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2 Month Old Puppy Training – Potty, Crate, Leash, Obedience

It’s not easy to train a 2-month-old puppy since it doesn’t have enough sense and maturity. You can not train your small puppy like a half-year-old puppy on your way. If you have a 2-month-old puppy, I insist you go through with it.

Remember, the puppy will need some extra care & effort. To train it, you must have enough patience and a true process. This is what you will get from our tips that will help you raise your 2-month-old puppy safely.

Can a 2 month old puppy be trained?

A 2-month-old puppy can be trained by following some crucial tips. You cannot take care of your small puppy like an adult puppy. It needs some extra care and effort to let it understand everything. It might have little or no sense of training.

You must follow a routine for your 2-month-old puppy training. It will be used to follow the same process. Thus, it will use it to get through that routine.

Tips to train a 2 month old puppy:

You can train your 2-month-old puppy by following a routine and some tips. The best tips would be to train in your house or housetraining. You must follow a routine and maintain that in your home to train up your 2-month-old puppy properly. Housetraining is a must.

You will also find other tips to help you train your 2-month-old puppy. Especially if you want to teach potty training, leash training, obedience & crate training, you must follow some simple and practical tips. When you follow the tips, you must be able to understand your puppy.

You cannot give any burden to your 2-month-old puppy that he cannot perform. So, you must understand your puppy’s capabilities, and then you can follow all the tips and other requirements. Also, you must make a proper plan for conducting the training program.

Here, I will try to give you some helpful tips that you can always follow to train your 2-month-old puppy. They might feel too much to you, but these are worthwhile. If you want to train your 2-month-old puppy, follow these tips and do the training program accordingly.


Before starting training your 2-month-old puppy, you must know yourself. You cannot train a small puppy if you don’t have patience. 

When you start the training program, you may face difficulties in making your puppy understand your body language. It’s tough for any puppy to understand others.

You can train your puppy if you’re determined and have enough patience. It might take a month or longer to properly train your puppy. If you don’t have that patience, you cannot give proper training. So, be patient and then start puppy training.

Get a Crate:

Since your puppy is too small, you cannot keep it with you every time. It’s better if you buy a quality crate for your puppy. You can train your puppy by following crate tips and getting the best out of it.

At first, your puppy will not understand and may fear getting into the crate. But you must create that environment. You may keep open your crate always and make your puppy comfortable to get in. 

Potty Spot:

After having a good crate and training your puppy, you must think of creating a potty spot for your puppy. Although most people think of using their bathroom for that, you must design a new potty spot for your 2-month-old puppy. 

In that case, you should choose a different place outside or inside your house. If possible, you may make a new and small bathroom for your puppy. You may introduce this through a video and let your puppy understand its purpose.

Maintain a Routine:

I started my tips by saying that you must make a routine to train your 2-month-old puppy. You won’t be successful in training or anything unless you have a sound routine. 

If you have a little puppy, you must make a routine for its sleep, diet, and exercise. 

Once you have a good routine, you may follow it accordingly.

How long does it take to train a 2 month old puppy?

It takes around a month to train a 2-month-old puppy. But the exact time duration will depend on various factors. 

If you start training different things at a time, the puppy might take 4-5 weeks. In contrast, the little puppy might take two months to understand everything when you fail to train it daily.

In short, the training time will depend on your patience. If you have enough time to follow the training tips regularly, your puppy will take very few weeks to understand everything. At least, you can expect to train your 2-month-old puppy within a few weeks.

Potty training for 2 month old puppy:

Following some simple tips, you can start potty training a 2-month-old puppy. So, how to potty train your little puppy will be there after getting my tips. Let’s follow them and start potty training. 

Make a Potty Spot:

At the start of your potty training, you must select a particular place for your puppy. It can be useful to train your puppy to get used to it. After choosing the place, you will have to follow some other tips.

Design Potty Spot:

When you decide on the place where your puppy can go and leave a potty, you must design it accordingly. It would be helpful to make a new small bathroom for your puppy. Or, you can use your house bathroom for training purposes.

Watch Potty Videos:

When you have the potty spot and create the bathroom, you cannot force your puppy to go there and leave. You can play a video where other puppies will go to a certain place to leave.

If you continue the video lesson and training program, your 2-month-old puppy will understand it quickly.

Go to Potty Train Program:

After doing all these things, you can join a potty training program. You might find the details there if you ask them about their program session.

Crate training for 2 month old puppy:

After potty training, you may need to have a proper guideline on crate training for your 2-month-old puppy. It’s not easy to give crate training to your little puppy since it is unfamiliar with crates or cages. You can still follow my tips to give proper crate training.

Buy a Crate:

You must have a well-balanced and spacious crate. You cannot start the training with a closed crate or tiny crate. So, buy a spacious crate that will have enough space inside it.

Keep it Open:

After buying the crate, you should keep your crate gate open for 24 hours. You must not force your puppy into the crate immediately after buying it. Let your puppy get familiar with the crate for a few days.

Make it Interesting:

Once you have an open crate, you must keep something interesting. It may help your puppy get into the crate and play with it. 

Close Crate:

Once your puppy is used to getting into the crate, you can close the crate for a while. Increase the time gradually and let your puppy take it usually. That’s how you can give crate trains to your 2-month-old puppy.

Obedience training for 2 month old puppy:

Obedience training for a 2-month-old puppy is harder than anything else. You must have enough patience to make your puppy obedient and get what you want from it. Let’s start the process of obedient training.

Make Your Trust:

You cannot give your little puppy proper obedience training unless you have a good relationship or trust. Your puppy must trust you in every way possible. You must warmly train your puppy and let him trust you.

Voice Command:

You cannot expect to use your voice and let your little puppy understand everything. It’s not possible either. But you have to carry on providing command over your voice. 

After a certain time, your puppy will appreciate your voice tone and will act accordingly.

That’s how you can conduct obedience training for your 2-month-old puppy.

Leash training for 2 month old puppy:

Lastly, leash training has come. You must leash train your 2-month-old puppy in the right way. You cannot always force your puppy to follow your command or force it to have the leash. So, follow some tips to give leash training to your puppy.

Tie a Leash:

When you first tie a leash to your puppy’s neck, you must make a friendly environment. Let your puppy understand that the leash is a reward and a good safety for it.

Use Harness or Collar:

You must use a harness or collar. It will be helpful to have a harness with your leash to train your puppy properly.

Treat & Patience:

When you have done all those things, you must give some treats to your pet puppy. These treats will make your puppy jolly and inspire it to follow your command. But, you cannot expect to complete the leash training within a while.

So, you must have the patience to give proper training to your little puppy. It will help you give all the training.

Final thoughts

Following some simple tips, you can potty train, leash train, obedience train, and crate train your 2-month-old puppy. Make a training routine and have enough patience to follow that. It would be your ultimate tip to train your little puppy. Otherwise, you will fail in training your puppy.