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Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me? (Explained for Owners!)

Your pet dog staring at you can be quite cute and adorable. Sometimes, when they do it too often, the intense stare might feel a little creepy as well.

And when your strong and independent Shiba Inu stares at you, you might want to mind out why.

Why does my Shiba inu stare at me?

If your Shiba Inu is staring at you, it is either because they want to communicate with you or they are trying to understand you. Additionally, Shiba Inus also stare at their owners as a form of love and affection. They might add noises to their intent stares if they want something from their owner.

4 reasons why Shiba inu stares at me

There are numerous reasons why your Shiba Inu might be staring too intensely at you. Here are few possible explanations:

Trying to understand you:

As Shiba Inus are considered to be basal dogs, some of their traits are more primitive. Among these traits, is their instinct to look up to or follow their pack leader.

Believe it or not, to them, you are their pack leader. Hence when they stare at you, they might be waiting for instructions on what to do next. Sometimes, they just want to understand you and what you are doing.

Display of affection:

Eye contact with the one you love is said to release a hormone called oxytocin which strengthens human to human bond. The same is true for a dog and his human friend.

Most Shiba owners, when asked why they think their canine must be staring at them, said without hesitation that the reason must be love. And they are right on the money.

Shiba Inus are loving and protective pets who love to show their adoration for their owners by lovingly staring into their friend’s eyes.

They want or need something:

Another common reason why your Shiba might be staring it off at your eyes so intensely is simply that they are trying to communicate with you.

More specifically, they will stare at you if they want something, which can be anything from wanting to play outside to a bite out of your meal.

With they want something from you, the staring might be accompanied by movements of other limbs, like a wagging tail or moving leg.

They feel threatened:

If they stare at you but with a rigid body language and occasional angry teeth display, you might want to be careful. This is a stare that comes when they feel threatened and want to confront you about something.

Although Shibas don’t share such hostile relationships with their owners, they can stare angrily if they want to guard their toys, food, or, in some cases if they feel some other pet is invading their space.

What does it mean when a shiba inu stares at you?

Not all Shiba Inu stares are the same. Here are a few reasons depending on the different circumstances and behaviors:

Why is my shiba inu staring at me and whining?

If your Shiba’s stare is coupled with whining or moaning, you may have to take it as a sign of communication. This means, you Shiba Inu wants something from you.

They might be trying to tell you that they want to go outside and play. Or, if they have seen you eating something, they might want a bit out of your food.

Why does my shiba inu stare at me when he eats?

If you are having your steak dinner and your Shiba is glaring with extra caution at you, it might just be because they want what you are having. Sometimes if they are hungry and see other people eat, they want whatever is on the human’s plate.

Other times, the Shiba might stare at you when they are eating. This could either indicate they dislike the food you’ve fed them or they love the food so much, they want more of it. At times they just want you to know that they are starving too.

Why does my shiba inu stare into my eyes?

Your Shiba Inu staring at you with all the intensity could simply mean they love you too much! Sharing eye contact with your pet has been proven to be healthy for your relationship as well.

Sometimes they just wish to understand your movements and wish to wait for your next instruction. Although it may sound creepy, they like to watch you as their pack leader. Thanks to their primitive genetics, they still look up to a pack leader for a cue.

Why does my shiba inu stare at me and growl?

Although a rarer sight, you might notice that Shiba’s stare is a little more hostile than usual. During these times, you could be growling and showing teeth as well. If that’s the case, you’ll have to assume that your dog is feeling angry at a particular situation.

More than anger, a Shiba will growl and stare at you if they feel threatened and wish to confront you about something. Maybe you have taken away their favorite bed, or toy or haven’t given them the food they wanted.

Why does my shiba inu stare at me when I sleep?

Oftentimes we think our dogs have been staring at us all night. Well, in most cases that’s

not true, because they probably only stare when we turn and move in our periods of sleep. If they do stare when you sleep, it could be out of protectiveness.

Sometimes they just want to wake you up and play with you, while other times they might be checking on you to see if you are still okay and breathing.

Why does my shiba inu stare at me creepy?

If your Shiba stares at you creepy, there is nothing to be worried about. It probably simply means that they adore you and can’t get enough of you.

If the staring is too much, you may want to read their body language. Constant staring by dogs is often related to them trying to communicate.

Is it bad to stare a dog in the eyes?

It can be bad to stare a dog right in the eye as this act can make them confused and they might just assume you are being hostile with them.

If you suddenly stare at your dog’s eyes, they might even become nervous, not being able to read the intent behind your stares. However, if your dog is staring at you, you can reciprocate the eye contact.

Healthy eye contact has been proven to be beneficial for a pet and its owners’ relationship.

Do Shiba Inus love their owners?

Shiba Inus are affectionate and protective dogs that love their owners a lot. They can be quite territorial as well. For this reason, even when you have friends or family around, they are more likely to only be attentive towards you.

Although they love to display their affection to their owners, they are not clingy pets. They love you when they want to, much as a cat does. Likewise, they are unlikely to show their love by cuddling you often, but when they sense a threat, they are on their paws!

How do you know if your shiba inu loves you?

One of the most common ways a Shiba Inu shows their love for you if by getting all excited when you return home. Although they can only do this for a short time, they would still jump and howl to show their joy.

Another way to tell if a Shiba loves you is if it makes eye contact with you or stares at you lovingly, especially when they don’t need anything.

Moreover, a love Shiba Inu might go as far as sharing their toys or food with you, along with licking you and leaning on you. Some Shibas that grow up too attached to their owners might even follow their favorite humans around the house.

Why do Shibas lick you?

When a Shiba Inu licks you, it is most likely related to their instinctive behavior, meaning they don’t do it so cautiously.

More often, they could lick you simply because they find it comforting to be with you. It can be a sign of care as well like they lick their pups. If they are stressed, licking their owners can release good hormones like endorphins that calm them down.

Funnily, if they lick other dogs, it is not out of love but because they want to show domination.

If your Shiba Inu is staring at you, remember to never ignore your pup. You fox-like canine might be trying to show you some love.

If not, they surely want something from you and as their family, you may want to find out what! 

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