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Human Foods, Fruits & Veg – What Can Cane Corso Eat?

Choosing the right diet chart for your dog needs a lot of consideration and time. One wrong food and your dogs’ health can go downhill. To make sure your dog stays healthy take your time to find the right diet.

The perfect diet chart is not hard to decide. Just look at the health benefits and keep awware of the toxins. Also consider what your dog prefers.

What can Cane Corso dogs eat?

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for a Cane Corso. The breed is fed raw food as they need all the nutrients they can get for their growth. Foods like meat and cornmeal that are high in protein and fiber can also be a part of their diet. The breed is okay with a few vegetables and fruits too.

Foods that are high in protein like meat and animal origins are always at the top of the diet list. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the count of fat in the food as well. A cane corso is okay with both dry and wet food.

Some specific fruits and vegetables are also liked by the dog. Green beans, carrots and all the colorful veggies are appealing to the dog.

What cannot Cane Corso dogs eat?

The cane corso breed is prone to obesity and can get too healthy if the food count is not measured. Food that are relatively low in fat are good for the dog. And in general over feeding is bad for the digestion and can cause inflammation. And in general, avoid chocolate and ice cream at all times.

Cane Corso dogs tend to get fat very easily if their diet chart is not healthy enough. Or if they are fed foods that are high in fat. And if your dog does not get enough exercise, avoid too much protein as well. Foods like corn that are empty carbohydrates are also to be avoided in case of the diet of your cane corso.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid ice cream and chocolate. They might develop digestion problems. Other foods that have toxics, such as onion, raisins garlic and grapes, should also be avoided for the sake of your dogs’ health.

How much should Cane Corso eat?

The amount of food depends on how the dog is built and their structure. There are many things that need to be considered when you set the amount of food for your dog. But for a cane corso puppy, daily 4 to 5 cups of quality dry food should be sufficient.

When it comes to the amount of food to give to your dog daily, you should consider how your dog is built. A cane corso is a big and muscular dog. They need a lot of protein and exercise. The amount of protein depends on how much exercise the dog is getting. Without too much exercise and with too much protein, your cane corso will get bulky. Around 4 to 8 cups of food is enough.

How often should cane Corso eat?

It is best to keep the food habits of your cane corso in a very disciplined manner. This routine should be practiced from early on. As a puppy the cane corso should be fed around 3 to 6 times. Decrease the number as the pup starts to grow.

Try to feed your cane corso from three to six times when it is a puppy. Reduce the number times you give food as your pup starts to grow up. Cut it down to only three times or twice a day. An adult cane corso is good with one meal a day. Some light snacks in between is okay.

How long should cane Corso eat puppy food?

It is okay for you cane corso to have puppy food as long as it has not reached maturity in terms of age. As the cane corso is a big dog, they take more time to age than other breed. Around the age of fifteen months, a cane corso will grow up and you can stop giving them puppy food.

In the case of a cane corso, it is common for them to continue their puppy food for up to 15 months of age. Till then a cane corso can eat puppy food.

What fruits can Cane Corso eat?

Fruits are a great substitute for sugar in your dogs diet chart. A cane corso is okay with most fruits. Apples, strawberries, blueberries and any fruit that has a crunchy flesh is perfect for them. As long as the fruit does not have toxins or hard to swallow seeds, it is good for your cane corso.

Some of the fruits that are good for your cane corso is listed below-


Apples are the perfect snack for your cane corso. The fruit is filled with vitamin A and vitamin C. So you can give them to your cane corso every other day.


Watermelons are in the super food tier and are a great snack for your cane corso. The densely packed nutrients and the moisture are a great supplement for your dog. The fruit can cover for lack of water intake as well.


As a perfect substitute for sugar, you can add strawberries to the diet chart of your cane corso. But make sure to not give too much as it might upset the stomach.


Though soft and fleshy, a cane corso will enjoy an orange occasionally. The fruit contains high vitamin C. Try not to give your fog more than one or two wedges however.


To cover any lack of potassium you can give a banana to you cane corso. Your cane corso gets Vitamin B6 and vitamin C as well. However, do not feed your dog a full banana a day. Only half or less.

Fruits are a great way to cut off sugar and include extra nutrients for your dog. Make sure the fruits do not have toxins and keep the servings adequate to avoid an upset stomach.

What fruits cannot Cane Corso eat?

When adding fruits to the diet chart of your cane corso, it is important to exclude the fruits that have no toxins. Also, you have to be careful of the fruits that do not have a large pip or seed that the dog might choke on. Fruits like grapes and raisins are not advised to give to a cane corso.

Fruits that have a large pip or seed should be avoided at all times. Like peaches, avocados etc. Some fruits are high in toxins and can cause an upset stomach for your cane corso. Grapes, raisins are such fruits that have toxins which are harmful for your dog-

  • Grapes;
  • Cherries;
  • Raisins;
  • Avocados;
  • Peaches;

These are some of the fruits that you should avoid giving to your cane corso.

What vegetables can Cane Corso eat ?

A very healthy and balanced diet veggies are must for the cane corso. Almost all the veggies are good and necessary for the dog. Sweet potatoes, green beans these are all favorites of the dog and equally nutritious. Colorful fruits like carrot and beans will make the food more appealing to your dog.


Carrots are a good source of vitamins for your cane corso. The colorful vegetable can be given to your dog as a natural treat almost regularly. Including the leaf of the carrot.


Zucchinis are crunchy vegetables that are a perfect treat for your dog. The crunch of the flesh of a zucchini makes They do not have toxins so these vegetables are safe for your dog. However, do not give too much at a time.

What vegetables cannot Cane Corso eat?

Not every vegetable is good and healthy for your dog. Some vegetables have toxins that are harmful and may give your dog inflammation. Vegetables like raw sweet potatoes, onions, garlic are very harmful for your dogs stomach. Plant species like chives and leeks are also not good for your cane corso.

  • Raw Sweet Potatoes;
  • Garlic;
  • Onion;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Leek;
  • Chives

These are the vegetables that you should avoid giving your cane corso.

What human food can Cane Corso eat?

Most human food are actually good for you cane corso. Specially meat based food that are high in protein. As the cane corso is a big dog, they need all the protein they can get. Raw meat, chicken and eggs are great for the perfect diet chart for your cane corso. White rice and pasta are also okay.


A great source of tons of vitamins and protein. Eggs are also filled with Vitamin A that improves your dogs’ skin. Not to mention the rich linoleic Acid.

Raw meat:

For maximum intake of protein, give your cane corso raw meat from time to time. Raw chicken is perhaps the best for them.


Most of the fish are good for your cane corso. Tuna, Salmon these fishes are filled with vitamins that your dog needs.


Pasta are a great source of carbohydrate for your dog. Boiled pasta with chicken can be a special treat for your dog.

What human food cannot Cane Corso eat?

It is not advised to give all sorts of human food to your cane corso. Some of the foods like Peanut butter contain Xylitol, which are basically toxins for your dog. Though protein is good, but pork is not okay for your cane corso. Also, hard to swallow food like chicken bones are very dangerous.

  • Peanut Butter;
  • Chicken Bones;
  • Pork;
  • Alchohol;
  • Ice cream;
  • Chocolates

These are some of the foods you should avoid giving to your dog.

The diet and food habit of your cane corso is very much important for the growing and future health of the dog. A cane corso requires a balanced and healthy diet from the puppy stages. As the food taken then will help develop the muscle and their structure as they grow up.

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