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Is a Dachshund a Hound or a Terrier? (Answered)

Dachshund is such a dog that is full of personality, cheerful, and a talented hunter who might be small in size, but his activities are no less than a bigger-sized dog.

So if you are an owner of this lovely fur baby, then there’s a pretty good chance that you must have been keen to whether it’s a hound or a terrier breed of dog.

Is Dachshund a Hound or a Terrier? 

Dachshund is a real hunting hound dog breed that has been crossed with both terrier and spaniel dogs to gain hunting qualities and different coat types. Since then, these Germen-developed dogs are found in both hound and terrier breeds. So indisputably, the dachshund is both a hound and a terrier.

Dachshund is created by German breeders, and they have infused qualities, physical features, and personality of English hounds and terriers in it to make it such a dog that will stay close to hunters as well as will be born as small yet strong size dog. 

Though dachshund’s origin is founded as a hound dog but due to breeding, these days, they are more available as both hound and terrier breed of dogs.

Are Dachshunds Hounds and Terriers (Are They Both?)

Dachshunds are both hounds and terriers. Dachshunds are originated in Germany mainly as a hunting hound dog and tumbled from the German schweisshund breed. 

But later on, Germen breeders have developed this dog breed with English hounds and terriers to instill qualities, personalities, physical features, hunting qualities, and fur types from these two types of dog breed. 

Therefore, dachshunds are found with hunting qualities and wire-haired/ long-haired like terrier breed of dogs, as well as they are found with qualities of scent hound breed that has strong-smelling power and can hunt foxes, rabbits, badgers by their scent. 

What is the Difference Between a Terrier and a Hound? 

When you already are owing a dachshund dog or contemplating owning one, certainly you must have got the idea that dachshunds are both a hound and a terrier. But possibly you may not know the difference between a terrier breed and a hound breed of dog. 

So to satisfy your eagerness to know the difference between these two types of dog breeds, a detailed explanation has been listed below. 


Hound dogs are originated in North Africa; Nomads used to use them for hunting other animals because hounds have strong smelling power. 

Terriers are originated in the British Isles, and they are a comparatively new breed of dogs and back then to till now, people pet them for their exotic coat types and liveliness.

Physical Appearance 

Hounds are typically a little larger type of dog with a short fur coat and dropping big ears. Hounds are muscular, strong, and have round paws and thick heads. And their average height is 20-27 inches.

Terriers are smaller in size, have both wirehaired and short/long-haired types of fur coats. And they are light-bodied, have both long legs and short legs and short ears. The average weight of a terrier can raise up to 32kg max. 

Hunting Ability 

Hounds are really good at hunting and chasing prey due to their strong sense of smelling prey. And since it is quite a muscular dog, it can easily defeat its prey(any canine animals) in terms of strength.

On the contrary, the terrier is mostly known for its hunting ability, it is an expert when it comes to hunting rats, rabbits, foxes, or badgers. People mainly pet them to hunt rats to prevent their crops from being destroyed. 

Interaction Ability with Humans

Hounds are really playful and interact with their owner in a friendly manner. They like to stay both indoor and outdoor. And active towards playing various games. 

Terriers are also very lively and energetic dogs, love human interaction and cuddling with their owner. They are most likely to indoor pets and enjoy indoor activities more. 

Life Span 

Hounds can live up to 10-13 years, whereas terriers can live up to 12-13 years max. 

So these the major disparities between hound dogs and terrier dogs, so when you’ll be adopting one dachshund dog, or a hound or terrier, then you can easily differentiate the differences in them. 

What Two Dogs Were Bred to Make a Dachshund? 

Dogs from the hound and the terrier breed were bred to develop the dachshund breed of dogs. The dachshund was bred by German breeders because they wanted to develop such a breed of dog that has qualities and features of both the hound and the terrier dogs. 

When you’ll see a dachshund dog, instantly you will recognize that it was bred in Germany and was bred from the hound and the terrier. 

