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Why Are Bernese Mountain Dogs So Expensive? (Quick Facts)

Bernese mountain dogs are popular large dogs. They have an excellent temperament. Moreover, these dogs are so loyal and affectionate that people often assign them to different works.

Many people like to have them as family dogs, service dogs, or therapy dogs.

But when you are planning to buy a Bernese mountain dog, you might find them expensive. Generally, breed dogs are pretty expensive. But if you want to know why Bernese mountain dogs are so expensive, you have to know the detailed characteristics of these dogs.

So, let’s see why Bernese mountain dogs are so expensive.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs so expensive?

Bernese mountain dogs are so expensive because they have some excellent features. Generally, Bernese mountain dogs are easy to train and perfect for first-time users. Moreover, breeding these dogs is pretty difficult. So, the breeder might charge more for these features.

Here are some reasons why Bernese mountain dogs are so expensive –

Breeding quality:

Generally, those breed dogs are expensive whose breeding is difficult. So, breeding Bernese mountain dogs are pretty difficult. That’s why breeders raise the price of Bernese mountain dog puppies.

Demandable temperament:

Bernese mountain dogs have some amazing features that make them more demandable. For example, these dogs can be your true companion. They are so adorable and affectionate that people love to have them as family dogs.

Moreover, they are good with kids and other family members. They have these good temperaments. So, the demand and cost of these dogs are rising day by day.


Bernese mountain dogs are different than many other dogs. They are so good at specific tasks that people have them as service dogs. Moreover, they can be excellent therapy dogs. So, the price of Bernese mountain dogs is increasing.

Grooming and health issues:

Though Bernese dogs are not that high-maintenance, they need grooming regularly. Moreover, Bernese mountain dogs are prone to some health issues. So, for these reasons, the breeder has to expend much.

So, the expense of these dogs is also more expensive than other dogs.

How much does Bernese Mountain Dog cost?

Generally, a healthy and grown-up Bernese mountain dog costs from $2000-$3500. This range can vary for different reasons. For example, a Bernese mountain puppy doesn’t cost the same as a grown-up Bernese mountain dog.

Moreover, the region and breeder can cost differently for the Bernese mountain dog. You might get a Bernese mountain dog for less than $2000. Even you can find one for $1000.

But if you expect a healthy Bernese mountain dog, you should keep a budget in the regular range.

How much do Bernese Mountain Dog puppies cost?

Generally, Bernese mountain dog puppies cost less than grown-ups. The average cost of a Bernese mountain dog puppy is from $800 to $1800. This price can vary in different locations. Moreover, the breeders might cost differently.

But if you want to buy a Bernese mountain dog at a low price, you can buy a rescued one. Generally, a rescued Bernese mountain dog puppy costs from $100 to $400. You have to choose the type of Bernese mountain dog puppy according to your budget.

Why are female Bernese Mountain Dogs more expensive?

Female Bernese mountain dogs are more expensive. Generally, the price of male and female Bernese mountain dogs doesn’t differ so much. But females are comparatively more expensive than the male ones.

Bernese mountain dogs are large dogs. But female Bernese mountain dogs are comparatively smaller than the male ones. So, while people take them as family dogs, females are more preferable to males.

Moreover, many people prefer spayed female Bernese mountain dogs. So, the cost might be more for the spaying purpose. So, the overall price of the female ones increases.

How much should I budget for my Bernese Mountain Dog per month?

If you are planning the budget for your Bernese mountain dog, you have to budget for every month. So, a Bernese mountain dog can cost you about $150 per month on average. This can vary for different reasons.

If you have a healthy and grown-up Bernese mountain dog, you can budget from $150 to $200. But you will have to spend a little bit more in the first year.

Because, when you bring a new Bernese mountain dog, you have to go through some medical tests and many supplies for him. Otherwise, you can budget according to the average.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs high maintenance?

Yes, Bernese mountain dogs are pretty high maintenance. They need regular grooming. Generally, Bernese mountain dogs have coats that need to be groomed regularly on summer days. So, their grooming cost might be a little bit more.

