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Why Is My Cockatiel Angry? (Quick Answers)

The cockatiel is a lovely pet bird. It is a friendly bird that you can easily handle and grow. It doesn’t get angry usually. When it gets scared of something, it starts chirping and creating noise.

Since cockatiel is easy to handle, people love to have it in their apartment. You may also find some common issues if you are a cockatiel lover. Sometimes, you might wonder why your cockatiel is angry and why it creates annoying noise.

There are some reasons behind these situations. That’s what we will explain today in our writing. So, keep reading and know the true reasons why your cockatiel is angry.

Why is my cockatiel angry?

Your cockatiel is angry if it remains alone and cannot find its mate. There are some other reasons, but these two are the most common. Whenever you find your cockatiel is angry, you should not create a loud noise, instead, let the pet chirp and be angry for a while. If possible, give it a new mate.

Moreover, cockatiel can get angry at different things, including its living place. We are about to explain every reason why your cockatiel is angry.

Living alone:

Cockatiel loves to live in a pair. They want their mates to live happily. If you buy a single cockatiel, it will take time to get used to living alone and being happy. By that time, it will get angry and create chirping noises now and then.

In that case, you need to avoid the noise and let it take time to get used to living in a new environment. It’s the best solution.

Dark place:

If your cockatiel lives in a dark place or cannot see the light, it will usually get angry. But it’s not an everyday scenario. If you buy the new cockatiel, make it comfortable. Don’t try to force it.

It will take everything easily when you behave friendly and let the cockatiel believe you. Otherwise, it will get angry.


If your cockatiel gets scared of something, it will get angry and become unstable. In some cases, it will start chirping and annoying noises. This is the most common reason why your cockatiel is angry.

To make things easier, you must be familiar with your pet bird. You must avoid introducing anything new or excited to the cockatiel.


When your cockatiel gets sick and feels uncomfortable, it becomes angry. It’s another common reason for birds to get angry.

When birds get sick, they start to pluck feathers and hurt themselves. They can’t bear their sickness anymore. Eventually, they lose their temper and get angry.

Do cockatiels get mad?

Cockatiels get mad for some particular reasons. When they fail to get attention from their mate or owner, they get mad and dilate their eyes. It’s the sign of their madness.

On the other hand, if you force your cockatiel to do something, it will get mad suddenly. It will bow its head and refuse to do that work. Maybe you are trying to feed it more, but its stomach is full; at that time, it will go mad and become angry too.

Furthermore, cockatiel loves to meet their mate frequently. If you buy a single bird, it will go mad at some point, especially when it gets alone and you can’t find anyone to play around with.

Do cockatiels get angry at everything?

Cockatiels don’t get angry at everything. There are some specific objects and reasons that make cockatiels angry. They are: 


Cockatiels get angry at me/you. It’s a bizarre reason. But if you do something wrong with your cockatiel, it will be angry at you. Let’s say you don’t play with your pet for a long time.

Then it will get angry. Or if you force something, it will be angry at you. So, it’s better you don’t force anything onto your cockatiel and be a friend of it.


Night freight is another significant concern for the cockatiel. It fears night and darkness, especially when it lives alone; it gets angry at night.

So, it’s a wise decision to buy a pair of cockatiels and let them live where you can ensure the light. It will take some time to get used to living in the dark, but cockatiel will love to live where you want after some weeks.


You may buy some toys to entertain your cockatiel. In fact, if you search for bird toys, you will find some great toys in this regard. However, you should not force your cockatiel to play with the toys right after buying them. 

Otherwise, cockatiel will get angry at toys.

Instead, give your pet bird some time and make it familiar with the toys. After that, it will take the toys easily and won’t get angry at them.


If your cockatiel’s cage doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will get angry at the cage. So, always try to put the cage in a place where direct sunlight gets through it. Besides, you should avoid placing the bird’s cage in a dark place. It will ruin their growth and mental happiness as well.


If you create weird and loud sounds, your cockatiel will get angry. So. it would be better if you avoided making shouting and noise. Instead, let your cockatiel start chirping.

How to deal with an angry cockatiel? – How to calm an angry cockatiel?

Sometimes, you may find your cockatiel is angry at something. You need to do something to calm down your angry bird at that time. Let’s see how you can calm down the angry cockatiel and deal with it.

Pay proper attention:

take your cockatiel with you while staying in your house. Cockatiel loves to get attention. So, if you find your cockatiel is angry, take it with you, and talk to him continuously.

It’s the best way to deal with an angry cockatiel. If you leave the pet birds for a long time at your house, they will get angry. But if you pay attention while in the home, cockatiel will love it.

Favorite food:

You can give what your cockatiel loves to eat. Cockatiel will love to eat both vegetables and seasonal fruits. First, provide some vegetables and see if it enjoys eating.

On the other hand, you may try out some fruits, for example, apples or grapes. Cockatiels are fond of eating these fruits. You can quickly calm down the angry cockatiels with fruits and vegetables.

Pet toys:

Pet toys are an excellent option to deal with and calm down the angry cockatiel. When you find your pet angry, give it a try. Make sure you give the cute toy that your bird loves to play with.

How to hold an angry cockatiel?

Holding an angry cockatiel is not an easy job. You must follow some safety precautions, and then try to hold it. The best way to hold an angry cockatiel is to calm It down by following the above methods.

You can offer some fruits and vegetables and then deal with the angry birds. On the other hand, you can talk to your cockatiels and make them comfortable. After that, you can hold the angry cockatiels.

Apart from these tips, you should wear plastic gloves. There is a chance of getting bitten by your angry cockatiels. So, it will try to hurt you. That’s why you need to be safe and wear safety gloves.

How to tame an angry cockatiel? How to bond with an angry cockatiel?

If you have an angry cockatiel, you need to make a bond of trust. But the question is how?

Follow our steps to tame an angry cockatiel and create a bond with an angry cockatiel.


Start talking with your angry cockatiel. Keep a safe distance. You need to go closer slowly and make the bird comfortable with your voice and sound.


After getting close, you should treat your pet birds with some fruits and vegetables. If it doesn’t take any vegetables, you should treat it with some fruits.

Give your hand:

In the final step, you need to give your hands before the cage in a way that you offer your cockatiel to sit on your hands. Don’t open the cage. It’s a friendly approach to tame an angry cockatiel.

You can easily tame an angry cockatiel if you follow these simple steps. You will be able to bond with an angry cockatiel quickly.

Final Thoughts

Your cockatiel may get angry for some reason. Mainly, it will get angry when it feels unsafe and remains alone for a long time. On the other hand, if you stop talking to your cockatiel, it will get angry at you and start chirping a lot. In that case, you can treat it with care and fruits.