Because dachshunds have smaller legs like German schweisshund, wirehaired and longhaired coat, and hunting ability like terrier dogs, and have the agility, strong-smelling power, and strength like the hound dogs. Also, you can see dachshunds with a short-haired coat-like hounds. 

So, evidently, hound and terrier dogs were mixed to develop dachshund dogs. 

What Were Dachshunds Bred for? 

Dachshunds were purely bred for having excellent hunting, tracking, and their strength and stamina abilities. 

The major purpose is, dachshunds have a very unique and specific body type that is great for hunting because they often burrow on the ground with their long bodies to chase the animals out from their holes.

Their unique body easily allows them to burrow effortlessly sliding in the holes of their prey.

Dachshunds also have a strong sense of smell because they have long snouts. Therefore, they can comprehend the smell of their prey from miles away. And this is their one of the major qualities and reason behind the breeding of dachshunds. 

Their long snout increases their adaptability ability in bitterly cold weather. So they can stay out outside for hunting in winter, and hunters love to have such a pet that can adjust to the cold. Therefore, this also another reason why dachshunds are bred for.

And lastly, dachshunds are strong dogs and have short legs that allow them to dig after their prey. Also with such short strong legs these dogs are able to keep up with their human. So it’s the other purpose why dachshunds were bred. 

What Were Dachshunds Originally Used for? 

Dachshunds were originally used for hunting badgers. Their name “dachshund” itself means “badger dog”. 

A dachshund dog has a long, unique, and strong body that allows them to wriggle into burrows of its prey, especially badgers. So hunters primarily used them for catching badgers. 

Also, their short legs keep them going upright with their owners, and hunters love dogs that can give them company for a long time. So previously, they were used to be taken for long hunting purposes. 

One last reason and the very significant reason is, dachshund’s excellent ability of sensing and tracking scents even from miles apart. Therefore, initially, dachshunds were used for tracking the scents of the animals that they wanted to chase. 

Is a Dachshund and a Dash Hound the Same Dog? 

Yes, a dachshund and a dash hound are the same dog. There is no disparity between them, sometimes people get confused because of the pronunciation difference. 

Dachshund is a German word and it must be pronounced with the German accent. But English speaking countries or speakers often bungled up the pronunciation with their English accent and pronounce it as “dash-ind or dash-hound” which is incorrect.

So, whether it is a dachshund or a dash-hound basically both are the same dog. Due to the different accents and pronunciation styles of different people, often it is mistaken as two different kinds of dog breed. 

What is a Group of Dachshunds Called? 

Commonly a group of dachshunds is better known as “A Spunk of Dachshunds”. But they are also called wiener dogs or Doxies. 

A noticeable fact is, a group of dachshund dogs doesn’t have a permanent name like “ a herd of cows” or something else that is specifically used for calling them. People just named them as per their preference to show love and affection towards these adorable babies. 

You may find some other names also that are used by people to address a group of dachshunds but generally, most of the people/pet lovers/ pet associations have accepted the name “A Spunk of Dachshunds” to address them commonly. 

What is the Rarest Dachshund Color? 

Pure black(Non-standard) dachshund dogs are considered the rarest of all dachshunds when it all comes down to coat colors. Because a very rare recessive gene is present in those dachshunds.

The other two relatively rare dachshund dog colors are pure white and all-chocolate. 

Do Dachshunds Like to Cuddle? 

Yes, dachshunds love to cuddle with the person they are most affectionate. Dachshunds are such a sweetheart when it comes to snuggling, they would shower the individual one with so much love and affection to show fondness. 

Doxies would cheerfully come to your bed or would even start licking your face in a silly way, and all these signs show that they love to snuggle and curl up with their favourite human. 

But they might not cuddle with everyone, and it is natural, so don’t feel bad if your dachshund doesn’t cuddle with you. They love you too.

Dachshunds are mixed breed dogs from hound and terrier parents, and if you are an owner of a dachshund dog, consider yourself lucky because you got a loyal buddy to love and protect you and to give you company. 

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