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Why Are Bernese Mountain Dogs So Needy & Clingy? (Answered)

Bernese mountain dogs are equal parts needy, clingy, and loyal to their owners. This breed of large dogs is highly sociable and loves to be around people, sometimes almost to a fault.

But why are Bernese mountain dogs so needy and clingy? Do they have separation anxiety? Can they be left alone? Read on to learn all about it.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs so needy & clingy?

Bernese mountain dogs are so needy and clingy because it is in their nature to be very loyal to their human family. They would go above and beyond just to please their humans. Bernese mountain dogs naturally crave human attention, which makes them very needy and clingy.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs clingy & needy?

Bernese mountain dogs are quite clingy and needy. They quickly become very attached to their owners. It is one of their innate characteristics to crave reciprocation of love and attention from their family, so you will have to spend quite some time reassuring them of your affection.

Bernese mountain dogs make wonderful companions and friends for humans. They can help people with their love, kindness, and friendship. They are always happy to bless their owners and family with hugs and cuddles. And honestly, it works as therapy sometimes.

They can even run different errands for you. These dogs are very strong, and the need to please their human friends keeps them motivated.

They can carry heavy carts up a mountain, work as a watchdog, or carry groceries to your home. In return, they will demand your attention and maybe some pets.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs so needy & clingy?

Bernese mountain dogs have a reputation for being very needy and clingy. They demand long hours of cuddling and would follow you around. But why are Bernese mountain dogs so needy and clingy? These are the following reasons:

Loyal nature:

Bernese mountain dogs are a wonderful breed of large dogs. They are incredibly loyal to their owners, always helping them out with utmost devotion.

And in return, they demand the love to be reciprocated in the form of cuddles, treats, walks, and words of encouragement.

These mountain dogs are exceptionally strong. So they can run different errands for you.

You can train them to carry a cart full of groceries, or other belongings, and they will gladly oblige. Bernese mountain dogs can pull weights from 1,000 to 2,200 pounds uphill without much trouble.

Once trained right, they will help you out of love. Their sense of loyalty makes them so needy and clingy.

Their innate need for attention:

Bernese mountain dogs have an innate need for attention and affection. They just cannot be left alone for too long.

They love to follow their owners around, no matter how tired they are or what time of the day it is. And this is what makes them so needy and clingy.

During training sessions, they will need frequent words of encouragement to keep them going. Reassurance is the key to a Bernese mountain dog’s heart.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs require a lot of attention?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs require a lot of attention. They crave frequent cuddles and hugs from their owner and everyone else’s family.

And if they are not given the attention and reassured with words of encouragement, they are likely to start barking for attention. The dogs may even develop destructive trait patterns.

Bernese mountain dogs are a very sociable breed of dogs. They take absolute pleasure in spending time with their family, both indoors and outdoors. Their high level of energy makes them remain rather active throughout the day.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs have a favorite person?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs often pick a favorite person and crave a daily dose of love and attention from that particular person. This is quite common among this breed.

Bernese dogs are a highly social breed and they need frequent exposure to people. Although, they don’t necessarily enjoy spending time with other dogs, their breed or not.

It is rather usual for a Bernese mountain dog to choose a favorite person in the family. They will try to spend as much time with them as possible. In addition, the Bernese mountain dog will try its best to please his favorite person and earn some cuddle time as a reward.

Can Bernese Mountain Dogs be left alone?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs can be left alone for a limited period. These dogs love, more than anything, spending quality time with their family. They will not trade anything for it.

However, with the right amount of exercise, exposure to people, and enough mental stimulus, you can leave your Bernese mountain dog alone for up to eight hours a day. It will give them enough time to rest and regain energy.

However, if you leave your Bernese dog much longer than that, then they are likely to display signs of aggression and destructive behavior. 

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs have separation anxiety?

Bernese mountain dogs can quickly develop separation anxiety if they don’t receive proper attention. They are prone to this form of anxiety.

This may also happen if you leave your Bernese mountain dog alone for too long. They hate to be left alone. And if they are on their own for longer than eight hours, these dogs are likely to begin to show symptoms of separation anxiety.

In addition, they may develop separation anxiety if you fail to provide them with enough love and attention, even when you are physically present. Dogs who have separation anxiety tend to bark unnecessarily and are likely to develop destructive habits.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs affectionate?

Bernese mountain dogs are a very affectionate breed. They are attached to their families and owners. These dogs do not hesitate to display their love and they will go to different heights to please their humans.

However, the Bernese mountain dogs are rather aloof when they meet a stranger. That said, it does not take them too long to grow affection for someone. Bernese mountain dogs are very friendly.

It can even grow close with other dogs or cats. If your dog gets the chance to socialize with other cats and dogs while they are young, they will learn to be affectionate towards them as well. 

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs emotional?

Bernese mountain dogs are sensitive dogs. You will need to adopt positive training techniques to train your Bernese mountain dog properly. Otherwise, if you take harsh approaches, your emotional and sensitive Bernese will not respond.

They shut down when you behave harshly with them or do not show them enough encouragement. They are very sensitive to bad treatments and it will only make them drift away from the owner. 

Why do Bernese Mountain Dogs put their paws on you?

Bernese mountain dogs are very clingy and affectionate. They put their paws on you as a sign of love. They most likely want to reassure their love for you by getting some sort of physical contact, which leads to them putting their paws on you or leaning against you.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs cuddly?

Bernese mountain dogs are very cuddly. They have a deep affection for their owners and often want to display it with physical contact. In addition, they feel very safe when they cuddle their owners or a member of their family.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs protective?

Bernese mountain dogs are very protective. But they are not aggressive. This loyal breed of dog loves to be around its owner in case it can help out with some tasks or protect them from some potential danger.

They are very devoted to their owner and family. And a Bernese mountain dog will go to new heights to protect and please them.

Final thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs are very needy and clingy because they deeply love their owner and always want to be near them. These dogs are very devoted to their families and always crave their attention. And Bernese mountain dogs become anxious when left alone for too long, which makes them very clingy.

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