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Is Chamomile Essential Oil Safe for Dogs, Cats & Other Animals?

Chamomile essential oil is used around the world, due to its medicinal capabilities. Even new research has found that this chamomile essential oil can be used against different mental health issues. As it has all these good qualities for humans, can it be used for other animals? 

Let’s find out.

Is chamomile essential oil safe for dogs?

Chamomile essential oil is safe for dogs. Not only chamomile, frankincense, and myrrh are also safe for dogs. Basically, chamomile essential oil is not poisonous to dogs. Though there is not that much scientific research done on that particular thing, it is non-toxic for dogs.

Not all sorts of essential oils are good for dogs. Even some of them, such as eucalyptus oil, cinnamon, citrus, and peppermint oil are poisonous to dogs. Some essential oils are used to calm down dogs. But not all of them are safe to diffuse around your dog. 

Chamomile essential oil is safe to calm your dogs. You can easily diffuse the oil when you are around the dog. It is scientifically proven as the veterinarian also suggests using non-toxic essential oils to calm anxious animals.

As we know, the smelling capabilities of dogs are far better than humans. Dogs can sense their house and the owner’s smell from about 11 miles away. So, any smell that is unpleasant to them will harm them internally. 

Sometimes the dogs become anxious about many things, when they are anxious, you can just use a chamomile oil diffuser around the dogs, it will eventually calm the dog for a longer time.
You can provide therapy to your dog, by using chamomile essential oil. 

You might ask, why only chamomile essential oil is safe, not other essential oils? The respiratory system of every animal is a crucial part of its body. If somehow, they smell essential oils in a large amount through their nose, it can cause some adverse effects on their lungs. 

It will cause a chemical burn in their body and eventually it will end up being some fatal issue in the respiratory system.
But, only a few of the essential oils are good for dogs. Chamomile is one of them that can help the dog to become calm. It is not toxic, and it will not cause any fatalities. Beware to diffuse any essential oils rather than chamomile, frankincense, or myrrh. 

Keep peppermint, pine, sweet birch, pennyroyal, tea tree, and wintergreen oil away from the dogs.

Can you use chamomile oil on dogs? Is chamomile oil good for dogs?

Chamomile oil is not harmful to dogs. When any dogs are in anxiety, just diffusing chamomile oil can calm them easily.

Natural Chemicals that Triggers Relaxation:

 As stated before, chamomile is used to ease the pain of humans for hundreds of years. Not only dogs but almost all sorts of animals are also pleased by the medicinal power of this animal.

Chamomile oil helps the stressed muscle to calm down, and eventually, the dog becomes calm, and it can sleep quietly. Even the veterinarians also suggest chamomile oil, as chamomile oil benefits dogs. It has both short-term and long-term benefits.

Reduces Irritation from the Skin:

This medicinal herb has the power to stand strongly against irritant bacteria. Even they can help the outer infections to get well faster. If you use chamomile leaves or oil during the bath, you can apply it and benefit your dog. 

Also, it helps soothe dry skin and stop irritations. Before using chamomile, make sure that it is completely natural, and that no extra thing is added to the oil. Though when your dog is injured immensely, then chamomile cannot help your dog to prevent infections. 

If you take professional guidance, it will be better for your dog as well. So, before applying anything to your pet, ask professionals.

Helps in Digestion:

As of now, we know chamomile oil is good for outside usage. It has other benefits for dogs too. It can be used to feed your dog so that its digestive channel becomes clean. 

Because chamomile will help the stomach and bowel areas of dogs’ muscles to relax, it will eventually decrease the discomfort in the stomach. 

As it is not a strong medicine, it will only just help your dog to get rid of regular intestinal issues, but if your dog has serious issues in its stomach, then you should reach out to a doctor.

Parasites Growth Reduces:

As you know, chamomile can stop bacteria infestation. If you use the oil or a soap that has chamomile in it, you can easily help your dog get rid of all the bad parasites and worms from its body. Regular bathing with chamomile oil will benefit the dogs and reduce all the worms or parasites in the body.

Is chamomile essential oil safe for cats?

Not all the chamomile or chamomile essential oil is safe for cats. Only roman chamomile is sometimes helpful for cats. But before applying chamomile to cats, you should consult a vet. Because like dogs chamomile does not always help cats. Different cats have different issues with chamomile.

Chamomile is used to calm dogs. And it is filled with medicinal benefits of this herb or the essential oil. Chamomile plants or the oil has been used for hundreds of years. But not all animals are good against chamomile essential oil.

Even the duck egg is sometimes considered to be allergic to people. So, for particular people, there is a level of tolerance, after which inflammation throughout the body is seen. And the allergic reaction comes with extensive irritation. 

As humans are not allergic to everything, similarly not all cats are allergic to chamomile oil. That’s why before applying chamomile to cats, you should consult a doctor first.

Cats have strong sensing capabilities. The smell of different things can trigger their body to produce bad allergens and eventually it can cause irritation to their body, and their eyes, and they may get ill as well. 

For cats, there are several essential oils and plants that are safe, and these are, Lavender, Frankincense, and Copaiba. And you should never diffuse other essential oils such as peppermint, chamomile oil without the permission of a vet, cinnamon oil, etc. 

If someone says that his or her cat doesn’t act differently with chamomile oil essence, then his or her cat is not allergic to chamomile. Don’t think that your cat is safe as well. The fact is not all cats are allergic to chamomile essential oil, but some of them are highly reactive to this oil. 

So, you should not use a chamomile oil diffuser around cats, when you know nothing about the cats’ triggering allergens. Essential oils applications for a cat are not recommended, because most cats act differently when they are exposed to these natural chemicals.

Can you use chamomile essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats?

It is practiced in different places, but still, the use of chamomile essential oil for fleas and ticks on dogs & cats is not scientifically proven. Basically, both diluted and undiluted essential oil is bad for the health of your pets. 

As there is no scientific evidence that states these essential oils’ power. And most vets say not to use chamomile or any essential oils around pets. For fleas and tick infestations, usage of essential oil is ineffective, as it doesn’t necessarily put these bugs away.

Is chamomile essential oil safe for other animals or pets?

Bear with us and find out if chamomile essential oil is safe for other animals or pets.


Like rabbits, cats, and dogs, there is a lack of research regarding the usage of essential oils and their benefits to these animals. But for birds, it is scientifically proven that usage of a diffuser and essential oil is not harmful. 

Still, some of the essential oils are safer than others, and these are the lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, and frankincense essential oils. You can use chamomile essential oil as well.


Rabbits have strong sensing power. And rabbits have a sensitive respiratory channel. Most of the time, wild rabbits are deterred by the implications of essential oils. Chamomile essential oil is no different from other essential oils. 

But when you highly dilute chamomile essential oil then you may use it around rabbits. The direct implications of this oil are excessively unsafe for this animal. Even a small portion of chamomile essential oil and its smell can take down the life of this animal. 

Though usage of chamomile essential oil is thought to be good for the health of the animal, it is not scientifically proven.

Final thoughts

Essential oil can be harmful as other animals rather than a human have sensitive smelling capabilities along with sensitive lungs. A small portion of essential oil can harm these animals. Whether it is chamomile or other essential oil before using them around pets, consult with a vet.