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Is Orange Essential Oil Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

If you regularly use orange essential oil in your house, it will give you the best aroma to breadth. It has some health benefits which people love to use on their hair and other body parts.

Typically, the orange essential oil has the components to give you great relief from pain.

Some researchers also find this essential oil as an anticancer remedy. Therefore, it’s now a trendy essential oil among users. It’s entirely safe for human beings.

Is orange essential oil safe for dogs?

The orange essential oil is safe for dogs until they eat and digest it. If your pet dogs eat some orange essential oil, it will go through the entire digestive system and might ruin the liver. Then, the oil will become a toxic chemical that will ruin its health. So, it’s better not to use it.

You might have the sweet orange essential oil to use for different purposes. You might want to know if you can safely use your sweet orange essential oil around the dog. Sometimes, this oil helps your dog breathe comfortably and refresh its nasal system.

In that sense, the orange essential oil and other oils might give a positive reaction to your pet dogs. They are not entirely dangerous for the dogs and other animals’ health.

You need to ensure that the pets are not eating your orange essential oil. They can also breathe in an oil environment since it might refresh their mind.

The same goes for the orange oil diffuser; you can use an orange oil diffuser around dogs since it will not damage their health. Only if your dogs eat some diffuser and some foods will it damage their internal health. You cannot do anything but seek help from a doctor. 

The orange oil diffuser contains a similar smell and toxic elements to the original oil. Therefore, it is safe for the dogs until they eat it. You can only use the diffuser around your pets if they are not interested in eating the diffused foods or other elements.

Some pet lovers don’t have a clear picture of using the essential oils around their pets. They are not bothered by the essential oil ingredients since their pets are not interested in eating oily foods. If you have such a trained pet, you can also avoid worrying about the essential oil.

It’s not a harmful element for the dog that you cannot use around your pets. If your pets are interested in everything and want to taste the bitter or smelly ingredients, you need to be careful in using any essential oils. Other than that, the orange essential oil is entirely safe.

Can dogs smell orange essential oil? Are dogs allergic to orange oil?

Dogs cannot smell orange essential oil. It contains citrus, which is at the top of the list of offensive odors to dogs. Many dogs are dissuaded from chewing on items that have been treated with citrus odors because of the smell.

Dogs are allergic to orange essential oil as well. Some orange essential oils are phototoxic. This indicates that they have the potential to induce a painful skin reaction if they go out in the sunlight after coming in contact with it.

If your dogs eat some orange essential oil, they will face some issues. Let’s see why this happens and what will happen.


Orange essential oil is a type of citrus oil. Due to the powerful chemical nature of these oils, they tend to be present in relatively high concentrations. If your dog were to consume this chemical, it could hurt their health.

After being consumed by a dog, it undergoes metabolism in the dog’s liver, which results in toxicity, poisoning, liver failure, or damage to the liver.

Skin Issues:

Orange essential oil only needs to be licked a few times to harm your dog. Even a trace amount that remains on the skin after washing can pose the same danger.

It depends on the components of the product, how much orange essential oil is in it, and how often the dog is exposed to it.

If your dog breathes orange oil, there is a high chance that your dog will experience convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea, and even go into a coma.

The sensitivity of older dogs to citrus oil products is exceptionally high when the oil is present at concentrated levels. The orange essential oil can also heighten sensitivity in senior dogs and puppies.

Is orange essential oil safe for cats?

The orange essential oil is not safe for cats. This oil has citrus ingredients, which are entirely unsafe for most pets. However, you can use the essential oil for different purposes and around the cats. It’s safe until your cat inhales or eats some portion of orange essential oil.

Typically, the essential oil smell is not pleasant to most cats. If you use it around your cats, they will feel uncomfortable and not come near you. The same will happen if you use the orange essential oil diffuser. It also has similar ingredients that your cat can’t digest.

Therefore, you cannot use the orange oil diffuser around your cats because the cats are allergic to both orange essential oil and the diffuser.

It may irritate their skin and will create some other complexities. If you have the option to avoid using these oils around your cats, you must avoid using them.

By maintaining safety, you can avoid damaging your pet cat and help them to become healthy and enjoy its natural growth.

Wild orange essential oil:

The wild orange essential oil is not safe for your pet cats. It contains the same citrus and other toxic elements that can damage your pet’s internal health.

You can use it for your health and enjoy its aroma, but it’s not ideal for pets.

If your pets eat some wild orange essential oil, they will face stomach problems and might vomit every now & then.

So, you cannot use wild orange essential oil around the cats since they might digest some essential oil.

Blood orange essential oil:

Users also know the blood orange essential oil as a sweet essential oil. It has a strong citrus aroma that will enhance your mood and give you much pleasure.

Unfortunately, the blood orange essential oil is not safe for cats. If they eat some oil, it will damage their liver and the entire digestive system.

So, you cannot use the blood essential oil around your cats. You must be careful about your cat’s health and remove the smell and avoid using this oil on cat food or the cat’s living area, although the aroma will not damage the cat’s health.

Can you use orange essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats?

You cannot use orange essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats. Because they are not regulated, essential oils can range significantly in terms of their components’ quality and the concentration of those components.

When diffusing essential oils in the presence of your pets, exercise caution. Your pet can inhale micro droplets of oil, which can then cause irritation and inflammation in the lungs and absorption through the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

Is orange essential oil safe for other animals or pets?

Although the orange essential oil is not safe for dogs & cats, it might be safe for the other animals. Let’s see if you can use it around these animals or if they can digest it properly.


The use of orange essential oil on your bird as a pet is completely safe. If birds ingest them, there is a chance that they will be poisonous to them, but if they breathe them in, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Since the bird’s digestive tract lining does not absorb many essential oils, any potential adverse effects will be significantly mitigated.


Orange essential oil is not only harmless to Rabbits when used in moderation and correctly, but it also provides them with some health benefits. For example, the essential oil has energizing properties and cleanses and detoxifies the skin.

Because of its powerful sedative and uplifting properties are useful in treating mood disorders such as anxiety and depression—consumption of orange essential oil results in increased hunger for Rabbits.


Orange essential oil is also safe for Horses. The essential oils of sweet oranges contain a high concentration of natural vitamin C, which helps horses by encouraging collagen production, reducing inflammation, and assisting in the repair of damaged skin and coat.

Final thoughts

The orange essential oil is not safe for dogs, cats, and other animals. It has a vital citrus element that can destroy the health of your dogs & cats if they digest some essential oils through the food. Although the ingredients are not safe for dogs & cats, the smell is safe to inhale.