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Is a 4 Foot Fence Tall Enough for a Dog? (Read This First!)

Your dog would love it if you have an open yard, a big enough place for them to play and run around to their heart’s content. This is very much important for your dog and so is the fence of the yard, to be safe and secure.

Fences are important for the privacy and security of your dog. But before you get a fence installed there are things you should consider.

Is a 4-foot fence tall enough for a dog?

How tall the fence of the yard should depend on the size and breed of your dog. But in most cases, a six-foot-tall fence will be perfect. A four-foot-tall fence will be appropriate for small-sized dogs. Just to be on the safe side, you should make sure the fence is more than four feet.

Dogs love to jump and play around. Despite the size of the dog, they will make an attempt to jump over any hurdle or fence. This is why you have to be careful about the length of the fence in your yard. Big dogs tend to jump off fences as tall as five or four feet.

So a six-foot-tall fence should be perfect for any breed of dog.

Four-foot-tall fences are very risky when it comes to dog breeds. As most dog breeds can easily jump across it. Medium to large-sized dogs finds it very easy to jump over four-foot-tall fences. Small-sized dogs, like the pug, won’t be able to jump 4-foot fences.

But with the right training, they might.

This is why most dog owners build fences taller. around 6 feet. Some even keep adding extensions to the small fences.

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Can a dog jump over a 4-foot fence?

Four-foot fences are no issue for your dog to jump over. Most medium to large-sized dogs can easily jump over fences of that height. Four or five-foot-high fences are really not a big deal for dogs.

Small-sized dogs can sometimes choose not to jump, but if they tried they would get the hang of it.

If your dogs aren’t leaning towards the jumping side, a four-foot-tall fence should be enough to keep your dog in the yard. But is very rare that a dog will not prefer to jump. You should make sure the fence in your yard is taller than 4 feet.

How tall should the fence be for a dog?

Fences should be tall enough for your dog to not jump over and go to the other side. Dogs have a natural tendency to jump over obstacles. Especially large and medium-sized dogs. These dogs can jump over fences as high as 5 feet.

This is why it is best to get a fence that is 3 times higher than the size of your dog.

Usually, a 6-foot tall fence is good enough for any dog, even the medium to large ones can resist jumping over such a tall fence. Most dog owners add extensions as well if their dog is getting too jumpy or is used to the length.

But the simple calculation is to make the fence significantly taller than the size of your dog.

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If you have a dog that is around 24 or 25 inches, which is roughly two feet tall, you should make sure your fence is around 72 inches high, which is around 6 feet tall. This calculation is very much effective but it is hard to calculate these things at all times.

To be on the safe side get a fence that is 6 feet tall and you can add extensions later on if needed.

A chart of how tall the fences should be for some of the most common breeds of dogs is given below –

Breed Fence length
German Shepherd6 foot
Yorkshire3 foot
Golden Retrievers5 to 6 foot
Labrador6 foot
Pit-bull6 foot
Husky6 foot

The fence size depends a lot on the breed and size of the dog. Most dogs are on the jumpy side. And for this reason, it is best to keep your fence around 6 feet. You can have a 4-foot fence as well and add extensions as your dog starts growing and jumpy.

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How do I fence-proof my dog?

If you have a jumpy dog or a large to medium dog, you might want to fence your yard because chances are your dog will try to jump and run around. Even in terms of privacy, fence proofing the yard is necessary. There are several ways to fence proof your yard –

  • Add extensions to make your fence higher and taller if it is small compared to your dog.
  • Do not keep any support near the fence, anything that your dog might use to climb and jump over the fence.
  • Install rollers or metal bars over the fence to keep your dog safe and away from the fence.
  • Try planting dense shrubs to keep your dog away from the fence.
  • At the base of the fence keep gravel so your dog doesn’t go near the fence. You can even add concrete to the footer of the fence.
  • Use rolls of bamboo, reed fencing, climbing shrubs to block the view of your dog.

It is very important for you to fence-proof your yard. This is not only for your privacy but it also concerns the safety of your dog. Most of the time a tall enough fence will do the job but just in case you should take extra measures.

How do I add more height to my fence?

Sometimes you might need to add more height to your fence. Either because your fence was too short to be with or your dog got used to that height and is now able to jump over that with ease.

No matter the reason, increasing the height of your fence is no big deal, but only if you have the right guideline that is –

  • get a metal connector or wood connector, whichever you prefer;
  • You can nail the strap but it is best to install a strap with the metal connector and the structural connector for that extra support;
  • If you have more experience, you can go for the half-lap joint-
  • Make sure the half-lap joint is same for both the side, just 6 to 8 inches down the first post;
  • You will need a ⅜ thick 4 inch long galvanized bolt for the perfect support;
  • Then you attach the two half joints to create the full joint.

This is how you can easily increase the length of your fence without making a new fence. In any case, you should add an extension to your fence instead of getting a new fence. This will save you time, money, and effort. And this way, your dog can be safe inside the yard as well.

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What type of fencing is best for dogs?

Fences made with wood, metal, vinyl, and other solid materials are perfect for dogs. This way they can jump over the fence and not break them. Or even try to break the fence when they get too playful. Moreover, the fences are not transparent or see-through.

So they can not get distracted by the other animals or humans over the fence.

When you have a dog it is absolutely necessary for you to be careful about the fence length and the material of the fence. Make sure to get solid materials for your fence, like wood or metal. Or any other solid material that will not make your dog distracted.

How can I keep my dog in the yard without a fence?

While it may seem impossible, but keeping your dog inside the yard without a fence around can be done. It will need a bit of training and work though-

Practice boundary training:

Teach your dog where you draw the line and how far they are allowed to go.

Use tie-out:

Use tie-out cables of long cables to make sure your dog sees the boundary.

Electronic fences:

Use invisible electronic fences.

These are some of the ways you can keep your dog inside your yard without having to install a fence. While the work is difficult and the training is hard, it can still be done. But you will always have to stay alert in case your dog decides to go for a run.

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Final thoughts:

A four-foot-tall fence might not be the right size for your dog. Dogs are jumpy and love the challenge. And most dogs are very much comfortable jumping over a fence that is around four feet tall. So you should make sure your fence is at least 6 feet tall. 4-foot tall fences are good for small dogs.