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Keeping Dog Off New Sod – How Long and How To? (Answered)

Who doesn’t like to use sod to grow a lawn in their front yard or backyard, right? The sod prevents soil erosion and helps create a lawn in a very short time.

That being said, you might be wondering if you should keep your dog off your newly laid sod. If yes, then you might be eager to know how long your furry friend has to keep off the sod. Let’s look for the answers to all your queries one by one.

Should I keep my dog off new sod?

The roots of the new sod are usually very short and remain close to the grounds’ surface. So, when your dog walks and runs on the new sod, it can get uprooted. The young roots are also prone to urine damage.

As a result, you should keep your dog completely off from your new sod.

How long should I keep my dog off new sod?

You should keep your dog off new sod until the roots are well developed. It takes at least two weeks for the roots of a new sod to grow, and you should keep your dog off it during that period of time. If there is enough space on your lawn, you should keep your pet off the new sod for a month or two.

The sod is basically a roll of grass. The grass holds a layer of soil with its roots and a layer of biodegradable material. When the sod is placed on the ground, the roots develop and grow into the soil.

Until the roots of the grass grow deeper, you should keep your dog away from it.

This is because the dogs’ urine will add nitrogen and salt to the grass, which will hamper its growth. It takes half a month to two months for the roots of the sod to be able to break down the elements of dogs’ urine.

So, you should keep your furry friend out of the sod for at least two weeks.

Can dogs walk or run on new sod?

The roots of the newly laid sod remain quite weak at first. If dogs walk or run on it, the root system won’t be able to get strong. Due to the weak roots, grass from the sod can also come off if excessive pressure is applied to it.

So, dogs shouldn’t walk or run on new sod for around a month.

Why keeping your dog off new sod is a good idea?

Keeping your dog off your new sod is a very good idea for numerous reasons. Your newly laid sod can get damaged from your dog running on it or its urine. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should keep your dog off new sod.

Dogs’ urine can damage the sod:

If you let your dog on the new sod, it will naturally pee on it. Dog’s urine contains salt, nitrogen, urea, and other chemical substances.

The roots of the newly placed sod are not developed enough to break down those chemical substances. As a result of the build-up of those substances from dogs’ urine the grass and the roots get damaged.

If you don’t let your dog into the new sod, it won’t pee there and you can let your sods’ roots grow properly.

Dog walking on the sod can uproot it:

Before your dog can use your new sod like it did the old one, it needs time to build a strong root system. If your dog walks or runs on the newly laid sod, there is a chance that part of the sod will come off along with the roots.

So, you will have a lower chance of building a great lawn if you don’t keep your dog off new sod.

The dog can chew on the grass:

A dog usually chews on the grass if it has an upset stomach or if it feels unwell. They might naturally chew on the grass of the newly laid sod, which will lessen your chances of creating an amazing lawn.

So, by keeping them off the sod, you will prevent such cases from happening and prevent your dog from ruining your sod.

When can I let my dog on new sod?

You can let your dog on new sod when the root system has matured adequately. You can test if your sods’ roots are developed enough by lifting the sod. If it is difficult to raise the new sod, then the roots are well developed and your dog can go on it.

How to keep dogs off new sod?

Keeping the dogs off new sod is not as difficult as it may seem at first. You will just have to give a little bit of effort and time. It is worth it because by keeping your dogs off the new sod you can ensure its proper development.

Have a look at a few effective ways to keep dogs off new sod:

Create temporary fence:

Creating a temporary fence around the newly laid sod is one of the most effective ways to keep your dog off it. By fencing the newly laid sod, you won’t have to worry about your dog damaging the grass or peeing on it when you are not home.

Depending on your dogs’ size can use steel, net, wood, or plastic to create the temporary fencing in your yard. You can even purchase or rent a temporary fence to keep your dog away from the new sod.

Provide other entertainment:

Dogs need to walk and play to spend their energy. To do so, they usually run around in the backyard or front yard. When you lay the new sod, you can take them to the park or long walks to burn off their excess energy.

By doing that, you will make them tired enough and they won’t ask to go to the lawn.

Train the dog:

If your dog is easy to train, you should train your dog to stay away from the new sod. You can give it treats and show love every time it doesn’t intend to get into the new lawn.

How to lay sod so that it’s not affected by your dog?

Laying sod in such a way that it won’t be affected by your dog is extremely important to ensure its proper growth. To do that, you will have to start the process even before purchasing the sod.

Let’s take a look at how you can lay sod so that it doesn’t get affected by your dog.

Wash away the pre-existing dogs’ urine off the soil:

Your dog must have been peeing on your lawn for a long time. Dogs’ urine contains acidic substances, which can increase the pH level of the soil. The roots of the sod can’t grow well in acidic soil. So, you should clean the soil with plenty of water before placing the sod.

Fertilize the soil:

Your lawns’ soil might not have the essential nutrients for the fast and healthy growth of the grass. So, you should fertilize the soil before laying the sod. You can use both organic and inorganic fertilizers to fertilize the soil.

Lay the sod:

After cleaning and fertilizing the soil, you should start laying the sod. While placing the rolls, make sure you properly align them with each other and ensure that no gap remains in between the rolls of sod.

Build a fence around it:

To protect the newly laid sod from your dog, make a fence around it. You can either make or buy a temporary fence to ensure the protection of the sod.

Can dogs pee/urine/poop new sod?

Dogs shouldn’t pee, or poop in the new sod because it can damage its roots permanently. The roots of the new sod are not capable enough to break down the chemical substances of the dogs’ pee.

So, if a dog pees or poops on the new sod, the grass in that spot won’t be able to grow and it will eventually die.

How to repair sod from dog urine/poop?

Repairing the sod from dog urine and poop can be a challenging task because it can harm the grass in that spot. However, there are numerous ways available that balance the pH level in the soil and ensure proper recovery of the grass.

One of them is applying a layer of ground limestone and water in the affected area. You can also water the spot thoroughly to wash away the urine from the sod.

Final Thoughts

It is extremely necessary to keep dogs off new sod for the proper growth of the grass. The root usually grows well enough to withstand any pressure and dogs’ urine in about 14 days. So, you should keep your pet away from the new sod at least for that period of time.