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Why are Weimaraners so Clingy And Needy? (Explained)

Weimaraner dogs are such a sweetheart that can melt anyone’s heart with their lovely and affectionate behavior. And as a Weimaraner dog owner, you often have encountered so.

However, at times you must have noticed that your Weimaraner is becoming too clingy or needy than before. And exactly at this point, a common question may arise in your mind that, “Why Weimaraners so clingy or needy?”. 

So to answer this popular question, this article is going to break down all factors with appropriate justification. 

Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy Or Needy?

Weimaraner dogs are Velcro dogs. So by nature, they are clingy or needy and demand loads of attention and affection. Another major underlying reason is Weimaraner dogs are highly subjected to suffer from separation anxiety. So when separation anxiety triggers them, they behave so clingily or needy. 

Naturally, Weims are clingy or needy dogs and want lots of attention from their owners. Therefore, they are known as Velcro dogs too. 

And the other main issue is, most Weims have inherited separation anxiety genetically. So they are more likely to undergo separation anxiety. And when it triggers them they develop clingy or needy behavior and all the time want their owners to be with them. 

5 Reasons Why Weimaraners Are So Clingy Or Needy

There are quite some reasons behind Weimaraner dogs being really clingy or needy. Here are the top 5 reasons listed below that will explain why Weims are so clingy or needy. 

Velcro Dogs

Although Weims are known as hunting dogs and not supposed to be so clingy or needy but they are clingy and needy.

Because Weimaraners are Velcro dogs. So naturally, they have a tendency of being super clingy or needy with their owners. And they demand much attention and affection from them. 

Separation Anxiety

The other main reason is, Weimaraner dogs often suffer from generation anxiety. It’s kind of a hereditary problem and they are highly prone to go through this tough situation.

So when separation anxiety badly spurs in them they behave clingily or needy. As that time they feel lonely and anxious want to stay with their owners.   

Wants To Show Dominance 

Dominance in Weimaraners is a common thing. Especially when they are with their owner. At that time they tend to sit near them, tries to be close with them, lay their head in their lap, or put their paws on their feet.

Doing these things they try to express that they want their owner right now with them and they can’t escape. 


 Weims get jealous seeing their owner being with someone no matter it’s another pet or someone from the family. And their jealousy makes them be clingy or needy towards their owner. 

Wants A Playing Partner 

Weimaraners love to play and for that, they demand a playing partner. If their owners don’t give them enough time or play with them after, they become super clingy or needy and lonely. And follows their owner everywhere to convince them to play. 

Characteristics Of Clingy Weimaraners 

Weims might be clingy but they own lovable and exotic characteristics. Below a clingy Weimaraner’s characteristics have been explained for you to know more about this breed.


Weimaraners are solely developed and fiercely loyal to their owners and family members. They would go to any extent to serve his owner. Also, as they are Velcro dogs, so kind of make their owner the center of their world and only want to stay with them. 

Attached To Family 

It’s one of their wonderful traits. Weimaraners are really attached to their family and don’t like to live any moment without them. They like to stay close to the family member, play with them, do activities them, and obviously go for a hunt, walk, or jog with them. 

Loves To Get Hugs And Cuddle 

Weimaraners love to get hugs and cuddles from both their owners and other family members. In fact, these are the reasons they act so clingy. So when their owners pet them, hug them, and cuddle with them, they cherish those moments.

Hates To Sleep Alone

Doesn’t matter it’s a baby Weimaraner or an adult one, they absolutely hate to sleep alone. And it’s a part of their clingy characteristics. They would often jump onto the bed and make space to sleep with their owners. Even if they have a spouse. Weims love to sleep cuddling. 

Howls Constantly 

Clingy Weimaraners can’t stay alone. All the time they wish their owners or family members to be with them. If they are left alone for a long time, it ignites them to howl continuously to grab the attention of their masters and other members. 

How Do I Get My Weimaraner Dog To Stop Being Clingy?

