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Will My Cane Corso Protect Me? (All You Need to Know!)

Cane Corsos are enormous Italian Mastiff breeds of dogs. They are giant powerful dogs with strength, plenty of courage, and extraordinary power to comprehend true threats.

And all of these excellent qualities of Cane Corsos can raise a question in the heads of Corso owners like you that will your Cane Corso protect you or not.

So, let’s dive deeper into this article to find out the exact answer to your question and some genuine information related to it.

Will My Cane Corso Protect Me?

Came Corsos will protect their masters because they are known as one of the best guard dogs. Also, they are fiercely loyal, alert, powerful, and have natural instincts of discerning threats. So they will not hesitate a moment to attack an intruder when it comes to protecting their masters and home.

Do Cane Corso Protect Their Owners?

Cane Corsos will protect their owners at any cost. Because initially, Cane Corsos were bred as protection dogs. Therefore, even in present days, all Corsos have inherited those protective instincts and they strive to protect their owners.

Also, Cane Corsos are one of the best guard dogs out there. Hence, they are fiercely loyal, alert, and filled up with courage and strength. They have got powerful athletic bodies too as well as natural propensities of comprehending true dangers.

It makes them quick enough to act and attack any intruder in cases of protecting their owners, families, and home.

Are Cane Corso Good Protection Dogs?

Cane Corsos are surely good protection dogs and their name itself indicates that. As the word Corso from their name is a Latin term which means both guardians and protectors.

Moreover, Cane Corsos were originally bred for fulfilling the purpose of protecting. As a result, all the  Corsos of present days have inherited the protective instincts from their forefathers. So they do make outstanding protective dogs.

Also, Cane Corsos are one of the famously known guard dog breeds. They have all the qualities that a guard dog should have. Corsos have got strong power of sensing the slightest danger, they are super powerful and strong, fiercely loyal, and alert.

Besides, Corsos become intrinsically aggressive when the matter comes down to protecting their masters and families.

Therefore, they will not hesitate for even a few seconds before attacking an intruder. Cane Corsos will always put themselves before any danger comes near to their families and owners.

So, if you want to have a protected residence and fierce loyalty, do contemplate adopting a Cane Corso in your life and home. And you will certainly highly protective, smart, and trainable dog.

At What Age Does A Cane Corso Become Protective?

A Cane Corso becomes protective when he is about to reach his first birthday or by the age between 14 to 18 months old.

Naturally, Cane Corsos have developed the protecting instincts and guarding behavior, and these traits of theirs are cultivated in a quite good manner. Therefore, Cane Corsos don’t require any kind of special training to show his protective nature.

So, maximum Cane Corso dogs will start manifesting their inherited protective behavior as soon as they are about to celebrate their first birthday.

If not at that time then by 14 to 18 months old age, Cane Corsos will surely become protective towards his masters, belongings, and territory.

How To Train A Cane Corso To Protect?

Cane Corsos are born protectors, they really don’t require any hardcore training to be a protective dog. Gradually, they will show their protective nature as they are growing up.

However, since they are full of aggression, therefore, you need to train your Cane Corso to understand when he should protect you and when not to.

This section will explain 3 beneficial ways to train your Cane Corso to protect you at the right time.

The Tug Training:

The tug training is the first way you can adopt while training your Cane Corso to learn how to protect you and when to protect you.

In this way, you got to play with a tug toy with your Cane Corso and teach him to latch onto it and drop it on your command. If he doesn’t let go of the tug way, lure him with treats.

Also, you need to teach your Corso to wait for a while before he gets commands from you to attack. So that he doesn’t attack someone instantly he sees them as a threat.

When you are done practicing with a tug toy with your Cane Corso, let other family members of yours practice with him with tug toys. So that he obeys the commands of others too at the time when he needs to protect them or house.

The Catch Sleeve:

The catch sleeve method is quite similar to the tug training. You can adopt this way to train your Cane Corso as an alternative to the tug method.

Here you will wear a sleeve and ask your Corso to grab it on your command. And will train him to latch onto the sleeve until you say him to drop the sleeve.

Teaching your Corso to drop the sleeve on your command is very important. Therefore, pay attention to it and if he doesn’t want to let go of the sleeve on your command, trick him with treats. Also, treat him when he listens to you grab the sleeve on your command.

While the training process, make your Corso train with your other family members too so that he acts on their orders too. For that let them train by wearing the sleeve and command him to grab it and drop it. And he will attack intruders on their orders too.

Create Similar Situation:

You can create some similar situations like someone is intruding on your home in an inappropriate way or someone is trying to hurt you. So that your Corso can coercive at what situation and at what type of people he needs to become aggressive and act instantly to protect you.


It might seem a surprising way to train your Cane Corso to protect you but know that it’s really an effective way.

Making socialization as a part of your training is needed because through socialization he will meet and greet the people like your neighbors, friends, relatives, and their pets(if they have).

Therefore, his natural instincts to be aggressive and protective will not trigger him to attack them whenever he sees them.

Rather he will understand that they are not the ones, he should attack to protect you and your home.

Cue Words/Hand Sign:

Teach him to act on cue words like “attack, leave”, etc. is a useful method. Because when he will hear you say those words he will take actions immediately to protect you.

Hand signs are as effective as cue words. Here also, when your Corso will see you making hand signs, he will understand the danger and act to save you.  

Are Cane Corsos Dangerous To Their Owners?

Cane Corsos are not potentially dangerous to their owners but they can be seriously dangerous to their owners only if they are not trained and socialized since their puppyhood.

Cane Corsos are born aggressive. And they are strong-willed independent dogs too. As a result, they can be stubborn and dominant over everyone including their masters. Therefore, if Cane Corsos don’t get proper obedience training, because aggression will trigger them.

And they will assert themselves as dangerous dogs and can even attack their owners or the other pets at home.

Besides, Corsos needs socialization as well. If they are not properly socialized since childhood, it can ignite violence and aggression in them which can make them a potential danger for their masters.

Moreover, an abused Corso is always a danger to his abusive owner.

Are Cane Corso Good Guard Dogs?

Cane Corsos are definitely good guard dogs. Because they were bred as guard dogs and even in the recent war they do have the same guarding instincts to protect their owners and house.

Moreover, Corsos are packed up with all goodness of a guard dog. Whether be it physique, body size, strength, courage, or loyalty, Cane Corsos have everything. And all of these qualities prove them as one of the best guard dogs.

Will A Cane Corso Attack An Intruder?

Cane Corso will attack an intruder who will be displaying threatening activities towards any of his human family members. And Corsos will never hesitate to attract an intruder in such situations.

Cane Corsos are greatly known for their fiercely loyal nature and extremely active instincts to discern the slightest danger. And both of these qualities have made them put themselves before any danger comes near to their families.

So any attacker will be attacked by Corsos. But Corsos do give warning by growling at the attackers before attacking them.

Do Corsos Get Attached To One Person?

It’s natural for Cane Corsos to get attached to one person. And that one person can be anyone of the family, it’s not necessary that every time Cane Corsos will get attached to their owners only. If they are comfortable around any other member or adore them more, they will get attached to that person the most.

Are Cane Corsos Naturally Aggressive?

Cane Corsos are naturally aggressive but it doesn’t indicate that they are potentially dangerous or bad dogs. If they get proper training and socialization, their aggression can be controlled quite effectively to a good extent.

Your Cane Corso will definitely protect you and will never blackout from threatening situations. Cane Corsos are naturally defensive to their masters, so your Corso will make sure that you are safe too.

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