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Is Dianthus Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals? (Answered)

Dianthus is a plant. It blooms with beautiful pink flowers, which have a deep and bright color. It is grown in gardens.

You may ask if dianthus is safe for dogs, cats & other animals. Let us find the answer to that question and provide you with some necessary information regarding the matter.

Are dianthus poisonous?

Dianthus are poisonous. Dianthus are known to be toxic plants. But the level of poison is really low compared to other toxic plants.

Dianthus have a shallow toxicity level. This may cause short period issues. But sometimes for some animals, it may cause long term problems.

You may ask which parts of dianthus are poisonous. Let us discuss that in short.

Dianthus flowers:

Dianthus flowers are poisonous. They can cause skin irritation, rashes and many more problems.

Dianthus plants:

Dianthus plants are poisonous. If any animal consumes dianthus plants at large quantities, it may cause vomiting, diarrhea and many more problems.

Is dianthus safe for dogs?

Dianthus is not safe for dogs. This plant is known as a toxic plant. If dogs consume a large portion of dianthus, it may cause various kinds of problems. The dog may face diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite and many more. But having small amounts of it might not cause any issue.

Dianthus is a popular plant that is grown in our garden. People tend to grow them in their front and back gardens. This plant looks beautiful when the flowers come out.

The flower usually blooms as pink in most species of dianthus. The flower is dark pink in color. It also mixes with white. People love to see these colorful flowers in their houses without any doubt.

But dianthus is not safe for some animals. Among those animals, dianthus is not safe for dogs. This plant is known to be poisonous to animals and humans. Although the plant is mildly toxic, it may not cause humans that much of an issue. But it can cause a lot of harm to the animals.

Among all the dianthus species, you may ask which one of them is safe for dogs. Let us answer this by discussing which of the most known dianthus species are safe for dogs.

Dianthus caryophyllus:

Dianthus caryophyllus is not safe for dogs. Dianthus caryophyllus is known as Carnations. These have a mild toxicity level. They cause skin irritations if touched by any animal. But if dogs consume this, it might cause various health issues.

Dianthus barbatus:

Dianthus barbatus is considered not safe for dogs. Dianthus barbatus is also known as Sweet William. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), this plant is toxic for dogs. 

Therefore, this plant is not safe for dogs in any way

Firewitch dianthus:

Firewitch dianthus is not safe for dogs. This is another species of dianthus. These are not safe for dogs as well. They have a good amount of poison in them and can cause harm to any dog.

Kahori dianthus:

Kahori dianthus is not safe for dogs. This is also known as Kahori Maiden Pink. This is another poisonous kind of dianthus. If dogs consume it, it might cause poisoning. Therefore, this is not safe.

Dianthus pink kisses:

Dianthus pink kisses are not safe for dogs. This is also toxic according to various toxicology tests. If dogs ingest it, it might cause multiple toxicity related digestion issues.

What happens and what to do if your dog eats dianthus?

Diarrhea, vomiting, lack of appetite and many other things can happen if your dog eats dianthus. Dianthus is known to be a beautiful but poisonous plant. This plant is known to have a mild toxicity level. This means that if dogs consume this plant, they might face various troubles.

If dogs consume dianthus, they will face digestion related issues mostly. Dogs may face stomach upset. They may vomit and face diarrhea for some time.

You may want to know what you need to do if your dog eats dianthus. At first, you need to get rid of any dianthus away from the dog. You may rinse the mouth of the dog so that any more additional dianthus does not get consumed from the leftovers in the mouth.

After that, you need to induce the dog to vomit. You may administer an emetic to do that. Administer the right amount of emetic based on the weight of your dog. If you do not know how to do that, it is best that you consult with your nearest veterinarian as soon as possible.

Is dianthus safe for pets and animals? What to do if they eat it?

Dianthus is safe for some pets and animals but not for all. Dianthus is known as a known flower that can be grown in your garden. It can also grow anywhere you plant them. People tend to grow them for their beauty. 

They are a beautiful plant to grow and can be a cheap plant for beautification.

But dianthus is not safe for everyone. It is known to be toxic. The level of toxicity is said to be mild. But although it might also cause some minor skin irritations and nothing that much harmful, it may show unpleasant effects if consumed.

Many pets and animals are not safe to eat dianthus. But there are some who are the opposite and can eat them without worrying about any harmful effects of the plant. 

You may want to know which pets and animals are safe to eat dianthus. You may also want to know what to do if pets and animals, which are not safe for dianthus, eat it. Let us provide you with the answer to these thoughts based on some popularly seen pets and animals around us.


Dianthus is not safe for cats. Cats are sensitive to dianthus. This plant is poisonous to cats in particular. This plant causes skin problems and digestion related issues due to dianthus.

It is a common scenario to see cats consume plants. They eat them to increase their digestive power. But cats may accidentally consume dianthus by not understanding it is dangerous.

This will cause the cat to face various digestive related issues. If your cat consumes dianthus accidentally, you need to first clean its mouth as fast as possible and check if they have any more of the plant in its mouth. 

After that, you need to induce the cat to vomit. If you know how to administrate emetic, perform it to induce the cat to vomit. Otherwise, it would be best to take your cat to the nearest veterinarian.


Dianthus is safe for chickens. Chickens are seen eating various kinds of flowers and seeds. They are also seen to eat multiple plants like dianthus. Although dianthus is a toxic plant, it does not negatively affect chickens.


Rabbits eat dianthus and it is safe. Rabbits usually eat various kinds of fruits, nuts and plants. Among all the plants they consume, dianthus is one of them. Dianthus is known to be poisonous to dogs and cats. But this is not poisonous for rabbits.

It is rarely seen that rabbits eat dianthus on a regular basis. They are also seen eating it when there is a scarcity of greenery around them. This is another big reason why rabbits eat dianthus.

But it does not impact or harm rabbits. The main reason behind it can be the amount of dianthus that it consumes. Rabbits usually consume a tiny amount of food. Therefore, the amount of toxicity is very low to make an effect on the body of a rabbit.


Dianthus is safe for goats. Goats are usually plant-loving animals. They consume a lot of grass, plants and flowers. Among all the greenery that they consume, dianthus is one of them.

Although it does not cause any harm, goats are not seen eating it on a regular basis. The reason behind it can be the poison in dianthus may cause stomach upset in goats. But it does not cause any significant harm to goats.


Dianthus is not safe for horses. Horses do not have a similar diet to other animals like goats, cows and many more. This animal has a selected food chart that it maintains. But in that food chart, eating green plants and flowers is one of them.

But whatever they eat, dianthus is not safe for houses to eat. It causes problems for horses. But if the house accidentally eats dianthus, you should immediately consult with a veterinarian.

Final thoughts

Dianthus is safe for some animals and pets but not for all. It is not safe for animals and pets like dogs, cats, horses and many more. This plant causes various stomach related problems if ingested. But dianthus is safe for some animals and pets like chickens, rabbits and many more.