The clinginess of your Weimaraner dog sometimes can be irritating. Therefore, to stop your Weims from being clingy, some effective ways have been described below.

Provide Adequate Exercise 

Give your Weims enough chance to do strenuous exercise. Exercise will help him to lose energy and will make his body tired too. So with a tired body, your Weimaraner wouldn’t like to follow you or be clingy with you. He would rather take rest. 

Stimulate Their Mind 

Provide your Weimaraner with plenty of mind-stimulating games, toys, and activities. These things will keep your Weimaraner’s mind occupied and he will have less interest in being clingy with you. 

Boredom and loneliness often trigger Weimaraners to be clingy. As they don’t find any better thing to do. So games like treasure hunting, regular playing sessions, and companion toys stimulate them mentally. 

Shows Them With Affection 

Clinginess can be a result of separation anxiety, therefore, shower your Weimaraner with plenty of love and affection so that he doesn’t feel abandoned and miss you desperately. Also, it will build trust between you two and he will feel relaxed that you will be with him always. 

Create His Special Place 

Set a place for your Weimaraner with his favorite toys and treats and sleeping space. So that whenever he will feel lonely or bored he can go to that place and play all by himself. You can teach him some cue words like, “ go there”, “ go and play”. And reward them with a treat when they obey you. 

Ignore His Stubbornness 

If you feel that your Weimaraner is being clingy just because he wants you all day, you better avoid him. Because this can encourage him to act in a more clingy way.

So push him away at times when he is trying to come too close to you or wants to cuddle you. Gradually, his clinginess will lessen. 

Do Weimaraners Like To Cuddle? 

Weimaraners are super cuddly. They love human interaction and enjoy being touched and petted by them all time. They would give standing hug to their owners every time they come back home from outside. 

They even make space for themselves on the bed to sleep and cuddle with their owner or other members while sleeping. They like to place their head in their owner’s lap, sit closely on the couch, and put their one leg on the owner’s leg. All of these are their way of cuddling. 

Male Weims are usually more cuddly than female ones. However, their demand for cuddling is almost the same. 

Why Does My Weimaraner Whine So Much?

Several reasons can trigger your Weimaraner dog whining so much. The major reason can be separation anxiety. Weims are prone to preparation anxiety, so when they are left alone for a long time they feel deserted and whine excessively to express loneliness. 

If your Weimaraner is injured or in pain, he can whine so much to express his sufferings. And to make you notice him so that you help him to get relief. 

Moreover, excessive whining can mean that your Weimaraner wants your attention. Also, if he is around other dogs, he can whine too much to communicate with those dogs. It’s just a dog’s way of communication. 

Do All Weimaraners Have Separation Anxiety?

Not all Weimaraners have separation anxiety. But Most of the Weimaraners are prone to separation anxiety because they got it genetically and they are stressed. Separation anxiety highly depends on genetics, level of stress, and boredom.

So, if Weimaraners get to live a routine life where they get enough exercise, affection, and obedience training, they might not suffer from separation anxiety. 

Why Does My Weimaraner Stare At Me? 

Your Weimaraner stares at you to express his affection and attachment towards you. By directly staring at your eyes, he wants to express that he adores you and wants you for a long time to be with him.

Also, direct staring between you and your Weims will release oxytocin or better known as the love hormone. It will help your Weims to build trust in you more and will strengthen your relations with him.

How Do I Get My Weimaraner To Calm Down? 

To calm down you Weimaraner, first, you need to try promoting calmness in him and give him basic obedience training to listen to your command.

Also, keep his mind busy by giving him exciting toys and games. You must make him do some strenuous exercises so that he can lose all pent-up energies. 

Always handle him calmly and mainly make him live a routine life where all of his work will be done on time. So that he feels relaxed, assured, and stays calm. 

The stress Weimaraner feels and their wish for receiving love and attention all time from their owner made them clingy or needy. So, love and understand your Weimaraner’s mental state to control their clinginess. 

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