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Why Are Cane Corsos Expensive? How Much Do They Cost?

Cane Corsos or Italian Mastiffs are a powerful, regal breed that is known to be needing an experienced, confident owner. For this fascinating and noble dog to live a proper, fulfilling life, they need consistent training, exercise, and socialization. 

When all these costs line up, it makes sense as to why Cane Corsos are considered rather expensive. But let’s dig deeper to answer the question of

Why are Cane Corsos so expensive?

A pure breed dog will always cost more and since Cane Corsos are award-winning breeds, their cost range is higher. 

Other than the high “onetime” costs such as vaccine and accessories, they have a high maintenance expenditure due to them needing routine quality food, training, and socialization.

Certain breeders will raise the price of their pup if they have award-winning parents, and an extra charge will be applied for vaccinations as well as other services. 

Are Cane Corsos expensive?

To be honest, all dogs (or pets in that manner) are more expensive than we initially think them to be. Keep in mind the overall expense is going to be more than the purchase price.

Since they are big dogs, they need a lot of food and nourishment, so that is one of the places where you will spend the most money on. Other expenditure includes strong fencing, a rather big crate, and the obvious medical costs.

You will be paying for the essentials such as supplies, training, medical expenses, food (this also includes treats), the rare grooming, and microchip if you would like to do so. Other costs may include spay/neutering, pet insurance, training, and the occasional socialization events.

The price range might go higher if you live in an expensive area and/or consume premium products for you and your dog.

A few reasons why Cane Corsos are so expensive

There are a few select reasons why Cane Corsos are considered expensive breeds to acquire and take care of.

Since they need to be experienced, understanding owners who are ready to offer them the best treatment possible. Most of the regular costs come from their need for consistent socialization and training.

Good lineage:

A pure breed dog will already cost more than a mixed breed, and understandably so. A pure breed with a good, award-winning lineage will have an even higher charge, which makes sense as to why Cane Corsos have a hefty tag. Superior pedigree will always cost more.

 Always make sure to buy your pup from a reputable breeder who has certifiable proof to show for the claims they are making.


The optimal age to buy or adopt a puppy is when they are around 8 to 12 weeks of age. This is also when they will be priced the most since it is the perfect time to buy a pup. A puppy over 12 weeks will cost less, and those that are over 1 year old will have their price reduced rather significantly.

Coat color:

Cane Corsos are known to come in an array of colors such as grey, black, red, fawn, and brindle. They even have the rare “blue” coats, which some places don’t accept as the standard, however. Pups with traditional coat colors will cost more than those without.

Breeder reputation:

If you decide to pick your pup from a well-known, big breeder with an excellent reputation, they can charge more for their puppies and services. If they are registered under the American Kennel Club (AKC) and have produced show-winning dogs, they will understandably have a higher price range.

Other costs:

Other costs that have to be included to raise the initial and total cost of Cane Corsos include disease testing, vaccines, tail docking as well as dewclaw removal. Puppies undergone such treatment and procedures will cost more.

The location of where the puppy is can increase the price as well if you have to travel to get your new pet. Some breeders even offer to fly the pup to you, if you were to accept the package.

Are Cane Corsos rare?

Seeing how Cane Corsos are rising in popularity each year, households having them might be rare, but the admiration they receive is certainly not. Popularity-wise, AKC ranks them 32nd out of 197.

Amongst Cane Corso coats, if you were to think of “rare”, the rarest Cane Corsos you may see are the ones in the chocolate, liver, or blue hue, and some can even be albino cream whites.

How much is a Cane Corso puppy?

Generally, a Cane Corso puppy will set you back anywhere from a thousand dollars to two. However, this can change if they have a superior lineage. A puppy from a top-quality breeder with exceptional breed lines can cost anywhere from 2.5k dollars to even 8.5k.

How much do Cane Corsos cost?

Since Cane Corsos’ cost can vary significantly depending on where they are taken from. To start with,

Puppy mills:

the go-to for cheap dogs, they are also known as commercial breeders. Kept in inhumane conditions, the mothers are made to produce litter after litter so the puppies can have health issues. Overall, puppies from here cost the least, around $400-$800.

Backyard Breeders:

if given a choice, don’t go to them for your Cane Corso for they are only second worse to puppy mills. On average puppies here cost $800-$1,500.

Reputable Breeders:

the recommended place to get Cane Corsos from, they are also the place where they will be treated as humanely as possible. Puppies here can be around 2k and up dollars.

As service dogs:

As Cane Corsos are known as the bodyguard dogs, they make great service dogs when fully trained. Such dogs will cost you anywhere between $8,500-$13,000.

Are Cane Corsos expensive to maintain?

Dogs (or pets) are an emotional investment that will always cost more than we think they will. This particular breed, however, is known to be expensive to maintain, since they need regular training, exercise, socialization, and proper, high-quality feed.

One of the biggest ongoing expenses for such large breeds is going to be vet bills since medication costs are mostly determined by weight. The total average expense can be anywhere from $1000 to double the amount per year.

Does a Cane Corso need training? How much does training cost?

Cane Corso is a breed that definitely needs the training to be a well-behaved dog. Since they are highly intelligent dogs, they need proper training by an expert, commanding hand, which needs to happen early on.

Training and socialization for your Cane Corso can range anywhere from 50 to 125 dollars for 4 to 8 weeks of one-hour sessions. Different types of the session in either group or individual settings can have different fees so it is better to call ahead and know.

How much does it cost to maintain a Cane Corso?

The total expenditure behind maintaining a Cane Corso will vary from dog to dog and owner to owner depending on the lifestyle they have. Other than their one-off costs such as purchasing them and most of their beds, crates, and toys, the other expenses come from sources noted below.

A large crate for the fast, ever-growing Cane Corso puppy will be around 50 to 70 dollars. Non slipping and scratch-resistant mats can be about 40 dollars. Adding on, food and water bowls of solid quality will be a tenner or so.

Accessories-wise, rope, and leash can be a total of $50, with a muzzle it will be 30 dollars more. Microchipping your canine will depend on the state you’re in- but it should be $20-$40. 

Certification wise, license and permit registration will cost a basic $35. A consultation and necessary vaccinations for a health certificate can go up to $350.

Concerning food, it depends on what feed/kibble you plan to give them. Raw meat diet will cost vastly different from the regular large breed dog food that can be $44 to $75 per pack.

Here is a chart that can give you an overall idea of most expenses regarding Cane Corsos.

Vet expenses$50 
Vaccinations $15-$35 each 
Toys $15-$50 
Surgeries $1.5k- $5k and up 
Hygiene products $9-$20 
Treats $20-$25 
Doggie doors, Leash, Bowls, and accessories as such $50 

There are of course other costs, but these are the main places you will be spending the most money on so they should give you a general idea as to how much it can cost to maintain a proper lifestyle for them.

How do I keep my Cane Corso healthy?

If you want your beloved Cane Corso to have a happy, fulfilling life you have to keep them healthy in all aspects of life. Other than the basic feeding and sheltering, here are a few ways they can be looked after:

When they are young, give them enough exercise so they can stay lean and healthy, but moderate it enough so they don’t become overstressed. As an adult, give them regular exercise but look after them enough so they don’t become overtaxed in hot or humid weathers. 

Another important aspect for Cane Corsos is to have their socialization quota be full. This needs to start initially when they are young pups so they can, later on, be well-behaved adults.

Cane Corsos are a unique breed that gives as much as they take, making them a worthwhile companion who deserves proper love, attention, and care. Giving them the fulfilling lifestyle they should have might be expensive, but as all owners will agree, absolutely worth it.

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