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Why Are Pomskies So Expensive? (Explained)

It wouldn’t be a surprising matter if you consider adopting a Pomsky to satisfy your longing for petting a Siberian Husky. However, the factor that will surprise you to the core is the price of Pomskies. So after getting to know Pomskies’ extravagant price, you will definitely yearn for knowing the reasons that make Pomskies so expensive.

So, let’s put an end to your yearning and check out the exact reasons that earned the “expensive dogs” title for Pomskies.

Why Are Pomskies So Expensive?

Pomskies are so expensive because they are a designer breed of dogs that manifest standard Siberian Husky markings and have a high demand. Besides, rare eye colors like blue eyes/odd eyes and cute sizes of Mini Pomskies are the other two main reasons that make Pomskies so expensive and demanding.

Are Pomskies Expensive?

Pomskies are really expensive. Pomskies are a crossbreed of the gorgeous Siberian Huskies and The cutest Pomeranians. So, they resemble the Siberian Huskies but in a smaller size than Huskies which is apartment-friendly like Pomeranians. As a result, such factors made them a highly demanding and popular designer breed of dog, and these two are the main factor behind Pomskies being so costly.

Besides, on people’s demand, Pomskies are even being bred in a miniature, more apartment-friendly size. And these Mini Pomskies are even more expensive than the standard-sized ones due to their small size.

Another factor is Pomskies with rare blue eyes or odd eyes like Siberian Huskies. So, Pomskies with any of these two eye colors are truly expensive.

6 Reasons Why Are Pomskies So Expensive?- What Impacts The Price

To give you a clear understanding of the reasons that impact the price of Pomskies, all of the major 6 reasons have been clarified.

Siberian Husky Markings:

Being offspring of the Siberian Huskies, Pomskies have genetically inherited the standard Siberian Husky markings and they do display them too strongly. These Siberian Husky characteristics are one of the main reasons that made Pomskies earn the title of “expensive dogs”.

Siberian Huskies are always loved due to their magnificent charm and temperament. So, when people are getting almost the same markings in medium-sized Pomskies, it’s obvious they will be loved too and this reason is enough for Pomskies to be expensive dogs.

Eye Color:

Some Pomskies are born with the same eye-catching blue eyes as the Siberian Huskies, and some can have odd eyes too. And these eye colors are considered as exotic eye colors in Pomskies. So, Pomskies with these two eye colors are really expensive regardless of their quality.


Since Pomskies are offspring of the Siberian Huskies and the Pomeranians, they have got a medium-size body that is apartment-friendly. So they are in good demand as people prefer to adopt them more, and it influences their price.

Moreover, there are Miniature Pomskies (Toy/Teacup Pomskies) too that are smaller than standard-sized Pomskies and takes less place to live. And due to their higher popularity, these Pomskies have a higher price than the standard-sized.


Since people are getting Pomskies with Siberian Husky Markings, cuteness as Pomeranians, and a lot smaller, apartment-friendly size, so they are in higher public demand. And this reason is clear enough to justify why Pomskies come with a high price tag.


Different generations of Pomskies directly impact the pricing of them. F1 generation’s Pomsky puppies cost less because they are directly produced by both purebred Siberian Husky and Pomeranians.

But F2 Pomsky puppies are offspring of both Pomsky parent and F1B Pomsky puppies are offspring of a Pomsky and a purebred parent, so it takes more time and effort to breed them, therefore, these generations’ Pomskies are expensive.

Breeder Quality:

Breeder’s quality is a big reason that impacts the price of Pomskies. Pomskies from a reputable breeder will always cost more than a puppy mill and backyard breeder. Because reputable breeder breed quality puppies, they are professional, and use only AKC/CKC certified purebred parent dogs.

How Much Do Pomskies Cost?

The average price range of Pomsky puppies from a reputable breeder is between $2000 to $4000.

However, the price can go as low as $500 and can even get higher than $5000. The pricing totally depends on Pomsky’s characteristics, physical traits, breeder’s quality, size, etc.

For your better understanding, below a chart of Pomsky puppies’ price according to different types and breeders has been included.

