plan if you want to train your dog successfully. You’ll need to gather some tools, plan your timetable, and pick up some training knowledge. Additionally, you must be dedicated and organized for a daily commitment. What you need to start your own dog obedience training program is listed below.


Find out what your puppy enjoys, then make sure she gets it whenever she behaves in a way you like. Though it’s a straightforward idea, pulling it off might be challenging. Always consider a reward or reinforcement from the puppy’s perspective.

Basic Commands:

At that point, you’ll begin educating him on baby steps toward the objective. Regularly, the sit command will be one of the most straightforward for your puppy to memorize, to begin with.

Another, you’ll be able to train your puppy to lie down. At the same time, work on instructing your puppy to remain.

Leash training for 7 month old puppy:

Leash training will be easier if you follow my tips and direction. The ultimate guideline will be:

Make Comfortable:

Before attempting to take your puppy for a walk, let him grow acclimated to wearing a collar and a leash. Let him walk the leash fastened to his collar around the home to feel comfortable.

Short Sessions:

Expecting your Puppy to remain interested in training for a long time is unrealistic given his short attention span. Just take him for a short stroll around the house or backyard to get him accustomed to the odors.

Praise Obedience:

Shower your dog with compliments and occasionally give him a treat when he walks alongside you on a loose leash, a habit known as heeling.

Never drag your dog behind you. Instead, concentrate on encouraging him to continue walking by thanking him for arriving.

Final thoughts

Tips for training your 7-month-old puppy are simple. You should give him potty, leash, crate, and obedience training. These are the core & basic training programs that you should start with, and all this training requires your friendly behavior and quality time.