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Why Are Shiba Inus so Expensive? (All You Need to Know)

You might have seen the recent memes of a dog that is yellow in color. That is none other than the Shiba Inu.

As they have become pretty well known because of the memes, their demand among the people also increased. This made their price escalate pretty fast which is one of the reasons why they have become expensive.

Why Are Shiba Inus So Expensive?

The price of a Shiba Inu can vary by the coat color and texture, gender, and AKC registration. The memes also played an equal role in increasing their price. Due to extreme popularity, the suppliers couldn’t meet the demand of the buyer properly. Thus, the price rose drastically due to less supply.

They approximately cost from $2000-$3000. It can be expensive to maintain the cost of their food, accessories, and especially the vet bills.

It is usually seen that the red-coated Shiba Inus are more expensive than the white or cream ones. Their short hair length is really desired by a lot of dog lovers.

So, people cannot resist paying a large amount for this fluffy, fox-face dog. But, however, before having a Shiba Inu, people should actually consider whether they will be able to afford all the expenses that will be caused in the future.

5 Reasons Why Shiba Inus Are So Expensive:

These are some of the points why Shiba Inus have become so expensive nowadays:


Memes are quite popular these days and one of them consists of the Shiba Inu. When people saw the different expressions of the cute Shiba Inu in the memes, they started to desire to have them even more. 

After that, the price of the Shiba increased as the breeders and other sources couldn’t provide that amount of Shiba Inu to the customers. Lack of supply of the Shiba Inu made them so expensive today.   

AKC Registration

AKC registration simply means that your dog is of pure breed. You can get this registration for your Shiba Inu but it will definitely increase the cost than usual.

However, there is another cheap limited AKC registration that is available except that one which is more affordable.

Food Expenses

It is highly suggested to feed the dog premium quality dog foods every day. It is well known that it can be pretty pricey. Around $2-$3 per pound is the price of high-quality dog food.

You have to spend around $55 every 3 months if you buy a 30-pound bag of food.

At least, one cup should be fed throughout the whole day.

It is important for you to make sure you are feeding your Shiba Inu the required amount of food that it needs to grow properly, not more not less. The food must include all the nutrients that a dog needs and this will cost you even more.

Accessories Expense

A dog not only needs food but also needs other essentials. Shiba Inus are well known to be active dogs. Thus, it needs toys to play with. This will also increase your expenses.

Besides, it will need a dog collar, leash, bowls (both separate for food and water), and brush. Also, don’t forget to buy a bed for your Shiba as well.

Combining all the expenses of the above items listed, you might have to spend a good amount.   

Vet Visits

A regular checkup is very important for not only Shiba Inus but all the dogs. And vets actually charge a lot even if your dog is going for only a normal checkup.

So, you have to be prepared for that. Additionally, it is crucial that you get your Shiba Inu neutered/spayed. Because this will help the dog to be calm and not be in heat.

It will cost you around $250-$500.

Shiba Inus can also get diseases like glaucoma and allergies. So, you have to ask your vet to pay attention to these aspects to avoid them from happening. The vets might charge you more in this.

How much does Shiba Inus cost?

If you are looking for a Shiba Inu pup then the average cost will be near $1000 but it can likely go up to $1800.

In America, the starting price of Shiba Inu puppies is $600 which is comparatively low. The adult Shiba Inus will cost more which is around $2500-$3000.

However, you can always adopt the helpless Shiba Inus from the shelters and it will cost you way less. You only have to spend around $550 or even less to have them from there. It would be really wise of you to adopt them from the shelter.

Are Shiba Inus expensive to maintain?

Yes, it can be pretty expensive to maintain the Shiba Inu. If by any chance, the Shiba Inu gets hurt then the vet will charge a high bill to you.

So, it is advised for you to do pet insurance when you first get your Shiba as this will come in handy when you have to do treatment for your little fluff.

You will also have to groom the beautiful coat that a Shiba Inu has by brushing them thoroughly. This will not cost you much as you only have to buy a brush suitable for their hair to comb.

It is normal for them to shed at least twice a year so there is nothing to be scared of.

You can clean the hair in your house with a vacuum.

How expensive is a Shiba Inu to maintain?

There is no specific amount of cost to maintain the Shiba Inu. But it would be safe for you to estimate that it might cost from $1600-$2000 every year.

And this includes all the necessities like food supply and health care that will be needed in a year for a Shiba Inu. 

Are Shiba Inus high maintenance?

Yes, Shiba Inus are high-maintenance dogs. They are usually smart dogs and they can adapt to any atmosphere that they are kept in. 

So, if you train them properly with love and care, you can change them into the most lovable and loyal dog that anyone can have. 

Shiba Inus have a hunter instinct naturally in them as they were used to hunt animals by the people. And you cannot leave them unleashed before training them. 

However, if you are trying to make it a companion dog then you have to spend a lot of time training them. You have to teach them how to be in a household like any other house dog. 

Is it worth getting a Shiba Inu?

It is totally worth it to get a Shiba Inu. But you have to be patient and take time to train the dog in a good manner so that they can stay inside the house with the family members without creating any chaos.

After all, dogs are the most loyal and trusted creature that you can have.    

What are the pros and cons of Shiba Inu?


  • Shiba Inus are smart and strong dogs.
  • They are pretty much active all the time.
  • They almost look like a fox and have the appearance features of them as well.
  • Adapting to a new situation is easy for them.


  • They can be aggressive towards other animals.
  • They love to chase anything they want.
  • They often don’t like to listen to your commands as they are independent.
  • Shed twice a year.

Is a Shiba Inu good for first-time dog owners?

Unfortunately, it won’t be a good idea to have a Shiba Inu if you didn’t have a dog before. It is slightly different and more difficult to train Shiba Inus than any other dog. This is because of their hunting instincts. 

How long do Shiba Inus live? 

It is said that they can live for up to 12-15 years. If they are grown properly and in a healthy way, they can live for that long.

In conclusion, even though they are pretty expensive because of valid reasons, it would be really nice to have a cute and chubby fox face like a dog around in the house as they make things lively with their expressions and mischievousness.  

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