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Is Geranium Essential Oil Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

Keeping the house aromatic with a pleasing scent is a common desire we all hold. Because who wouldn’t love to come back home with a mesmerizing smell flying all around the place. 

Thus people try many ideas such as scented candles, air freshener, etc. but nothing beats the attraction towards a natural method that’s an essential oil in this case.

Since people are more concerned about the environment, they choose essential oils to use in the diffuser than other things. It’s very effective to remove bad odor as well as has many health benefits if used externally. 

When it comes to essential oils geranium oil holds a very special place in most peoples’ lists. But since not all essential oils are suitable for animals you may ask if geranium oil is safe to use around your pet dog, cat, or other animals? Here’s the answer!

Is geranium essential oil safe for dogs?

Geranium essential oil is not safe for dogs. When diffused around this animal geranium essential oil can trigger breathing problems, unusual behavior, and lethargy in dogs. This essential oil also can cause skin rash, vomiting, poor appetite, and diarrhea if dogs inhale or consume a high amount.

Geranium plants are largely found in warm and tropical areas all over the world. This annual garden plant is loved for its colorful flowers that add beauty to any corner. But more than that geranium is popular for its oil. 

Geranium essential oil is commonly used in houses for its lightly sweet and floral scent. No wonder this oil helps to calm our minds and make the ambiance aromatic. But sadly it’s not a good pick if you own a dog.

Geranium essential oil is a mixture of Geranyl formate, Linalool, Geraniol, and Citronellol. These properties are too harsh for dogs since they are pretty sensitive compared to humans. 

Geraniol creates irritation in dogs’ skin while linalool can trigger an allergic reaction in dogs and in the worst case cause eczema. 

Because of the poisonous concentrated ingredients in geranium oil such as linalool, dogs are allergic to this and can face mild to severe health issues such as skin rash, irritation in the eyes, abnormal behavior, aggressiveness, and breathing problems, etc. when diffused around them.

Consumption and application of geranium oil are also equally harmful to dogs as this is not edible to them. If a dog ever comes in contact with this oil physically or licks or ingests the oil, it can face poor appetite, weakness, vomiting even severe diarrhea. 

If you use this oil in a diffuser around your pet dog, you are bringing mourning to the poor guy. Because when dogs inhale the oil droplets from the air they are taking its toxic properties in them too. Even if it’s natural, geranium essential oil is no less than a slow poison for dogs. 

So it’s not encouraged to use a geranium oil diffuser around dogs if you want your pet to be safe and sound.

Are dogs allergic to geranium oil?

Geranium essential oil when diffused vapors a sweet rosy smell with a hint of floral notes. The scent might keep you jolly but not do the same for your dog. Because dogs can’t take in the scent and presence of geranium essential oil in the air. 

Dogs are allergic to geranium oil. The essential oil extracted from geranium leaves contain a few ingredients that aren’t suitable for dogs, such as Linalool, and Geraniol. These properties when inhaled by dogs with the scented air triggers allergy and other health issues in them.

Here’s what allergic reaction dogs have to face when inhaling geranium essential oil:

Eye irritation: 

Geranium essential oil has linalool and geraniol known as a harmful ingredients for dogs. These ingredients get mixed in the air and irritate dogs’ eyes. Because of allergic reactions to geranium essential oil, dogs face red eyes, teary eyes, eye burn, etc.  

Skin problems: 

Skin rashes are another sign of allergy in dogs. As they come in contact with geranium essential oil regularly or for a long time, it causes skin rash, itching, red tiny bumps, etc.

Breathing problems: 

If a dog breathes geranium oil when used in the diffuser, the toxic ingredients of the oil pounce on dog’s sensitive respiratory system. Geranium oil can cause breathing difficulty, coughing even eczema in dogs when inhaled.

Behavioral issues: 

As an allergic reaction to geranium oil, dogs often face depression, abnormal behavior, weakness, and unusual aggressiveness which can be worse gradually. 

What to do if your dog eats geranium essential oil?

Geranium oil isn’t safe for your dog. Excessive presence of it in the air can cause discomfort for the animal. And if your dog somehow consumes geranium oil, you must take immediate steps.  

If your dog curiously licks geranium oil, wash its mouth, lips, and tongue right then. If the ingested amount isn’t much, a splash of water and making it drink water is enough to prevent any further damage. 

You can take your dog out in the open environment and let it inhale some fresh air if you find it stable after drinking water.

For an excessively high intake of geranium oil, the dog might have to take medicines so that the poison absorption is reduced. However, it’s advised by veterinarians to not give any medicine without consulting or not induce vomiting unless told.

Is geranium essential oil safe for cats?

Geranium oil is not safe to use around cats. This oil can harm cats as it contains toxic ingredients such as a mixture of Geranyl formate, Linalool, Geraniol, and Citronellol. Cats when inhaling geranium essential oil scented air can face respiratory problems. It also irritates the eye and skin.

Geranium oil is among the most beneficial essential oils people love to smell all day. But it’s not safe at all to use if you have a cat around. 

Geranium oil contains Geranyl formate, Linalool, Geraniol, and Citronellol. Linalool and geraniol here are similar to poison for cats since they trigger allergies, breathing issues, and irritation in cats. 

When used as air freshener or applied on the skin or consumed, this oil can be proved very risky for sensitive animals like cats.

Because of the presence of linalool and geraniol in geranium essential oil, cats are allergic to it. Cats when in contact with this oil face skin rash, itchiness, watery eyes, irritation, and breathing difficulties. 

If geranium oil is applied to a cat’s body it will react badly and cause skin issues. Consumption of geranium oil is even worse for cats as it’s considered a pesticide for animals like cats. 

It can cause vomiting, reduced appetite, coughing, drooling, weakness, etc. complications in cats if ingested some amount of the concentrated oil. 

It’s highly discouraged to use geranium oil diffusers around cats. Because the oil droplets mixed with the inhaled air can hit the delicate respiratory nerve of cats and make them sick. So you should not use geranium oil around your cat to keep it safe. 

Can you use geranium essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats?

Yes, you can use geranium essential oil for fleas and ticks on your dogs and cats. But you must do it by following the proper procedure to avoid irritation. 

Though geranium essential is harmful to many animals it can’t be denied that this essential oil has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These healing ingredients are used to treat various skin issues even in animals. 

For example, geranium essential oil is quite effective against fleas, ticks, etc. biting bugs.

But it can’t be applied to the animal’s body directly as burn or irritation can happen. You must dilute it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil.

If you use diluted geranium essential oil on your cats and dogs in the right amount, it will repel those annoying pests.

Is geranium essential oil safe for other animals or pets?

Geranium essential oil surely has many benefits but its interaction with animals isn’t very attractive. So using this oil around most animals is risky. Let’s know if geranium oil is safe for these animals that are often kept as a pet:


Birds are much sensitive to geranium essential oils. If kept in a geranium oil diffused place birds may face eye irritation and restlessness. If ingested with water geranium oil can make a bird face liver complications.


Rabbits are very delicate as pets. They are sensitive to many ingredients as well as Geranium essential oil.

If you use a geranium oil diffuser, the rabbit will struggle with breathing. It can cause apatite problems, weakness, and irritation to the little animal also.

Final Thoughts

Geranium essential oil that’s 100% concentrated, contains a few toxic properties. These ingredients can cause allergy, irritation, respiratory problems, etc. if used around dogs and cats. It should never be used on animals directly. But for treatment purposes, you can use the oil by diluting it.