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Is It Good to Have Two German Shepherds? (Explained)

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend and among pets, their loyalty is remarkable. They are a good companion in our daily lives and never ceases to keep us lonely or bored.

Since they are such important parts of our lives, we should be careful about any change we bring about. Dogs like german shepherds are very popular and you can know more about them below. 

Is it good to have two german shepherds?

It is good to have two german shepherds but having them of the opposite gender would reduce the chance of the dogs to fight. German shepherds are friendly to each other but make sure that their age gap is at least 2 years. Otherwise they will bond only with themselves and not with others.

German shepherds are an amazing companion to have around the house due to their gentle and caring nature. If trained properly, they can serve as great protectors of your family as well as be a sociable part of your family.

They are not feral or ferocious, therefore they are an ideal breed for families with children or other pets.

Some families find their german shepherd’s company so enjoyable that they are often inclined to getting another partner for their german shepherd.

They are friendly and sociable with other humans and animals – which makes them an ideal pet to have around the house. It is common to see families have multiple german shepherds along with other pets living peacefully.

However, keeping two german shepherds may not seem to cause any issues but you will definitely notice some changes in their behavior.

And the behavior is quite distinct depending on the gender of the new german shepherd you are introducing to your household:

Two male german shepherds:

You might be led to believe a misconception that having two male german shepherds will show aggression towards each other – but in reality that is not the case.

Male german shepherds are normally friendly with another male german shepherd if they are well trained and socialized early on.

But in case they show aggression and constantly fight with each other, neutering them would help dispel their aggression and calm their hormones.

Two female german shepherds:

Just like their male counterparts, female german shepherds can get along well if trained from an early stage.

Instinctively, their natural desire to be the dominant one out of the two would cause them to show aggression but with proper training – that can be resolved as well.

Can two German shepherds live together? Do german shepherds do better in pairs?

German shepherds are friendly and sociable animals with a high intelligence and loyalty. They can be easily trained and made civilized in a short time if started early.

Due to their nature, people are very fond of german shepherds and thus consider getting another one.

Although having two german shepherds will not cause an issue if trained well, they do have a tendency to show same-gender aggression.

Introducing two males or two females have a higher chance of resulting in fights. Introducing two opposite gender dogs have a significantly lower chance of showing aggression.

German shepherds do better in pairs if they are of opposite gender and if they have been raised together since they are puppies.

Having a pair of same-gender German shepherds is good as long as you have trained them together from an early stage. It is also recommended to neuter the pair if they are of the same gender to reduce the likelihood of aggression.

Pros and cons of having two german shepherds?

Having more pets around the house can be a fun and enjoyable experience as your household will always remain in a lively and vibrant vibe.

Dogs are one of the most common and popular pets, especially german shepherds, however you might be thinking whether it’s a good idea to have two german shepherds living under the same roof.

To quell your worries, below are the detailed list of pros and cons:


Increase joy:

If you have a big family, having one german shepherd is already fun and enjoyable but it may not be sufficient to spend time with everyone.

Having another dog will not only increase the overall joy and happiness of the family but also will be able to cater their time to more of your family members.

Thus double the dogs equals double the fun around your house.

Reduce loneliness:  

Unless you have children or pets around your house and the adults remain outside for work, your German shepherds could feel lonely and look for attention and companionship from others.

Having another german shepherd could solve that problem quite easily.


If your first dog is older and has spent its life at your household under your training and guidance, it can help with training the other german shepherd by being a guiding elder.



If you are already spending a lot for one german shepherd and give a huge portion of your time looking after it – getting another german shepherd will not be a wise choice to make since you will have to spend twice as much money and time behind both of them.


German shepherds are notorious for shedding a lot of fur and require a lot of grooming. So having one more of them would significantly increase the work required to put in them.

Territorial nature:

Although they are friendly towards other dogs, they are also highly territorial regarding their home and owners.

If they feel competition from the other dog – there is bound to be some aggression. There is also a possibility of aggression if both dogs are of the same gender.

Do german shepherds have a lot of same-gender aggression?

German shepherds are sociable and friendly dogs if they have been raised and trained properly since they were puppies. Adult german shepherds could show aggression but they can be trained as well.

But there it is quite commonly heard that german shepherds show aggression towards the same-gender, while that is true to some extent but false as well.

Same-gendered german shepherds will show aggression towards one another if both of them are adults and if one of them is introduced to the other in a location which the other dog considers their territory.

Much of this aggression is often visible if both the dogs haven’t been raised and trained together as puppies.

Otherwise, it is unlikely for dogs of the same gender to have much aggression towards each other – contrary to the popular belief.

It is suggested to have dogs with at least 2 years of age difference and introduce them in a neutral location. Neutering both dogs could also resolve any aggression due to their gender.

How do you train two German shepherd puppies?

Training two german shepherd puppies together can be a fun and fulfilling experience. However, this training determines how your dogs will behave as they grow up, so it is vital to make sure you train them in the proper way:

Assess their personalities:

Not all german shepherds are the same, if you have some experience with handling them – you should understand that some german shepherds are extremely hyperactive and will run around your house all day and interact with people a lot.

While some of them are very laid back, moody and not that hyperactive – although they will interact with you and your family but not to the same extent. So your first step should be to identify early on what personality type each puppy falls into.

Spend one-on-one training time with them individually:

One common mistake people make is thinking that they can reduce the efforts of training the puppies by training them together.

However, there is a big problem that can arise from doing so – that is they will bond with each other more than they will bond with you. Which could result in them disobeying you and following whatever each other does.

Do male and female German shepherds get along?

If you are having two german shepherds in the same household, it is best to get a male and a female german shepherd. Having two dogs of the opposite gender will get rid of the same-gender aggression problem.

And since both genders have a different way of being territorial and protective – they are unlikely to have conflicts.

Male german shepherds are more dominant and territorial and protective of their homes compared to their female counterparts, whereas the females are more protective towards the family members rather than territory.

Final Thoughts

You can have two german shepherds, however having them of opposite genders reduces the likelihood of the dogs fighting. German shepherds are sociable with each other, but make sure their age difference is at least 2 years. Otherwise, they will only bond with themselves and not with others.