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Why Is My Dog Sleeping Under the Bed? (Explained)

Dogs have some exciting behavior that might be your first experience after getting a new puppy. Some behaviors might be their characteristics, but others might have some concerning factors. You must consider them and act accordingly.

You cannot take every behavior positively since your dog will react in different situations. If your dog is hiding or keeping him apart from you, you should take care of it or try to get the reasons & treat him accordingly.

5 reasons why your dog is sleeping under the bed:

Your dog is sleeping under the bed because of five reasons. Among them, illness and finding new things could be the two most common reasons. If you suddenly notice your dog hiding or sleeping under the bed, you must check your dog’s health. Fear might be another reason.

It’s common for dogs to sleep under or hide under the bed, but the situation would be different if your dog had never shown such behavior before.

In that case, you must observe your dog and try to get the reasons. Maybe your dog needs some private space, so he hides under the bed and sleeps.

I’ve five such reasons that will explain why your dog sleeps or hides under your bed. Sickness, private space, fear of something, and natural behavior are some of the main reasons.

You should get through everything and find out the solutions accordingly. Once you know the reasons, you can solve them.

Private Space:

Sometimes, the dog needs some private space to sleep peacefully. You might have a good place for your dog to sleep better, but it’s common to hide for a while and sleep in an unknown location for dogs.

If you ever find your dog under your bed, you should not worry about its health or other problems. Take it positively and let him sleep.

But the condition would be different if your dog facing mental stress and an unknown environment.

Sometimes, people get their pets from other shops, and it’s difficult for them to cope with a new living place. In that case, they can go under your bed and hide or sleep there.


If your dogs are sick, they will hide under your bed, and it’s a very common characteristic.

When you find your dog under your bed, you should check its health and try to give it the proper treatment. If it has a fever, you should take good care and provide dog clothes to avoid the cold.

The dog might face unknown diseases that will be difficult to cure. Especially the stomach and liver problems are the two most critical health conditions where the dog can’t express & show you the damaged area.

If that ever happens with your dog, you should understand it through body language and hurting.

Fear of Something:

Another most common reason is fear of something. When your dog sees something unusual or new that frightens it, it will keep away from those things or animals.

He might hide under the bed and will sleep there. The dog will be afraid and try not to face the same things again by sleeping under the bed.

So, you must check the nearby areas & the playground to keep the place safe for your dogs. If you ever find any obstacles or frightening animals or things, you must keep them aside and try to make a safe playground for your dogs.

Your dogs will love to become normal again and leave bed quickly.

Natural Behave:

Some dogs have a tendency to sleep under the dog, especially those who live in houses and feel safe under the bed. If you bring such dogs into your house, they will sleep under the bed after having a more comfortable place.

It’s a natural behavior pattern that you must consider and try to change that behavior.

You cannot change that habit over the night, but keep trying to understand your dog about its sleeping safe.

You should show respect and allow it to play in the sleeping area so it gets some confidence and feels safe there. That’s how you can make a new habit of not sleeping under your bed.

Searching for Food:

If your dog suddenly feels hungry and doesn’t find any food nearby, it will start searching for food. After a few minutes or a while, it will get tired & will sleep under your bed.

Maybe it finds something edible under your bed and decides to sleep there after eating. It will not think of going to the sleeping bed.

So, searching for food is another reason your dog sleeps under your bed. Sometimes, we keep some pet food under our bed to store them safely, but our pets may search for their food and will come near the bed and go for it.

Therefore, you should check the food and then be sure about it.

Should I let my dog sleep under the bed? Is it bad for them?

You should not always let your dog sleep under the bed unless there are any particular reasons. Sleeping under your bed is not a big deal for dogs, but this might cause different health damages and spread unknown diseases to the aged, young, and babies.

If your family doesn’t have such citizens, you may allow the pet to sleep under your bed.

You should only let your dog sleep under the bed if there is too much chaos in your house and go wrong. In that situation, your dogs and other pets will need some peaceful place to sleep.

If you find your dog’s under your bed in chaos, you must allow them to sleep better and take a good nap.

Sleeping under the bed is not bad for them, but it’s not a good sign. When you find your dig under your bed, it might be a sign of its illness that depicts something horrible is happening.

Maybe your dog has internal health issues or pain that he fails to express. That’s why he goes under the bed and sleeps there.

Whenever you find your dog sleeping under the bed, you must remember that the dog might have some injury and pain.

Your job is to find damaged or injured parts and get the proper treatment. Once you get the reason, you can solve it correctly; otherwise, it will be difficult to understand the situation.

So, you should not let your dog sleep under your bed for a long time, which is a bad sign for them. You must get the reasons and solve them accordingly to make your dog’s life happier and maintain good health.

When to get concerned?

You should be concerned if your dog suddenly starts to sleep under the bed out of separation anxiety, fear, or any threat.

Something may have been making it anxious, which is why it’s been hiding under the bed all this time. If it has a pattern of doing this when a particular event occurs, such as when there is thunder or loud noises outdoors, this is more likely to occur.

If it does this more frequently when a particular person or animal is present, in this situation, it would be beneficial to interact with it calmly and to employ training methods that incorporate positive reinforcement to improve its behavior rather than punishing it.

If it engages in this behavior while you are absent, it may indicate that it faces separation anxiety.

How to get my dog to stop sleeping under my bed?

You can get your dog to stop sleeping under your bed with the following tips.

Comfortable Bed:

Keep an eye on how your dog sleeps off in its cozy bed. This will assist you in finding a dog bed that will provide her with a comfy sleeping environment when she is dozing off.

Consider getting an excellent rectangle mattress for your pet if they prefer to sleep with their legs stretched out.

A round or oval bed that is wholly enclosed will be the most comfortable option for your dog if she likes to curl up into a tight ball when she sleeps. Memory foam mattresses may provide a more pleasant sleeping surface for senior or arthritic dogs.

Relaxing Environment:

You should position the bed in a relaxing area, such as the living room or bedroom. If you want your dog sleep in its bed rather than in yours, you should ensure that the area in which she does so is pleasant.

It is essential to place the bed in an area that is at an ambient temperature and drafts or doors.

Final thought

Sickness, fear of something, searching for food, and natural behavior are the main reasons your dog sleeps under your bed. Sometimes, the dog might need some private space; therefore, they will go under the bed and get their personal space. It will make them comfortable.