Moreover, Bernese mountain dogs need attention. They love the companionship of humans. If you bring a Bernese mountain dog into your house, you will notice that he always tries to be with you. So, you have to give him proper attention.

Otherwise, they will get stressed. So, in the perspective of human interaction and grooming, Bernese mountain dogs are high maintenance.

Is it worth getting a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Yes, it is worth getting a Bernese mountain dog. Bernese mountain dogs have so many good characteristics that you would love them after having them. So, let’s see why you should buy a Bernese mountain dog and whether it is worth getting one or not.

Good temperament:

Bernese mountain dogs have a good temperament. For example, they are good with family members and not so aggressive with strangers and other animals. Besides, they are gentle and friendly. So, you will love them if you get along with them.

Service dog:

Bernese mountain dogs are excellent service dogs. You can train them as service dogs in a short time. They are loyal and obedient. So, they will do any assigned work with loyalty.

So, if you adopt a Bernese mountain dog, we will get many bits of help from him.

Perfect for the first-time owner:

These dogs are the best for first-time dog owners. Because Bernese mountain dogs are pretty easy to train. They will not get aggressive. Moreover, many people can’t cope with the training of dogs after adopting.

So, Bernese mountain dogs will be the perfect choice for them.

How many litters can a Bernese Mountain Dog have?

Generally, a Bernese mountain dog can have three litters per year. If the Bernese mountain female dog is healthy, she can have up to three litters per year. But if she is not healthy, the numbers might be decreased.

A Bernese mountain dog starts to go into heat from the age of one year. But she never goes into menopause. So, if the Bernese mountain female dog lives up to ten or eleven years, she can have thirty litters in total in her lifetime.

What is a swiss kiss on a Bernese Mountain Dog?

A swiss kiss is one type of mark on the body of a dog. A swiss kiss on a Bernese mountain dog means that the dog has a white mark on his neck. Generally, this white mark is located behind the neck of a Bernese mountain dog.

The white mark is not a full ring but a part of the neck. So, this type of mark can be the identification of a Bernese mountain dog.

What were Bernese Mountain Dogs originally bred for?

Bernese mountain dogs were originally bred for herding cattle. They used to be working dogs. For example, they were used to herd cattle, pull the dairy carts, protect the farm as watchdogs, etc.

People used them in many chores. So, Bernese mountain dogs are loyal from the very beginning. They still have that spirit to work obediently. While herding cattle, the Bernese mountain dogs used to make a circular area to watch the cattle.

How long does Bernese Mountain Dog live?

Generally, Bernese mountain dogs live from 6 to 8 years on average. If the dog has a good health stage, he can live up to 11 years. The average lifespan of a Bernese mountain dog is shorter than most other dogs.

If the Bernese mountain dog has bad health, he might live a shorter life. Bernese mountain dogs are prone to many diseases that might be a reason they live a shorter life.

So, if you want to keep your Bernese mountain dog alive for at least 10 years, you have to treat his disease well.

Do Bernese Mountain Dog mixes live longer?

Yes, Bernese mountain dog mixes live longer. Though their lifespan might not be too long, they can live longer than a regular Bernese mountain dog. The reason might be they are from better breeds.

Moreover, Bernese mountain dog mixes have comparatively better health than the regular Bernese. So, they live a little bit longer time.

Why do Bernese Mountain Dogs have a short lifespan?

Bernese mountain dogs have a short lifespan. Even they can live shorter than most other dogs. The most common reason is Bernese mountain dogs are prone to cancer. A lot of Bernese mountain dogs lose their lives from cancer at an early age.

Even half of the Bernese mountain dogs pass away from cancer every year.

Moreover, they are prone to some other diseases too. That’s why Bernese mountain dogs have a short lifespan.

Final Thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs have excellent temperaments. They are gentle and easy to train. So, their demands are rising high day by day. This demand is making them expensive. Moreover, Bernese mountain dogs have a good structure, and breeding them is difficult. That’s why they are expensive.

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