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5 Month Old Puppy Jumping – How to Stop? (Complete Guide)

Puppies are regarded as the best pet. They are so naïve, remain joyful most of the time and easily adopt training. However, they have some kind of odd behavior that might irritate you. 

So, before adopting a puppy, it’s good to learn about their behaviors and get some tips to control them.

5 month old puppy jumping

Typically, a 5 month old puppy doesn’t jump since their bones are still developing and their muscles aren’t ready. However, they can learn low level jumping to express their inner feeling and excitement. But it’s better to control their jumping as they can face muscle injuries and cramps.

There are many reasons why a five-month-old puppy jumps, the majority of which are environmental. There are also physiological aspects to take into account, such as an unsettled stomach or intestinal problems. 

A 5-month-old puppy’s tendency to jump when having fun or in a playful mood is perfectly natural and results from their hormones being released too frequently. When they have a need that they are unable to verbally express, they may jump to attract attention. 

They tend to jump when they see an unfamiliar person because they seek to scare them away. If they experience danger while sleeping, they may abruptly awaken if they jump into that circumstance. 

When playing in a state of excitement:

They jump as an indication of their excitement. They frequently jump when playing with their owners or young children out of joy. 

They jump at that time as a result of a hormonal reaction that causes their adrenaline to be secreted more. 

Out of dread or anxiety:

It can happen at any moment, although it usually occurs when the pups are sleeping or when they notice something strange. A 5-month-old dog jumping is a psychological phenomenon. 

Owing to stomach irritation:

When a 5-month-old puppy experiences an upset stomach that results in diarrhea or a condition that resembles constipation, they may act out of character or jump out of aggravation. 

In the presence of an agnostic:

Puppies have a bright mind during that 5-month period. 

Puppies can quickly identify the people they typically hang out with, so when they meet an unfamiliar face, they try to chase them away, so they jump and bark to raise suspicion.

To seek attention:

Jumping is a common way for a 5 month old puppy to obtain attention because they like it so much. When they are hungry, puppies jump because they are unable to convey their needs orally.

When hungry:

When hungry, a 5-month-old puppy will jump to show that they are in need of food. When the owner forgets to give them their food when it’s time, they will occasionally jump to show that they are hungry.

Is it normal for a 5 month/20 weeks old puppy to jump and bite?

At 5 months old the time while their bones are being developed, stronger and their muscles are growing so they usually can’t jump. In fact, it’s not safe for their growth at this age. 

However, it’s normal and as well as safe if a 5 month old puppy learns low level jumping that is less than their height. Also, normally from the end of the 6 months puppy learns to bite. 

But they can also start biting at the age of 5 months for their uncomfortable teething process, exploring everything by biting and also expressing their feelings.

5 month old puppies can jump and bite for various reasons. Normally they do so to express their excitement. If they get tempted with something, they can’t hold their excitement and want to share with its owner by jumping or biting. 

These are their natural habits they get genetically from their ancestors. These are ways to seek attention or express happiness, fear, anxiety, hunger, etc. 

However, if they do so excessively and irritate continuously, by giving a minimal training or districting them, these behaviors can be solved.

Is it bad for 5 month old puppy to jump a lot?

A 5-month-old puppy should not be permitted to jump at that age since their bones are still developing and could become easily fragile if they do it frequently. 

Occasionally, jumping from a specific safe height is acceptable, but at that age, jumping higher than that height could be dangerous for them.

 However, jumping periodically and gradually at a low level is safer for a 5-month-old puppy, and it’s also advantageous for the puppy to be healthy by developing this behavior. But if the puppy jumps more frequently, it could face muscle injuries and cramps.

It is bad for puppies to leap at that age since their bones and muscles haven’t fully developed until they’re between fifteen and sixteen months old. Before a puppy’s growth plate has had thirteen to fifteen months to mature, jumping is dangerous for them. 

However, at 5 months old, jumping should be controlled since puppies tend to jump out of excitement, express anything or in an effort to get attention. Low level jumping can be an exercise for the 5 month old puppy only if they are healthy enough.

How old should a puppy be to jump?

Puppies have a certain age at which they can start jumping. In general, a puppy should start to jump after fourteen or fifteen months of age when their bones are stable enough to withstand any pressure. If a puppy is healthy, they can often start jumping at twelve months. 

However, if they are malnourished, they start jumping at fifteen months. Determining the ideal age for a puppy to leap depends in large part on their health, because if they begin to jump at six or seven months old, they may subsequently experience bone and muscular dysfunction. 

Puppies should wait fourteen to fifteen months before they start jumping, because at this time their muscles and other body parts are rich enough to support the load of jumping. 

Prior to the age of twelve months, jumping a puppy from a low level is typically not regarded as undesirable because it can be a simple exercise for them and aid in the development of the habit of jumping. 

In spite of this, puppies should not be permitted to jump until they are between twelve and fifteen months old due to safety concerns, especially if they are undernourished.

How to stop 5 month old puppy jumping up? 

Jumping is one of their natural habitats to express their feelings mostly when they are in a very happy mood. Also, by jumping they can express their hunger and also fear or anxiety. In fact, most of the time to seek attention they jump. 

It’s not such a bad habit that you need to worry a lot. They are the little, naïve puppies who actually can’t really control their feelings but if they are irritated by this habit of your puppy you easily get rid of it by following some easy techniques. 

However, you’ve to deal with them nicely and can’t be frustrated over them. Here are the few effective techniques: 

Try to avoid them while they jump:

Avoiding them is a great effective way to discourage them while they jump. They’re naturally very much concerned about their owner’s reaction. If they find you’re avoiding them while they jump, they will try to avoid that. 

But if you react when they jump, they may find you excited and it might encourage them to jump again. 

Distracting can be a great method:

Redirecting is a great way to get over a bad habit of your puppy. It’s the method of distracting them while they have an irritated attitude. 

You can distract them to make them run to get something, make a puzzle for them by hiding a toy and ask them to find it, or another way is grabbing her front paws and making her dance around the room so they forget to jump. 

You can try something as well that you think your puppy will be distracted from jumping and focus on it.

Easy going exercise can help:

They are not old enough for training and teach them command. 

So all you can do is take them for walks regularly, take them in parks and make them play with other puppies which will help them a lot to be socialized and develop behaviors. 

Don’t forget to treat them:

If they abide by your command, developing their behavior or learning good attitudes, praising and giving them treats will help them to feel encouraged. This way they will be pleased and will try to please as well. 

Final Thoughts 

5 month old little puppies normally do not jump as their bones and muscles are not developed and if they do so, it can be concerning. However, to express excitement, their happiness, anxiety or hunger they can give a low level jump. But it’s better to teach them to control this kind of behavior.