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Is Cinnamon Essential Oil Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

The cinnamon essential oil has some health benefits, including pain relief, mental smoothness, the spread of an aroma, and more. These are the primary reasons why people use cinnamon essential oil regularly. It is also helpful to eradicate skin irritation.

You must carefully use the cinnamon essential oil if you have pets since it contains citrus and a strong aroma. We will see if your pets can bear these things or if they will get sick from the cinnamon essential oil.

Is cinnamon essential oil safe for dogs?

Cinnamon essential oil is not safe for dogs. It contains an intense aroma and toxic citrus that are harmful to dogs’ health. If your dogs eat or consume some cinnamon essential oil, they will face pain. The liver and the entire stomach will be destroyed, and you can’t recover the pet’s health soon.

Mainly, the cinnamon essential oil is one of the best citrus oils for its strong aroma and the health benefits for the human body. These things are not suitable for your digs or other pets. You will see that most of the citrus-based essential oils are unsafe for dogs.

If you use the essential oil regularly, you must keep it away from your dogs. You cannot let the aroma spread in the air and damage your dog’s health.

You cannot do that since it is not a pet-friendly smell. Besides, the ingredients of this essential oil are mainly toxic to dogs and all other pets.

If you want to use the cinnamon oil diffuser around the dog, you must know its effect on your dog’s health. The diffuser also has strong and toxic elements to ruin your pet’s health. If you use it around the dog, it will most likely damage the stomach.

So, you cannot use the cinnamon essential oil diffuser around your dog. It might damage the dog’s health and ruin the entire digestive system.

Besides, the diffuser smell is not bearable or pleasant to your dogs. They might want to leave that smelly area where you use this essential oil.

If you see that your dogs avoid inhaling the cinnamon essential oil’s aroma, you should avoid using it in a nearby area.

I’m sure you love your dog, so you don’t want to hurt your beloved pet and cause any health risks. If you have any concerns regarding the essential oil and your dog’s health, I’d suggest using it around your pet.

It doesn’t mean you will stop using the cinnamon essential oil. You will continue using it for your betterment, but you will use it in a closed room where your pet doesn’t always go.

You must have such a room in your house, or you can restrict your pet from coming into your bedroom.

Can dogs be around, smell, or eat cinnamon essential oil? Are dogs allergic to cinnamon oil?

Dogs cannot be around, smell, or eat cinnamon essential oil. The main reason is the smell and toxic elements of cinnamon essential oil.

Mainly the citrus will damage the dog’s internal health if they eat this essential oil. Although the cinnamon oil aroma will not damage the dog’s health, it’s not safe to inhale.

Dogs are typically allergic to cinnamon oil, but not all dogs. You can allow your dog to smell the cinnamon essential oil.

If you notice any unusual behavior or any skin irritation in your dog, you must avoid using the cinnamon essential oil around your dog. It’s mostly allergic to cinnamon and other essential oils.

Apart from that, if your dog breathes cinnamon oil, it will mostly dislike the smell. Only if the dog is allergic to cinnamon will it create some health problems for your dog. Let’s see what will exactly happen if your dog breathes cinnamon oil.


Vomiting is the first thing that might happen if your dog breathes cinnamon essential oil. This oil has the strongest aroma that is unpleasant to the dogs.

If you use too much essential oil around the dog, it will feel nausea and might end up vomiting. So, it’s better to avoid using cinnamon oil around the dogs.

Digestion Problem:

If your dog breathes cinnamon oil, it might face digestion problems. The smell will mainly ruin the stomach and damage internal health. So, it’s always better not to use cinnamon essential oil around the dogs.


If your dog breathes cinnamon oil, it might face the diarrhea problem in the long run. It’s not like you will find this problem after a few days. When you use the essential oil around the dog every day, your dog might face a diarrhea problem.

What to do if your dog eats cinnamon essential oil?

If your dog eats cinnamon essential oil, it is crucial to diagnose and treat the condition quickly. Call your pet’s vet immediately if you suspect that your dog has consumed essential oils or liquid potpourri or has come into contact with either of these elements.

You should not make your dog throw up, and you should not feed him activated charcoal.

This may make your dog’s condition even worse. Take the cinnamon essential oil package to the veterinary clinic, but make sure it is stored in an airtight container beforehand. If it gets onto the skin or fur, remove it as soon as possible.

Is cinnamon essential oil safe for cats?

Cinnamon essential oil is not safe for cats. Both the aroma and the toxic elements of the cinnamon essential oil might damage the cat’s health. You cannot use the cinnamon diffuser around the cat since it will damage its internal health. So, try not to use it on cat food.

Generally, the cinnamon essential oil is safe, but the high-density oil can be toxic for cats because they cannot tolerate it at certain levels.

Cats miss the mark on the liver chemicals that separate cinnamon intensifies, which can develop assuming that your pet is presented to a high focus in a brief timeframe.

If your pet cat comes in contact with a much denser than average density, it may react adversely. In addition, the cat’s skin is thin and supple, so cinnamon essential oil is easily absorbed into the body.

Besides, cinnamon essential oils are cat allergic because of their toxicity, and if it is applied to the skin of a cat, that irritates them. Since cats have thin skin and a quicker feeling of smell than people, they are at increased risk of response to cinnamon or the cinnamon fragrance.

If your cat displays side effects of cinnamon hypersensitive response to being presented to cinnamon, you ought to talk with your veterinarian right away.

You can use a cinnamon oil diffuser around the cats because if you don’t use it creates an adverse situation for your pet cats.

Since they cannot take a strong odor of cinnamon, it is best to use caution. Because of their thin skin and a strong sense of smell, they cannot tolerate cinnamon essential oil easily.

Can you use cinnamon essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats?

You can use cinnamon essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats. The essential oil of cinnamon can be utilized as a flea repellent. The preparation and application of this natural flea repellent couldn’t be more straightforward.

Cinnamon is a potent essential oil that helps prevent fleas from congregating near an area where the scent is present by the potent combination of cinnamon components.

The smell of cinnamon is vibrant and overpowering for fleas, causing the pests to flee the area and seek refuge within themselves.

Is cinnamon essential oil safe for other animals or pets?

Cinnamon essential oil could be safe or unsafe for other animals or pets. Let’s see if it is safe for the animals below except your dogs and cats; we already talked about your pet dogs and cats.


There are numerous volatile compounds found in cinnamon essential oils, and as a result, specific concentrations of these oils may pose a risk of poisoning to birds.

The problem is that many people who use essential oils rely on diffusers. Because of this, it is impossible to eliminate any risks to your bird or any other pets that you may have.


Cinnamon is poisonous to rabbits, so they should avoid eating it. Rabbits exposed to cinnamon or cinnamon oils report experiencing irritation and sensitization as their immediate adverse reactions.

Since cinnamon is a potent antigen, if Rabbits are subjected to it regularly have an increased risk of developing a sensitivity to it.


Cinnamon essential oils are potent natural remedies for chickens, and it is simple to learn how to use them with your flock.

Cinnamon essential oils are fat-soluble and hydrophobic. It contains tiny molecules that can easily pass through the air sacs in your chickens’ bodies and even the skin.


Cinnamon essential oils are easily absorbed by the Horses. You can alleviate your horse’s muscle soreness and get rid of muscle spasms by topically applying cinnamon crucial oils to your horse.

Always make sure to examine your horse’s allergy condition before applying any oil straight to your horse’s skin before doing so.

Final thoughts

Cinnamon essential oil is not safe for dogs, cats, and other animals. Although some animals might bear the aroma of the essential oils, your dogs and cat pets will not digest or bear it. They will face both internal and external health problems. So, you must avoid using it.