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Is It Ok to Shave a Bernese Mountain Dog? (Quick Answers)

A dog’s coat is very important as it not only adds to their overall look but actually works to protect them from natural elements and also the rise and fall of the surrounding temperature. Therefore, knowing how to properly groom their coat is crucial.

Is it ok to shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese mountain dogs should not be shaved. Because they are double-coated dogs who shed their inner coat naturally when spring and summer begin to approach. Therefore, no additional shaving is required to keep their coats under control or to help keep them cool in hotter months.

Is it ok or bad to shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Shaving a Bernese mountain dog is never a good idea as they are double-coated animals and their top layer of hair, also known as guard hair and softer bottom coat of hair work together to keep them insulated.

Shaving them will disturb that and also make the skin of their body exposed to things that might be harmful as the skin underneath their coat is sensitive.

What happens if you shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

It is so strongly recommended not to shave Bernese mountain dogs because shaving changes the way the hair on their coat will grow back on which by the way will take a very long time to grow fully and might still not be the same.

And also, it will change the texture of the undercoat which was originally soft into a more rough and coarse texture. It sometimes even damages their hair follicles and also increases the possibility of heatstroke and sunburn which can lead to skin cancer in the future.

Should you shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You can shave your Bernese mountain dog if they are suffering from any sort of skin issue like an allergy. This allows the skin to breathe freely and heal.

But you should not shave it too close to the undercoat and try to leave at least about an inch of hair left, this will allow the skin to heal but protect it at the same time.

How to shave a Bernese Mountain Dog?

If you want to shave your Bernese mountain dog at home but don’t have a lot of experience doing that, then it might be best to know the tools and steps required for the job.


You need to begin by combing your Bernese mountain dog’s hair with a metal-tined comb with medium spaced tines that are specially made for dog hair. This will help get rid of any knots and knicks in their hair and make it easy to shave.

Use a shedding blade:

Now use a shedding blade or mat rake to help remove the expired undercoat left behind from shedding. You can mist the hair lightly to make this step easier.

Electric clipper:

It is time to take an electric clipper and carefully shave their coat but leave the undercoat untouched.

Trim the hair:

Finally, trim the hair on their feet using a pair of scissors and remove the excess hair left behind from the shave.

Can you shave a Bernese Mountain Dog in the summer?

Bernese mountain dogs should not be shaved in the summer. Many people want to shave them in the summer because they think it will help them stay cool.

But shaving a Bernese mountain dog or any double-coated dog during summer is one of the most dangerous things and should be avoided at all costs.

Shaving makes them lose their natural ability to keep their body insulated using their top and bottom coats which then results in them overheating more quickly and in some cases suffering from a heat stroke.

This can be particularly harmful as their skin gets sunburned as it is completely exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Will Bernese Mountain Dog hair grow back?

Bernese mountain dogs’ hair almost never grows back the same after it has been shaved. The soft undercoat will grow but the texture won’t be soft as it was previously.

It will be more coarse which will absorb the sun’s heat and make your dog hotter more quickly and the new hair will tend to pick up more dirt and debris. You will need to clean them a lot more.

The topcoat will grow sparsely if the dog is relatively young but it might not grow back at all on more mature dogs.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs need haircuts?

Bernese mountain dogs do not need haircuts as they shed their hair by themselves especially during warmer months. But if you notice it has grown too long and has developed knots and become matted in some areas.

Then you can either take them to the salon for a stylish trim or trim it by yourself at home.

How often should Bernese Mountain Dogs be groomed?

Bernese mountain dogs have thick, long hair on their body. Therefore, they require regular grooming which includes brushing their hair to get rid of knots and prevent it from becoming matted, also clipping and filing their nails, and cleaning their paws are part of the routine.

This should be done once every 4 to 6 weeks. But a few more frequently during the shedding season in spring and fall.

Can you trim a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You can trim the hair of your Bernese mountain dog if you like but this is not a necessity. Trimming will definitely help keep their hair free of knots and will make it easier to brush and wash which is needed to help preserve the natural sheen of their coat.

How to trim a Bernese Mountain Dog?

If you want to give your Bernese mountain dog a trim but are confused about where to start. You mustn’t worry. All you need to do is use the right tools and understand the process on how to do it –

  • You can begin by combing the hair of your Bernese mountain dog.
  • A shedding blade or mat rake should be worked through the hair.
  • You can now use either an electric trimmer or a clipper to trim the hair. But try not to trim too close to the undercoat, it is best to leave a ½ inch gap to not disturb the undercoat.
  • Comb their hair again to get rid of any of the trimmed hair left behind.

Final Thoughts:

Trimming a Bernese mountain dog can be a good thing in most cases but shaving off their top and bottom coat completely should be avoided. This not only destroys the natural growth of their hair but exposes their body to things that might be harmful to them without the shield of their coat.

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