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Is Bernese Mountain Dog Aggressive? (All You Need to Know)

Bernese mountain dogs make excellent companions. They would go to great lengths in order to please their owners and are very protective of them. That often leads people to pose a very important question, is Bernese mountain dog aggressive?

In this article, we will discuss whether Bernese mountain dogs display aggressive personality traits, what is their temperament, and more along that line. Read ahead to learn more –

Is Bernese Mountain Dog aggressive?

Bernese mountain dogs are generally not aggressive at all. These dogs are rather gentle to their family – adults and children alike. And their attitude towards strangers ranges from indifferent to friendly. Some Bernese mountain dogs occasionally display aggressiveness towards other male dogs.

Bernese mountain dogs are known for their gentle nature and cool temperament. They are not an aggressive breed. These dogs are generally very friendly and playful with their family, making an excellent companions.

But even the best Bernese mountain dogs have their bad days. Your Bernese may occasionally be somewhat aggressive to other male dogs if he thinks that they are invading his territory. This is natural for almost all dogs.

However, they are not aggressive towards humans. You can invite guests over without any hesitation. Your dog’s attitude towards strangers is likely to either be friendly or completely aloof.

Why is my Bernese Mountain Dog aggressive?

While Bernese mountain dogs are not aggressive in general, they have their bad as well. These dogs are somewhat possessive of their belongings and will not be pleased if someone claims a share.

Similarly, they are possessive of their human and home and display aggressiveness towards other dogs if they feel threatened.

The most common reason why your Bernese mountain dog is aggressive may be because someone wants a share of their things. They will even bite mildly when feeling possessive of their toys, food, home, or human.  

But make sure to not mistake their desire to exercise with aggressiveness. It’s natural that every once in a while, your Bernese mountain dog will have a sudden urge to run around and bite on things.

This is a common trait in all dogs, and your Bernese should not be an exception. To prevent them from causing any damage during such instances is simply to take them on a walk, or allow them to chew on a toy. This will help them channel the sudden burst of energy.

How to calm a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Now if your dog has dived into his hyperactive mode and is not calming down, there are a few things that you can do to calm a Bernese mountain dog.

You can calm your dog by giving him aromatherapy; Bernese mountain dogs love it. Or you can take him out on a walk, and they will soon be distracted from what was occupying their minds.

Some Bernese mountain dogs show signs of anxiousness. Since they are a rather intelligent breed, many things can trigger them and they will not forget easily. To tackle such issues, you should start to train your Bernese mountain dog early on.

Try to engage them in various social activities, which will help them remain calm and composed.

In addition, you can calm your Bernese mountain dog by talking to them. Provide them with lots of encouragement and reassurance, it will make them feel much better. You can also turn on the TV or play some music at home to calm your dog.

Many dogs are also prescribed anti-psychotic medication if the case seems to be severe. Consult a vet in such a case. If they are prescribed medication, provide them with water and help them take the medicine; be very gentle during the process.

When do Bernese Mountain Dogs calm down?

Bernese dogs take quite some time to mature as do all large dogs. As long as they are young and immature, your Bernese mountain dog is likely to throw a tantrum every once in a while.

They will get hyperactive when they see something that excites and they will fight with you over a toy or a favorite spot. 

However, they turn into full-grown adults at the age of 3 to 4 years. And that’s when your Bernese mountain dog will calm down. From that point onwards, your Bernese will embrace wisdom and remain calm for the most part.

What is the temperament of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese mountain dogs have a calm and steady temperament. They are a loyal breed who are very devoted and affectionate towards their family.

In addition, Bernese mountain dogs are always very eager to please their owners which enables them to do incredibly well in training sessions.

They are generally very polite. And the Bernese mountain dogs are exceptionally gentle to the children in their family. They know to be soft with children and are very patient around them.

What are the characteristics of a Bernese Mountain Dog?

Bernese mountain dog is a large breed of work dog that makes a wonderful companion for humans. Let’s take a look at some of the most dominant characteristics of Bernese mountain dogs:

Highly trainable:

Bernese mountain dogs have been bred in the Swiss Alps to be highly efficient all-purpose farm dogs. This made them very trainable and quick learners.

These intelligent dogs are eager to please their masters so they learn a new trick or to swim without giving their owners a hard time.

Great energy level:

Bernese mountain dogs have wonderful energy. They walk the fine line between hyperactivity and being a couch potato. You can have your Bernese mountain dog run errand for you, pull a cart with heavyweight, watch cattle, and more.

They will take on different tasks gladly and serve you with incredible energy. In addition, the Bernese mountain dogs need at least 30 minutes of exercise time when you can allow them to walk or run around a field. This will further enhance their energy level.

Alert and calm disposition:

Bernese mountain dogs can make great watchdogs due to their calm disposition and vigilance. They are always alert, even when they are resting. That, coupled with their loyalty and devotion to their family, enables these dogs to be incredible guards.

They love to look after their family. Bernese mountain dogs are also quite possessive, so they take care of their possessions quite seriously. Be it their toys, beddings, or even their owner.

However, they have a cool temperament. So they will not engage in fights as easily as many other breeds. They know to be calm, hold their ground yet be on a loot out for threats.

Large and tri-colored body:

Bernese mountain dog’s body is among their most identifiable characteristics. They have a large build with a heavy coat covering them. Their fur is water repellent and their skin releases natural oil to keep them moistured.

The long coat requires regular brushing as it sheds a lot. Most Bernese mountain dogs are tri-colored. Their fur is mostly black with white and tan markings.

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs protect their owners?

Bernese mountain dogs protect their owner. They are a fairly loyal breed that will go above and beyond to keep their owners safe and pleased. However, they will not display severe aggressiveness in their effort to protect their owners.

That is to say, they will not bite anyone unless they absolutely have to.

Why are Bernese Mountain Dogs so stubborn?

Bernese mountain dogs generally have a reserved temperament, especially with strangers. However, the young ones might throw a tantrum with their owners every once in a while. They are stubborn when they are not trained well or always allowed to have their way.

So owners should assert the fact that they are the leader and the dog should listen to them. This teaching will go a long way if obedience training begins in early childhood. 

How to train a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You will need to train your Bernese mountain dog with patience and kindness. While they are highly trainable, these dogs will only listen to your commands if you’re being calm and gentle.

In addition, it’s best to train them in short sessions. You can arrange three to five training sessions daily that last up to five minutes. Here are a few ways you can train your Bernese mountain dog effectively.

Start when they are young:

Training your Bernese mountain dog will see the best results when it’s started early on. They respond to training best when they are young. Teach them manners and good behaviors first, then proceed to teach them how to respond to specific commands.

You should begin by training them leash etiquettes, that is how to behave when they are outside, attached to a leash. Initial training sessions should also include limiting their bad behaviors and discouraging hyperactivity.

Encourage good behavior with rewards:

Make sure to reward your Bernese with treats, encouraging their good behavior. This will work as a reassurance that they are being a good boy.

Train to swim:

Bernese mountain dogs are not natural swimmers, they need to be trained to be one. Increase your dog’s exposure to open water bodies gradually. Once they get comfortable in and around water, teach them to get in and out of water casually.

And once they learn that, train them to peddle and swim.

Final thoughts:

Bernese mountain dogs are not aggressive. However, they are an alert breed and remain possessive of their things and loved ones. So if they detect a threat, they will be ready to fight. This breed of dog is loyal to its owners and will not hesitate to protect them from any potential danger.

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