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Pocket Beagle Size: How Big Do Pocket Beagles Get?

If you love small dog pets to grow, you should consider having some pocket beagles. They are good-looking and will walk through the entire house; that will be an eye-pleasing scenario for pet lovers. You must know that regular beagles and pocket beagles are different.

These two beagles are different in size, weight, and growth. Their habits and growth rate also differ. So, be sure about the types of beagles you want to raise in your home safely.

Pocket beagle size

The Pocket Beagles get 13 inches big, and they become 15 pounds. I’m talking about the adult pocket beagles that are more than one year old and have become adults already. The average size of pocket beagles is around 7-13 inches, and the weight is 5-15 pounds. They are half the regular beagles.

Pocket beagles are the smallest dog size or the smallest beagles in the world. They become half the size of regular beagles. Regular beagles mostly become 25-30 pounds when they are adults, but pocket beagles only become 12-15 pounds in adulthood. So, they are not the same.

Considering the height and size of a regular beagle, you will find a clear difference between them since the pocket beagles are half the size of regular beagles.

The regular beagles will be around 15-25 inches long, whereas the pocket beagles are only 7-13 inches. The exact size and weight depend on their age.

If you love the cutest and smallest puppy, you should consider raising or growing some pocket beagles since their growth is very slow, and they will not become large enough to become bulky.

People mostly get pocket beagles for their children since it will help them get a small friend to accompany them.

If you genuinely want to raise or get some small & cute pocket beagles, you should check their category and genre.

Be sure that the beagle belongs to the pocket beagle category, not the generic or regular beagle that is too big, like an adult dog. Moreover, the male & female pocket beagles will have similar size & weight.

You cannot identify the male or female pocket beagles unless the owner tells you or shows their differences. I will also keep you through male & female pocket beagles and show you their differences. They will have a similar growth & similar size that you cannot identify in bear eyes.

Let’s see how you can identify the male & female pocket beagles and will know their differences in size, weight, and other issues.

It is not likely to get every single query from this part, but you will know the basic differences between male & female pocket beagles that will tell you which one to select and how to grow them.


The male pocket beagles will grow better than the female pocket beagles since they will be more energetic and will get better size & weight.

Typically, the differences are very trifle; let’s say the weight of a fully grown male pocket beagle will be around 15 pounds. And the height or size of a fully grown male pocket beagle will be approximately 13 inches.

These differences will be shown in their mature stage because you will not find such weight & growth differences while they are growing or only six months old.

If you truly want to differentiate male & female pocket beagles, you must get two fully grown beagles and then compare them side-by-side.


An average female pocket beagle becomes 12 inches in size, and the weight becomes 12 pounds at their fully grown stage.

You may find some female pocket beagles having 10 pounds and only becoming 10 inches, which is not the highest growth of any beagles at their mature stage. However, a small or little female pocket beagle will have the same size as the male beagle.

I have already explained that male & female pocket beagles will grow at a similar rate, but their weight & size differences will become visible when they reach their maturity stage.

Typically it takes more than a year for a pocket beagle to become fully grown, with some visible differences between male & female pocket beagles.

Do Pocket Beagles stay small?

Pocket beagles stay small because their growth will be stopped when they become 13 inches long and 12-15 pounds in weight.

These two matrices or measurements are the highest and best growth stages of every pocket beagle, with a slow growth rate or half that of the regular beagles or a bully.

If you have a regular bully or beagle, you can compare the size, growth, and weight of your pocket beagles and find the apparent differences.

Sometimes, it will be challenging to reach a huge beagle with a tiny pocket beagle that you can keep in your loose pocket and go for a long trip. That’s the main reason why pocket beagles stay small.

If you don’t like the pocket beagle, you can go for the regular beagle that will keep growing and become 25-30 pounds in weight. Otherwise, the pocket beagle will be your best choice according to your needs and choices.

They will have slow growth, and they will stay small forever, and you will get a small & old puppy for a long time.

Pocket Beagles size and weight chart

We will give you the beagles size and weight chart that will show you different sizes of pocket beagles at different ages. It will help to identify your beagle size and ensure it has the right growth. It’s not like you will love that size forever, but the knowledge will be impactful.

We will give you a range of weight & size that depicts both male & female size. The first or lower one will be for females, and the higher one will be for men. Let’s get through the chart and find your pocket beagle’s exact size.

Pocket Beagles ageSizeWeight
3 months5-7 inches5-6 pounds
6 months7-8 inches6-7 pounds
7 months8-9 inches7-8 pounds
8 months9-10 inches8-9 pounds
12 months10-12 inches10-12 pounds
Full Grown12-13 inches12-15 pounds

“2” factors that contribute to a pocket beagle size

You will find these two factors that contribute to a pocket beagle’s size. They are:

Food & Nutrition:

Puppies of the Pocket Beagle breed mature quite quickly. At this point in their development, they require twice the energy or calories per pound of their body weight, so they have a greater demand.

Appropriate portions of food must be maintained despite the significance of providing sufficient nutrition. Carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, protein, and fat are the six essential elements required for a puppy’s proper development.

All of these things need to be carefully measured, and if they are, then the diet can be referred to as “complete and balanced.”


Before you can legally adopt a Pocket Beagle or bring one into your home, many people advise that you should first get to know the dog’s biological parents.

Before the transaction is finalized, it is important to examine all relevant documents, including clearances from health authorities.

This is because looking at the puppy’s parents is the best way to get an initial sense of what to anticipate from the puppy itself.

Determine whether or not your Pocket Beagle is the product of two runts, two different dog breeds, or whether or not one or both of its parents face dwarfism.

How to bulk up your pocket beagle?

You may bulk up your pocket beagles with the following tips.

Weight Vests:

When going about, your dog will feel more resistance if they wear a weighted vest, which is a terrific way to challenge them.

Most of these vests allow you to modify the weight contained within the vest; therefore, begin gradually by adding between 5 and 10 percent of your dog’s total body weight.

Dragging/ Pulling Weight:

When participating in weight pulling, you must outfit your dog with a harness connected to substantial weight. After that, the dog can move forward while dragging the weight behind him by walking forward with it.

This is an activity that many dogs enjoy, and it can be an excellent form of exercise for them, provided that it is done safely with the appropriate training and equipment.


Numerous canines enjoy swimming in a pond or pool because it is an excellent form of exercise that allows them to train all of their crucial muscle units. Additionally, it is a perfect form of physical therapy for arthritic pets!

Final Thoughts

A pocket beagle is a smaller version of the regular beagle breed. They become 13 inches in size and 12-15 pounds in weight at their mature or fully grown stage. However, you can boost their growth and other aspects by following my tips to get a cute pocket beagle that you can carry everywhere.