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Is Lemongrass Essential Oil Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

We use lemongrass essential oil to eradicate or deter the aphids from our garden. It works magically and gives us the best pleasure in our garden. Meanwhile, you can also use the lemongrass essential oil to repel rodents and other wild animals.

Since it has a bitter taste and pungent smell, it will work against dangerous aphids, bacteria, and other animals. If you have pets, you should know the safety measurements and proper methods. It will give you the best ideas.

Is lemongrass essential oil safe for dogs?

Unfortunately, the lemongrass essential oil is not safe for dogs. It contains a toxic chemical that spreads a pungent smell. If your dogs inhale or eat some essential oil, they might face stomach issues like vomiting and diarrhea. If you want to use this oil, you must be careful about your dogs.

Since both the lemongrass and the essential oil are toxic to dogs, you cannot use the lemongrass oil diffuser around dogs.

If they inhale the essential oils or the diffuser, they will get sick soon. You cannot even think of the internal damage. So, it’s not their superior taste or smell.

All types of essential oils are toxic to dogs and other animals. You cannot use any of them around or near the dogs. To avoid such problems, you should avoid using the essential oils around your dogs. What if you need to use the essential oil or the diffuser?

That’s very common since you cannot ignore using essential oil in your garden. Repelling aphids and other wild animals, the essential oil is the safest option you can go for.

If there are any requirements to use the essential oil, you can use it safely. At that time, you need to protect your pet dogs and don’t allow them access to your garden.

If they eat any portion of the essential oil, they will get sick quickly. They will face stomach issues, and the stomach will go wrong for a long time. But the fact is that essential oil is helpful for the garden to prevent rodents, aphids, and other garden paste.

Mainly, you might have some pet-friendly plants; if you spray essential oils on them and the pet eats those leaves, your pet will get sick instantly. There will be severe health issues that you need to sort out with proper treatment.

Besides, the diffuser will also become a life-threatening problem. If you spray the diffuser around the dogs, they will inhale it and might take the diffuser with their food. In that case, you cannot avoid pet health problems.

So, it’s always a good practice to avoid using the essential oil and the diffuser.

Can dogs smell, inhale, or eat lemongrass essential oil? Are dogs allergic to lemongrass oil?

Dogs cannot smell, inhale, or eat lemongrass essential oil. If your dog breathes in the odor of lemongrass essential oil or inhales it, it may irritate their airways, which may cause them to cough, sneeze, drool, or even throw up.

As soon as these are absorbed into your dog’s body and metabolized, there is a possibility that your dog facing liver illness will have adverse effects.

Dogs are also allergic to lemongrass oil. It may create a lot of irritation and skin-related problems for your dog.

If a dog breathes or inhales essential oil, things below will happen.


The number of cyanogenic glycosides becomes highly concentrated when turning lemongrass into an essential oil, which can be done by either cold pressing or distillation.

This indicates that while your dog may be acceptable if they eat a few lemongrass stems, they must not consume the oil as it is highly poisonous.

Low Glucose Level:

Because it contains a significant amount of citral, lemongrass oil has the potential to cause skin irritation in your canine companion.

And if your dog has diabetes or is taking medicine for hypertension, the blood glucose levels of both of these conditions can be dangerously lowered by lemongrass essential oil.

What to do if your dog eats lemongrass essential oil?

If your dog eats lemongrass essential oil, keep a tight check on your canine companion and watch for the onset of any symptoms. Activated charcoal is not safe to give to your dog. If any oil gets on your dog’s fur, you should wash it off.

Ingesting a bigger volume of highly concentrated lemongrass essential oil indicates that immediate action is required, yet a slight lick from your dog may indicate that he is entirely well. But you shouldn’t try to make them throw up.

It would be best to consult with a doctor and follow the prescribed medicine and the other advice. Otherwise, the entire stomach of your dogs might get damaged. You must use the remedy to get rid of such health problems.

Is lemongrass essential oil safe for cats?

Lemongrass is not entirely safe for cats’ health. You can use it around the cats if you are sure that your cat will not eat essential oil. It has a strong smell and a toxic taste which can damage the animal’s health. If you want to eradicate or save your cat’s health, I’d suggest not using it.

Essential oil is mainly used against garden aphids and insects. If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s health, you must be careful about their food. You cannot use the essential oil on your cat’s food. The pet-friendly plants must remain without the essential oil.

The cats are allergic to lemongrass essential oil. Applying the essential oil to the cat’s food or skin will face different skin problems. Although the effect will be less than any serious health or stomach issues, you don’t want to make difficulties for your pet.

Sometimes, essential oil plays a crucial role in damaging your cat’s health. Particularly, when you raise your pet in a sensitive area, and they don’t have any interaction with nature, they will get affected by the lemongrass essential oil. It might create some life-threatening problems.

You cannot use the lemongrass oil diffuser around cats for the toxic smell and the taste. It might damage the good health of your cats and might damage their internal health.

Since an essential oil diffuser contains the same toxic elements, you should not use it around the garden.

It’s not good to use the essential oil or the diffuser around the cats. It might seem harmless, but the toxic elements of the essential oil diffuser would damage the cat’s stomach when. Therefore, it’s advised and recommended not to use any essential oil or the diffuser around the garden.

Can you use lemongrass essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats?

You cannot use lemongrass essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats. Essential oils are highly potent, and the undiluted form of these oils can be highly harmful to both cats and dogs.

Because an essential oil that has not been diluted might be potent, it must never be used on or around animals.

However, even diluted oils can be harmful, and neither of these choices has been demonstrated to be risk-free.

It is common knowledge that a number of the essential oils that are most frequently touted in flea and tick remedies (such as lemongrass) are harmful to dogs & cats.

Is lemongrass essential oil safe for other animals or pets?

Lemongrass essential oil is safe for other animals or pets because it doesn’t contain harmful particles. Be that as it may, insufficient research has been done on whether it is advantageous for different animals or pets.

Here we have shared some animal and pet reactions so that you can get enough thoughts regarding this phenomenon.


Lemongrass essential oil is safe for your pet birds because its extract doesn’t irritate the birds. But sometimes, if you don’t know where you purchase this thing, it can create an unpleasant situation.

Always make sure you have bought this thing from a trusted source and use it around your birds. Otherwise, any synthetic oil may disturb the bird’s respiratory system.


In general, the lemongrass essential oil is considered safe for rabbits because its fragrance always keeps them happy and charming.

If you use it around them, they are attracted to the smells inside the lemongrass essential oil. Besides, most people use lavender flavor as career oil on rabbit ear mites.


There are no evil impacts that I am aware of when horses use lemongrass essential oil. Because it has been used for horses over the years, it works like aromatherapy for the horses that keep calm and pleasant.

The smell that spread out inside the oil impressed them and boosted their respiratory system as well. All these things happened because it is an antibacterial oil that is used all over the world.

Guinea pigs:

Most essential oil does not suit the guinea pigs because they are harmful to them. They have a few unfriendly impacts when ingested by the guinea pig and, in any event, when applied to their skin.

But lemongrass essential oil is entirely different because they like to use it and get energized by extracting it.

Final thoughts

The smells and taste of the lemongrass essential oil are not favorable to dogs, cats, and other animals. If they eat or inhale the essential oil, they will face stomach and other health problems. Therefore, the essential oil is not safe for dogs, cats, and other animals. You need to avoid using it.