A Chart Of Pomsky Puppies’ Price

                      Types              Breeders
Standard PomskyPrice- $2000-$4000Reputable BreedersPrice (Standard Size Pomsky)- $2000-$4000Price (Miniature or blue eyed Pomsky)- $4000-$5000+
Miniature PomskyPrice- $4000+Puppy MillPrice- $500-$1000
Pomskies With Exotic Features(Blue eyes)Price- $5000+Backyard BreederPrice- $1000-$3000
F1 GenerationPrice- $3200-$3600 
F2 GenerationPrice- $3600-$4500 
F3 GenerationPrice- $4200-$5500 

**All the prices given here is an estimated on average price, depending on conditions price vary**

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Pomsky?

Pomsky is an expensive breed of dogs. So there is not only the adoption cost is associated with it but also there several essential costs that you must pay if you want to adopt a Pomsky.

Therefore, all the add-in costs with owning a Pomsky have been precisely explained for you to perceive how much exactly it costs to own a Pomsky.

Busying A Pomsky:

The buying price of a Pomsky from a reputable breeder is between $2000-$4000 on average.

But if you want to go for Miniature Pomskies or Pomskies with exotic eye color and physical features, then be prepared to spend $5000 or more.

Dog Toys:

You can not escape from spending on toys for Pomskies. Since Pomskies’ temperament is not definite due to being born of two different parent dog breeds, so to keep them busy and mentally stimulated, toys are the best weapons.

You can check on the website (Specialized in dog toys)  to buy this for your Pomsky at a cheap rate. There, you will get plushies at $4-$8 each.


You can leave the cost of food for Pomsky. As soon as you adopt a Pomsky, you got to count money for his most essential thing (food) to live a healthy life. So initially, you have to pay $50 on average for a medium-sized dog food packet and $70 on average for a big-sized packet.

The annual cost depends on how much your Pomsky eat and how you are going to manage his food habit.


Either while training or encouraging your Pomsky from the beginning, you have to feed him treats, it’s positive reinforcement for dogs. So you will be needing to spend some bucks on their treats too while adopting a Pomsky.

So to buy any chewable dog treats for your Pomsky, you have to spend like $3-$6 per pack.

Dog Kennels And Carrier:

Dog kennel and carrier are the other two most important stuff that you must buy while adopting a Pomsky.

It’s important to keep Pomskies inside a dog kennel initially to make them feel safe. Also to train him to stay in kennels while you are out. Therefore, to buy a dog kennel at a low cost, you check Pet Co’s website, there you will find a dog kennel at $150-$170 on average.   

A dog carrier is also very important stuff to carry your Pomsky with you in the car or while visiting the vet. Pet Smart has some good-quality dog carriers that may match your taste. There you can get a carrier at $46 on average.


Vaccination is the most important for any dog to stay healthy and free from diseases. So you have to make sure that your Pomsky gets all the necessary vaccines like adenovirus type 1 and 2, parainfluenza, and canine parvovirus. And all together you have to pay $60 for the first session.


As soon as you get a Pomsky, you have to give him a regular grooming session either at home or at a dog salon. At dog salons, you have to expect to pay $30-$49 for Mini Pomsky and $45-$69 for standard-sized Pomsky.

Are Pomskies Rare?

Pomskies are a relatively much rare breed of dogs. Because Pomskies can’t be bred safely and naturally due to the size difference between their parent dogs the Siberian Huskies and the Pomeranians. Therefore, through artificial insemination Pomskies are being brought into our lives, so they are both rare still and expensive.

Are Pomskies Popular?

The popularity of Pomskies is sky-touching because they are a designer breed of dogs that have Siberian Husky markings and are medium-sized dogs. Also, they are a fairly rare breed of dogs, especially Pomskies with blue eyes. So, Pomskies have gained much popularity.

Are Pomskies Good Pets?

Pomskies make an excellent pet. Because these canines have inherited both the watchdog quality as Siberian Huskies and easy-going, intelligent, and friendly nature as Pomeranians. So, anyone can pet them quite easily without having much problems.

Are Pomskies High Maintenance?

Pomskies are certainly one of the high-maintenance breed of dogs. As they have soft and fluffy double coats that shed a lot, so to maintain their coat, they require regular brushing at home and routine grooming by a professional groomer.

Are Pomskies Hard To Train?

Pomskies are trainable but they can be really hard to train initially as they have the stubbornness like Siberian Huskies. Also, they are highly energetic and can get easily diverted like Pomeranians. So to handle them and control them while training, you can encounter difficulties.

Due to being a fairly rare dog breed and highly popular among people because of having Siberian Husky markings, Pomskies are expensive. So be ready to spend thousands of bucks if you want to adopt a Pomsky. 

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